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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Predictions for 2019 India General elections

Narendra modi Vs Rahul Gandhi
An astrology perspective of  2019 general elections.

Birth Chart of our nation India

1. India is running her Moon MD now. So in line with Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

2. In 2025, India begins her Mars MD. This will be a time when there will be aggressive growth, a strong leader shall emerge. But he might also become unpopular due to some of his impulsive decisions and irrational moves. This is also a time when a lot of young and energetic youth enter politics.

3. From 2032 to 2050, the history might repeat itself. India might go back to a similar state of 1900. 18 years of foreign influence and control to an extent over India may be reinstated. Or a leader of foreign origin might rule India. FIIs may indirectly rule our economy. Then a new leader similar to Gandhi, who will uphold the values of India shall arise again. And he shall guide the nation for 18 years. That influence may not be as strong as M. K Gandhi. But he will work on similar lines.

These effects may not be apparent at the beginning. But as the maha dasa unfolds, the effects can be very well seen to percolate into the system. When looked back, history would have repeated.