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Friday, August 10, 2018

Stock Market Astrology -- Birth chart and stock markets / financial gains / investments / speculation

Birth chart and stock markets / financial gains / investments / speculation

Success in investments is always the basis of life for humans. Financial security is the biggest matter of concern for everyone.

In a birth chart, there are basically 5 houses which indicate the financial condition of a native all through the life.

This article gives just an overview and generalized view of investments and speculation. There are various other factors which will play a crucial role for a  decisive judgement. So it is always better to get the birth chart reading, before jumping to investments.

The 5th - 11th house axis

This is the deciding factor for a native to know if there is gain through speculation. 5th house is the primary factor, 11th is the secondary factor.

1. The 5th house - This house rules financial gains through speculation, lottery, investments in general. If the lord of 5th house is well places, exalted or in a kona house, the native will become wealthy. Where as if the 5th lord is afflicted , native will lose money irrespective of how much is earned. If the 5th lord is debilitated, the native will land in debts. 

5th lord in 5th is a powerful dhana yoga. This will make the native always secured with wealth.

2. The 11th house - This is a house of gains in general. Depending on the planet which is placed in this house, the native will incur wealth from that source. 

Planet in 11th house
Source of income
Ravi / Sun
Government and government related / aided agencies/ institutions
Soma / moon
Mother, maternal legacy, agriculture and dairy related business sources
Guru / Jupiter
Teaching, temples, priests, counselling, advisers to people in power
Shukra / venus
Art, craft, movies, textiles, women
Kuja / Mars
Machinery, siblings, adventure sports, physical activity, fireworks, mechanical industry, youngsters, fights, battles, soldiers
Budha / Mercury
Research, talking, marketing, brain games, writing, competitive exam related career, technology, astrology
Shani / Saturn
Agriculture, roots and fruits business, Labour industry, prisoners,  leather industry, animal farming
Rahu / north node
Foreign sources, out of the tradition and taboo breaking methods and the planet who is the depositor of Rahu
Related to the depositor planet of kethu.

3. The 2nd house - financial stability

The 2nd house rules finances of a native. If the 2nd lord is well placed and if a benefic is placed in the 2nd house, the native will have good wealth all through the life. The wealthier life is in comparison to the circumstances at birth. The native may not go on to become the wealthiest just by the placement of second lord. So if the second house has a benefic and the second lord is placed well, the native will have good wealth. But unless 5th and 11th lords are well placed and the houses too are not afflicted, speculation should not be attempted.

4. The 4th house - Real estate

4th house rules assets. So this mainly indicates the position of an individual with house, land, vehicles, inherited maternal property, luxury in general. So if a person has good planets in 4th house, the person can own lands and luxurious vehicles. Real estate investments are favored by good placement of the lord of 4th house. 

5. The 10th house - Profession

The 10th house is the house that rules profession and job. So if the lord of this house is placed well, is strong then the native will have a good professional success and hence the money. If the 10th lord is afflicted, then the native may have to struggle to even gain livelihood. But the 5th and 11th lord if well placed will help such natives gain wealth through alternative career paths.

6. The placement of planets conducive for investments.

1. Ascendant lord in 5th house and 11th house - lucky placement for investments.

2. 2nd lord in 5th house lucky for investments.

3. 2nd lord in 2nd and / or in 11th will bring a lot of wealth, though not necessarily by speculation.

4. 4th lord in 5th house is very good for speculation and investments.

5. 4th lord in 11th house is good for financial gains.

6. 5th lord and or 11th lord in 7th will result in wealth gain after marriage via spouse.

7. 9th lord in7th, results in gain of wealth.

8. 9th lord in 11th is a powerful Dhana yoga / Kubera yoga.

9. 10th lord in 11th will bring immense gains from profession.

10. 11th lord in the ascendant, will fetch immense wealth from the native's talents.

11. 11th lord in 2nd house is a powerful Dhana Yoga / Kubera yoga.

12. 11th lord in 4th house brings huge profits from real estate.

13. 11th lord in 5th will bring immense profits in business and or speculation.

14. 11th lord in 9th house is a powerful dhana yoga / kubera yoga. Gains from political power.

15. 11th lord in 11th is a powerful Dhana yoga / kubera yoga. Their talents and benevolence will fetch wealth.

7. The placement of planets hazardous for investments.

People with these placements should never attempt investments in stock markets.

1. 2nd lord in 1st,  6th , 8th or 12th houses.

2. 4th lord in 3rd, 6th , 8th or 12th houses.

3. 5th lord in 6th , 8th or 12th houses.

4. 11th lord in 10th, 6th , 8th or 12th houses.

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