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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Monthly horoscopes for the year 2018 - Moon sign based

January 2018


06-01 budha to dhanu, 13-01 shukra to makara,
14-01 ravi to makara, 16-01 kuja to vrishchika

General trends

The month continues to have Shukra as combust or asta.
Hence, the distance and tension in friendships and business deals will continue.
A respite doesn’t seem to come right away still for all those problems.
So it is better not to expect much from friends or business partners at this point in time.

Ravi transits Makara this month. It is the auspicious makara Sankramana.
Uttarayan begins and hence, spiritually there is a good change for everyone.

Kuja transits his own sign vrshchika. He is quite powerful there. Hence, the effects can be more intense than usual.

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The transit of budha to your 9th house brings distressing atmosphere.
There can be a lot of agitation in the mind and there will be anxiety due to fear of unknown things.
Shukra would have caused some stress on the work front but as he is now combust,
you are lucky to be spared from the challenges in profession right now.  
Things will improve on 14th when ravi transits your 10th house. You can look forward to some
great professional breakthrough. On 16th Kuja transits your 8th house. So the period of
anxiety that began about a couple of months ago has not lightened up yet. It will take a
couple of more months for things to turn for the better.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

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