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Beauty does not exist,  It is Divinity that exists !!

What is beauty?

What is beautiful to one pair of eyes is not necessarily beautiful to some other pair of eyes. So how do we define beauty? We all have a complex, are we really beautiful? The the most praised beauties have the other side of the story.

We are depressed for hours or even days when a discouraging comment about our looks is made. It might be for a man or a woman. Why does it hurt that much? And why do we end up believing in anything others say?

Let us examine.

We feel upset when a negative comment about our appearance is made. Why? It is because we falsely associate our beauty with our body. Its the body that has a beauty quotient. But when we say " I ", it is the soul that one must refer to. The body without the soul is anyway rotten in hours. So when such is the true nature of the body, beauty on this body is for sure temporary. Even the most beautiful people age and lose the beauty that was enchanting at one point of time.

The body is meant to perish. Else, it could have been created in some other way. Just like the soul is eternal, the creator or the cosmos could have made beauty eternal. But that is not true. So beauty does not exist. What actually exists is divinity.

Whenever there is anything that is pleasing , we must understand there is divine grace there. So beauty is a term for the  senses. Divinity is the term for the soul. Beauty is the expression for the perishable body. Divinity is the expression of the beauty of creation.

So there is neither a reason to feel elated about ones beauty or feel depressed about the lack of it. That will be an expression of ignorance.

Hence let us be wise and switch beauty with divinity.

So beauty does not exist.

-- Chiram Samskrutam.

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