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Posts for Free consultation

1. Queries on progeny and conception

2. Queries on Relationship

3. Queries on foreign travel and settling abroad

4. Purpose of life readings

5. Queries on wealth and financial matters

6. Queries on health and diseases

7. Uncertainty in birth details

8. Queries related to marriage and married life

9. Queries on marriage compatibility

10. Queries on Maglik Dosha

11. Queries related to career

12. Karma Jeeva - Job and profession

13. Handling addiction

14. Handling loss or grief

15.Controlling Anger / irritability

16. Handling Loneliness

17. Handling anxiety and stress

18. How to let go of the past

19. Handling want of attention

20. Phobia / Deep fear

21. Handling workplace issues

22. Handling lack of confidence

23. Parenting problems

24.Difficulty in married life

25.Handling Depression

General and informative posts

1.Personal consultation and Spiritual counseling

2.Vedic astrological remedies and how they work

Horoscopes and prediction related posts

Blog view from countries

2016 Monthly horoscopes

2016 Gochara Phala / Planetary transits

2016 yearly horoscopes based on moon sign

Jupiter transit to Leo / guru gochara 2015

1. Effects of planetary transits in 2014

2. 2014 - Monthly Horoscopes

3. 2014 Yearly Horoscopes

4. Gochara Phala / Transit reports - 2013

5. Yearly horoscopes for 2013

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