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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Monthly Horoscopes of year 2018

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October 2018 forecasts


05-10, venus retro
Budha transits thula on 06-10,
26-10 Budha vrshchika,
17-10 Ravi transits thula
11-10 Guru transits Vrshchika

General trends

There are two transits and one major transit this month.  The major transit being Guru Transit.
Read the Jupiter transit report for complete understanding.

Ravi transits Thula which is his sign of debilitation. So this will be a time when govt offices,
bosses and people in power will not have their usual power and appeal. This is a time to just
finish pending things or wait for things to get better.
Budha has a double transit this month. So communication needs to be handled with care.
Wish you all a great month ahead. Happy dusshera.


This month has Ravi transiting your 7th house. This will see you having minor trouble with
partnerships and wit your spouse. So this needs caution. But the major effects are always toned
down your your sign as Thula happens to be Ravi’s sign of debilitation. So you will escape any
major issues without much penalty.