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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Planetary transits of year 2018

Planetary transits of year 2018

Guru stays in Thula till october, Kuja transits Makara till november, Rahu stays in karka till december, Kethu is in Makara till december.

Rahu and Kethu will change the axis to Mithuna and Dhanu soon, Guru will leave Thula, Kuja is exalted and retrograde, Budha is in Karka for 2 months, shukra will be in Thula in october. So there is a cluster formed around Karka and mithuna and another in Thula. This is where the actions are taking place now.

There are many unique transits this year which are worth a detailed study. 
Let us look at what is happening in the sky actually.

Makara and Karka happen to be the signs where all the action is centered upon. There are 5 planets in this house now. Shukra, Budha, Rahu, aspect of kethu and Kuja.

So the major confusion and action is taking place in these areas for these moon signs in the next 2 months.

Kuja is exalted and retro, which means the thrill in the action that was present till now, may be taken away for a while. This is a time for all to take a step back and contemplate. Know if the moves are right or wrong , are the people they are interacting with right or wrong etc. So this is a time when a lot will change and get re written. This is the universe's way of ensuring the steering is back in the right direction. Sometimes, too much energy makes us wander too much into the dream land.