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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Predictions for 2019 India General elections

Narendra modi Vs Rahul Gandhi
An astrology perspective of  2019 general elections.

Birth Chart of our nation India

1. India is running her Moon MD now. So in line with Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

2. In 2025, India begins her Mars MD. This will be a time when there will be aggressive growth, a strong leader shall emerge. But he might also become unpopular due to some of his impulsive decisions and irrational moves. This is also a time when a lot of young and energetic youth enter politics.

3. From 2032 to 2050, the history might repeat itself. India might go back to a similar state of 1900. 18 years of foreign influence and control to an extent over India may be reinstated. Or a leader of foreign origin might rule India. FIIs may indirectly rule our economy. Then a new leader similar to Gandhi, who will uphold the values of India shall arise again. And he shall guide the nation for 18 years. That influence may not be as strong as M. K Gandhi. But he will work on similar lines.

These effects may not be apparent at the beginning. But as the maha dasa unfolds, the effects can be very well seen to percolate into the system. When looked back, history would have repeated. 

For the 17th Lok sabha , India goes to poll again in 2019. There will be many new contenders for the elections but, the main fight will be a head to head between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

Do read my comparative analysis of both these people Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

Let us begin by the

Birth chart of Narendra Modi

He is a born leader and a very powerful individual, there is no doubt about all these.
Important observations for the 2019 polls for Narendra Modi.

1. Between January 2019 and August 2019, Modi runs the Moon MD and Ketu AD.  Modi has commenced Chandra MD in his chart from 2011 and till 2028, he has a very favorable period of leadership. 2011 ro 2021 being the Moon MD and 2021 to 2028 being the Mars MD. Both are in the same house in the chart. Hence, his leadership will rule India from 2011 to 2028.

But as 2011 to 2021 is a Moon MD, who is in his house of debilitation, Modi has been on the softer side and defensive side of things in his decisions and actions. But after 2021, Mars MD takes over. That will be when Modi shall become extremely aggressive. This may result in irritability, over confidence and a loss of calmness. This may start to sow the seeds of fragility for the leadership.

2. After 2028, Modi commences Rahu MD. This will be a period when he will be politically active and really in command. But he may fall short of becoming the candidate for PM as priorities of the nation  would have changed. Also, Modi is most likely to be cheated during the commencement of Rahu MD to  relinquish power. So he might be forced to give up due to treachery of his own people.

3. Between 2020 and 2021, there will be a major incident which will affect Modi's well being. It could be a physical illness or a road mishap or another tragedy which will keep him distracted for 6 months. This will sow the seeds of weakness of his leadership. This incident might leave him vulnerable for 6 months. This will give the cue to Congress to pick up power struggle to the next level.

Rahul Gandhi's birth chart

1. Unlike Narendra modi who has this Ruchaka Yoga which makes him a commander , Rahul does not have that individual presence as Modi. Rahul's ascendant lord is debilitated. So he can never be an aggressive or powerful speaker. But he is born in such a circumstance that he shall nevertheless be a big threat to his rivals.

2. Rahul Gandhi also has a very similar chart. He runs Moon MD from 2013 to 2021. Moon in his chart too is in Vrshchika, which is his house of debilitation. But as moon happens to be in 11th, Rahul has had excellent gains form his mother. So till 2021, the magic of his mother will work. After that Rahul will try to shed the image of mama's boy and try to get aggressive. That will be a jolt to BJP. Rahul may not really be successful here, but the new avtar will be enough to bring chaos and nervousness to his rivals.

3. Rahul's only strength and which will work for him is, Vipareeta Raja Yoga. This will bring him to spot light from 2022 september. He will remain in spot light till 2030.

4. Second half of 2022 is when Rahul has to be very careful about a mishap or a political let down. This will keep him in slumber till 2023. 2023 is a time when he will get sympathy wave or he will be able to exploit the defects of the ruling government and he will surge to newer heights in politics.

5. He will have 2 years of great strength and visibility. This might be a time when he may have a term as PM. But with in 2 years of coming to power, he would realize the trouble the changing expectations. So after 2 years. August 2025 to August 2026 will be a period when his inadequacies will be analyzed and he will be sidelined.

6. That will be the opportunity for new generation leaders to come in and take over.

7. Priyanka Vadra may not be of  much help here. As her chart is not very powerful for active support till 2035. She can be passively involved in the activities and contribute financially. 

Important years for Modi and Rahul

But as both Rahul and Modi have the moon in the same sign, transits affect them the same way. So what benefits one will benefit the other too and vice versa.

1. Major changes in the political scene.

Narendra Modi
Rahul Gandhi
Sep 2022 - March 2023

2. Both are currently in sadhe saat and both will finish the crucial 5 years of this period in 2020. Both get endowed with more power then. So it will be a tough neck to neck fight for both. Rahul picks ground at his 50th birthday.

3. Rahu transits to 8th house for both of them in March 2019. This will shake up things a little and bring down morale for both.

4. There will be a lot of sibling and young men entering politics at this time. So a lot of activity can be seen in the campaign phase itself.

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