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What is spirituality and How to be spiritual and not religious ?

1. What is spirituality ?

Spirituality is the essence of life. This is a natural way of life to all living entities. It is a phenomenon that surpasses the boundaries of religion and faith.

A spiritual being in essence understand that  - " The world and the physical existences are but instruments to a higher journey. Hence the material world is not a matter of interest of meditation or contemplation. What deserves contemplation is The Supreme Divine alone. "

So with this perspective, a life lived is a fulfilling and successful life of spirituality.

2. Why do we need Spirituality?

A trivial contemplation will reveal to us that the worldly objects bind us into a whirlpool of desires. We keep running after objects of gratification just like a child runs after candies. The more we love the material world, the more we get entangled in the cycle of gain and loss. Gain brings joy and greed. Greed breeds contempt and anger, which ruins the peace of mind and hence the divinity within. Loss brings sorrow. So it is required that we apply wisdom when we are dealing with the objects of material world. We cannot abandon this worldly life, we should not too. But we must exercise restraint and wisdom in all our dealings with this world. That ends the cycle of sorrow and joy and brings equilibrium to our intellect. This converts into bliss when practiced. This is spiritual way of living which guarantees the ultimate happiness.

3. What is Spiritual Counseling ?

This is a counseling to awaken the dormant or forgotten spirituality. There is no need to create spirituality as we are by birth spiritual beings. We need to dust off the rust which covers it.

4. Why do we need spiritual counseling?

Simply said, it is always easy for others to see our problems with clarity. We are entangled in our own whirlpool of sorrow and thoughts. This negativity makes it almost impossible for us to step aside and contemplate. Any normal counseling would only increase the involvement to the material world, though it may provide a temporary relief.
But to the ones who seek a permanent change towards liberation and awakening, need to go for spiritual counseling. That is a different domain altogether.

5. Benefits of Spiritual Counseling

a. We learn to have the control of our emotions. Hence we decide our happiness.

b. We can lead a balanced spiritual and material life.
     We are able to contribute better to our daily worldly activities.

c. We are able to lead a better social life. We can be friends with anyone.

d. We learn the art of being satisfied always.

e. We always feel elated as we feel closer to The Supreme Power or Lord.

f. Virtues come automatically and we easily lead by example.
   We can become the leaders that the world really needs today.

Thanks for reading.
-Chiram Samskrutam

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