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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mars in Capricorn 2018 - Mars in Capricorn - Kuja Gochara 2018

Kuja Gochara - Mars trasnit 2018

Mars in capricorn 2018

Kuja in Makara

Kuja will be in makara from 2nd May 2018 to 6th November 2018.

This is a life changing transit for everyone. The negative aspects have been highlighted by me in particular so we are already aware of what is going to come our way. So we can prepare ourselves better. 

This is the most powerful and interesting transit of the year. Kuja stays in a sign for about for about
one and a half months. But this year, he stays in Makara for an unusually long time of 6 months.
This is not all. Makara being his sign of exaltation, he is extremely powerful in the influences he
causes now.

There is an innate tendency for contradictory behavior in this transit for all as Shani
and Kuja are enemies. Shani is a slow planet and very strategic planet. Kuja is in this house of
Shani and hence totally against waiting and strategics.
Kuja just wants to act first and does only that. He hates to think. So we need to balance that rush of
energy we feel at this point in time now.

Kuja spent such a long time in a single sign between October 2011 and June 2012. A similar transit
is going to shake up our lives now. Recollect the incidents which occurred during that period.
But there is a substantial difference in that Kuja was in Kanya between 2011 and 2012 transit.
Now he is in Makara, his sign of exaltation. So what we feel now is going to be much more powerful.
And the signs which experienced a bad transit need not repeat the bad results now. The signs
which were blessed by this transit were Karka, Mesha, Dhanu and Vrishchika.
This time the signs which benefit from this strong Kuja will be Meena, Mesha, Simha and

Kuja is exalted in Makara. So this life transforming time shall not come every now and then.
This is for a radical change in our lives. When Kuja imposes a change, it is for a purpose. Kuja is a
planet who signifies younger brothers, adventure, sports, male hormones, masculine energy,
irrational thinking, irritability, impulsive acts and a breakout tendency.

This is a time when Kuja makes us do the opposite of what we want or what we are. If we are slow
by nature, we will be forced to act vigorously. If we are already too quick, we will be given the dose
of adverse effects of our own ways. So this is certainly a time for learning a lot.

Kuja Vakri

June 27th to August 28th Kuja is retrograde.

This is a time of relief and break from the otherwise intense changes Kuja is causing through our
lives. This is a period when there is almost a gradual halt to the energy of Kuja. Kuja goes retro in
exaltation, so he becomes timid. So this gives us an interval to step back and think about what
exactly is going on.

Do read your moon sign forecast for a complete picture. I have highlighted the effects about which
you need to be cautious about. There is always a positive side to the planet and transits even in the
bad placements. What is bad materially is good spiritually and vice versa. So tough times are to be
treated as the needed breaks for spiritual advancement. As these are temporary periods, there
shall definitely be a change after the transit has passed. We must wait with patience.


Kuja’s effects are fierce and irreversible. So the relationships or friendships go through a major
transformation now. And most of the changes will be permanent. So take cautious decisions.

For Mesha, Kanya, Dhanu and Meena natives, this is a time when conception of a progeny are
possible. The aspiring fathers can now specially plan for extending the family. But the pregnancies
have to be taken care extremely carefully.

Vrshabha, Simha, Kanya, Kumbha natives have to guard against health problems. They could be
some serious issues with hormonal changes, thyroid problems, back pains, muscle sprains and
tears, accidents etc.
Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu and Makara natives have to be extra careful about relationships of the heart.
This can be a very distressing time and there can be serious ego crushing incidents.

Mesha, Vrshabha, Thula, Makara natives have to be cautious about their mother’s health and her
well being on the whole. Also, these natives with heart diseases should be more careful.


Offer prayers to lord Narasimha or Subramhanya. Go on a pilgrimage to these Gods without fail.
Donate red clothes to the youngsters at orphanages, red articles orphan or needy kids for sports
and adventure.

Thank you all for stopping by.


This will be the best time you had in a few years. This is a time of abundant success in your
profession. Many of you will achieve that long awaited promotion, that landmark development in
career, that awaited recognition, that much needed break in profession etc etc. Financially it may
not be the most beneficial time yet. But there is recognition, fame, name, prestige and a lot of
hectic activity. You will feel energetic, full of life and you will be in the company of young and lively
crowd. Thank the almighty for this wonderful period of the year.

There shall also be a lot of travel for the successfully employed. There is a word of caution I
would like to issue here to the Mesha natives. Your enthusiasm could be mistaken to be ego or
domination. So you need to maintain a balance between your energy of the urge to conquer the
world and the sentiments of others. Travel can bring distress too. Careful on road and while on
the journey. There may be mishaps and injuries. Some of you may spend extra time with parents
or travel to be with parents during these 5 months.

When Kuja goes retro, the above effects shall mellow. There can be a drop in luck. There can be
some mental distance from father. There can be problems with siblings too. So stride carefully.

As per the aspects of Kuja, you are very likely to be irritable at this time. There can be some bottled
up emotions bursting out now. It might be at workplace or with parents or even in matters of the
heart. This is a time to be very careful about friends and relationships and children. Elder son
might see distress from you. Mother too might cause some distress. Your stress levels in
handling personal relationships shall be very high now. Do not let these things have a very
serious consequence as this is a transit and hence, don’t make this a permanent change.
Resort to meditation. Spend a lot of time alone pampering yourself, rather than worrying about
others demands on you.


May to November, this will be a tough 6 months for you. 9th house rules purva punya. And kuja
doesn't seem to go easy on any karmic past. So this will be a time of low luck for complete 6

Some of you may face misunderstandings with father, elders or your siblings. There will be a
serious tone to this. Even if you do not take a serious participation, the trouble can last for 6
months. So if you happen to lose patience, it can turn fierce. So avoiding conflicts is the best
way for the 6 months. Father, siblings might also take to adventure or health activities.

As you run low on luck, conflicts can be everywhere. People might seem to annoy you from out
of the blue. There can be many irritable situations and you might be the victim for no fault of yours.
Even a little bit of anger expressed by you can be held seriously against you.

From the aspect of Kuja on different houses, you will have distress and some fond friendships
might see a phase of termination. Mother’s health might suffer during this time. But this is a good
time to go out and make new friends. Spend more time with the extended family that you had no
time for all along. They will be really happy to catch up with you. Go on picnics and a lot of short tours.
That will take your stress away and put your confidence right back into life.

When Kuja goes vakri, some personal relationships or the love of the past which were to have
moved on, might return. Even if they don’t, the memories may haunt you. So this certainly will
bring distress. There could be some moments together, but they will not last. So there is no use
of giving these importance. It is better to stay calm and indifferent to the thoughts that cross your
mind. Negotiations will never work as it may blow hot and cold between the two of you now.
So keep a check on your emotions.

Health needs a care. Some of you who had some ailments two months ago, may see them
returning for two months now. There can be sprains, hormonal imbalance, injuries and cuts from
machines and tools. Take care.


Kuja transits your 8th house. This is a house of diseases and karmic debt. Exalted Kuja in 8th house
for 6 months, is a very tough transit. Expect a lot of health problems. Muscle sprains, injuries,
accidents, cuts, wounds are all possible now.
There might be some unexplained misfortunes. You will be on the receiving end of this. You
cannot do anything about it but to go through. Some relationships might end. Some of you may
have a very bad phase in marriage. This can be a time when your ego gets badly bruised.  
This is testing time for people in romantic relationships as heartbreak and heart burns are a very
high possibility. Scars can be deep.

There can be a lot of adventure and fun activity in the lives of your younger co-borns. You might
face a few misunderstandings with siblings. This can be a serious stuff that lasts for 6 months.
Arguments to be avoided at all costs.

For healers, nurses and spiritual people, this can be a time of high activity and a lot of vigour.
From this house, Kuja aspects your 11th, 2nd and 3rd houses. This brings some very good times
with new groups and new friends. There will be high levels of social activity and this will make you
feel a breath of new life. These contacts can also bring some financial gains and business deals.
You need to be extra careful , as your impulsive decisions may take away the profits which were
due to you. So be very careful in business deals. Your social life shall be very colorful but your
family life will see increased stress levels.

When Kuja goes vakri, you may have a past crush or alliance returning for a short period of time.
There will be nothing promising that you can expect. So do not get carried away by this and it is
better to recollect why was the alliance or the association ended in the first place. For those
already married, there can be stress and latent anger may develop. It is better to curb impulsive
behavior. It may lead to regrets.


An exalted Kuja is in your 7th house for 6 months. I hope I could only keep it less intense. This can
be a very challenging time for marriage, friendships and partnerships. Expected heated up
arguments, emotions to run hot and cold, excess irritability, extreme activity, extreme feelings of
love and concern.. This will be a time which you have never seen from 2011. All activities and
emotions are intensified.

Partner might pick up hobbies involving rigorous physical activity. There can be many adventurous
trips and outings for the spouse or partner. Injuries , cuts, wounds, accidents for the partner are
not ruled out. Some associations which were on the verge of a breakdown may break. Only those
which were karmically too strong shall sustain the rampage. The new associations formed now
may not last at all. So be very careful with all the valued relationships. Though this is a very tough
period, it will end, so people will still be around after this tornado. So it is better to be under control
from the very beginning.

When kuja goes vakri, there can be some relief from the problems that you have been facing from
the last couple of months. The problems seem to get bored with themselves and cool down.
You can also see some financial gains for you though marginal. Socially this will give you a good
change from the routine of problems in the marriage or committed partnerships. The problems
will face you right back when Kuja is in forward motion.

Kuja's aspects can bring some stress on the  professional side too. It looks like the partnership
problems can spillover to your working area and hence you may end up over reacting in some
scenarios. You will remain agitated mostly all the 6 months of this transit. So it is better to prepare
yourself mentally for this tough phase and try to control your temper as much as possible.


This is a very good transit. You are one of the 4 luck sings to be blessed this year. An exalted
kuja in 6th house, what could anyone ask for ? This is a time when all the opposition will be
routed completely. You are the winner wherever you go. Your enemies shall be crushed to
nothing. This is a time when your enemies should be extremely careful, or anyone for that
matter should be careful about. Their image shall be totally vanquished.

On the other hand, your image shall get a boost positively. Your confidence levels shall reach a
new high since almost a decade. Outings, social life, meetings, adventure activities, health and
fitness all shall see a totally new turn. This is something you have never experienced before.
Thank the almighty for all the good things you have now. Many relationships get cemented and
become strong now. All good friendships will see a very harmonious time now in your leadership.

Health needs caution. There can be cuts, wounds, sprains, muscle tear, danger from machinery
etc. So be very cautious on the road as you might be very susceptible to accidents. But nothing
will be able to stop your high and charismatic energy which will be extremely high all 6 months.

Kuja's aspects bring mixed results. There can be some misunderstandings with father or elders.
This can be due to ego hassles. There can be some temptations of the skin that face you during
this time. As you will be at the highest confidence levels, you will be in a position to handle
anything that comes in your way, as long as it doesn't go into intoxication. So stay alert and
thank the almighty.

When Kuja goes vakri, there could be some stress due to children. There could be some
financial troubles. That will not be a good time to book profits as you might be in loss. If you
start any financial projects or investments in May, expect some losses or slowdown during the
Kuja vakri period. There can be a return of an old flame now. It will be a temporary return.
The status will be reinstated if the person leaves again. Else, there shall be good lasting
bonding now.


An exalted kuja in your 5th house for 6 months. Not an easy thing at all. 5th house rules a lot
of important things. Firstly for all those into investments and speculation, this can be a very
very damaging transit. It is advised that profit booking has to be done extremely carefully.
For all those who were expecting some sort of financial returns, the results can get hampered
to a great extent by this transit. So people in business should be prepared for low profits or even

Kids might pose problems. There could be behavioral issues with kids. They can be egoistic,
angry or stubborn. Your stress levels could be quite high and hence that could affect the affection
you show towards your children. Or there can be a temporary separation from children.

For those in creative fields, this can be a very active period with a lot of interesting work but
without rewards or appreciation. Expectations seem to touch the sky. But admiration will be a
distant dream. Some of you may face humiliation or criticism too.

This can be a period when romantic relationships can blow hot and cold. The old relationships
shall swing between two extremes. new relationships will have very less of happy times, but
will surely be more draining emotionally. So this is not a good time to start new relationships.
Also expectations from existing relationships should be as less as possible.

Romantic relationships will see a lot of stress and fear of termination. As this is a very long period
of 6 months of stress and misunderstanding, not many relationships survive this transit. Only those
which are karmically strong, shall sail through. The relationships started now shall be extremely
draining emotionally and will be almost certain to end. So it is advised not to begin any
relationship in this phase. New friendships also to be kept completely under control.

The couple who were planning on fertility treatments, particularly the aspiring fathers, can now
take advantage of this period as this will be a very good time for conception. But the pregnancy
has to be extremely carefully protected. All those already expecting babies must exercise
extreme care towards the pregnancy.

The problems you had faced on the domestic front a few months ago may return now. Your mind
would have been diverted to other issues. But those problems of disharmony in the family, ego
issues might return now. Two months can be hard again. It is better to understand that the mind
shall be tensed anyway. So it is better not to get into arguments at all. There can be breakdown of
vehicles while on travel. There can be a lot of tiring short tours and trips too.

Kuja's aspects  can bring health issues. So be very careful while handling machines and tools.
There can be injuries and cuts. Hormonal issues can bother women. Mental stress and
disappointments to the heart are indicated. There can be a lot of temptations which district
committed relationships. So it is better to be careful as the distractions will be just that and not
at all promising in the long term. Some of you may miss your soulmate due to temporary or
permanent separation.


Kuja transits your 4th house. This is a tough transit.
People dealing with real estate, land and farm houses need to be extremely careful now.
There can be huge losses or cancellation of deals and contracts. Obstacles could be quite high.
There can be a lot of misunderstandings and fights happening on the business front. Thula is a
sign for balancing but still, there can be situations which go completely out of control.

There can be ill health to mother. There can be a temporary separation from mother or there can
be a fight or a terrible misunderstanding with mother. Some of you might get a stepmother. For a
few others, mom can become health conscious and start on exercise regime. For some of you,
your mother can get associated with youngsters and energetic people. For a few others, there
could be injuries or accidents to mother. Take care of you mother in any case.

There will be a lot of short distance travel for many of you. There will be too much travel so you
are almost away from home most of the time. You will miss home and mother’s affection.

Those who are suffering from heart troubles must now be extremely careful. Stress levels can be
extremely high in the family environment. So there can be a lot of heart problems and heart aches
in the family too.

Be very careful while on travel. There can be road accidents, vehicle breakdowns in unexpected
circumstances. Travel will be inevitable, but will be full of problems.

When Kuja goes vakri, expect a lot of good times with your siblings. This will be a welcome break
form the domestic disharmony that was bothering you from a couple of months. Extended family
shall be a great source of joy now. There will be a lot of outings and picnics. Adventure tours,
exercise regimes, young and energetic people will fill your social calendar these two months.
Confidence shall go up considerably as long as you are with these people.

Kuja's aspect can bring an aggressive attitude from your spouse. There can be mismatch in energy
levels. Workplace shall also see increased activity and stress levels. There will be high energy felt
even among your social circle and friends. So in all there will be a lot of energy everywhere but
home might be the only place where there is unrest.


An exalted Kuja transits your 3rd house for 6 months. This is a wonderful transit and a great blessing

The first and foremost, you will have extremely good times with your siblings. There shall be many
happy outings, picnics, a lot of bonding and memorable times with them. Same holds for friends
and extended family. There will be a lot of meetings, interactions, lunches, dinners and of course
happy times. Siblings shall be a great source of joy and comfort. You will also be extremely
confident socially.

The other significations which benefit from this are your finances shall also see stability. There can
be inflow of money from unexpected sources. There shall also be a great improvement in health
and overall immunity shall be better.

This is an excellent time for people in literary fields and journalists. They shall see the kind of
success and recognition which was probably a dream of the lifetime. They shall get rewards
and high recognition for their work. They can get a fanclub of youngsters and there shall be a
grand success to all their tasks these 6 months.   Enemies shall be rendered powerless.

Kuja will bring very favorable results to the people in the field of literature and journalism. There
can be a totally new level of recognition and fame achieved by you now. It will be a very favorable
time for relationships and friendships.

When Kuja goes vakri, expect some disharmony to creep into your domestic environment. There
can be stress with in the family. Misunderstandings between the four walls of the house is quite
possible. As we can read from the other scopes here, everyone is going through great stress at
this point in time. So stay calm and don't take anything to heart.

Kuja's aspect brings mixed results. It brings a great amount of confidence to you and a very great
will power to route out any opposition. This may make you slightly over confident and may bring
some issues of cooperation with the colleagues. Luck might also fluctuate. be very careful when
you are dealing with elders and preceptors. You might have to explain yourself a lot even for a
small negligence.


An exalted kujs in your 2nd house for 6 months. A very tough time indeed.
Family life gets hampered. There shall be a total lack of patience from all the members of the family.
Arguments, fights and misunderstandings can become the order of the day. This can increase the
latent anger and frustration. There can be angry breakouts at times. So in all, there is a lot of
stress like a volcano in the heart and mind of everyone at home now.

On the other hand, as if in order to divert the attention, there shall be a lot of adventure tours,
outings and a lot of athletic activities suddenly taking the attention of all the family members.
In fact, a planning for these can become the source of arguments.

There can be huge debts for many of you due to unanticipated expenses or due to blockage of
inflow of money. People may have to go without salary. Some of you may lose money due to
theft or impulsive decisions.

For singers and people in the field of talking and conversations, this will be an excellent time of
confidence though monetary benefits are nil.

Kuja in 2nd will prove to be a tough time for children. There could be lack of interest in studies.
They may be facing some issues in school due to which the children might be irritated. There
are possibilities for the kids to bring home tension and hurt feelings from school. So deal with
them with love at this point in time. Else, these 6 months can be very tough on children and

Kuja goes vakri and that might bring back the hurt feelings or a past hurting incident back to
your memories. There could be a past flame that you may need to deal with. What you need to
do now depends on what made you move on earlier. Whatever it might be, this will be a passing
incident. So deal with the past carefully.

Kuja's aspects stress the return of past in all cases. So it could be a really pain in the heart now.
The person whom you need the most may not be available to you at all. So, recalling the past is
no use at all. For those marries, kids can go through distress. Due to over analyzing of things,
there can be untimely eating and sleeping habits. Due to this, health can suffer too. So stay calm
and busy and let this phase pass. If you can be strong enough, accept things have changed and
it all seems so much easier.


An exalted kuja in your own sign for 6 months. The first thought that comes to my mind is, spare
 all the others.
This can be a highly stressful time. Anger, impatience and irritability can be volcanic now and it
might erupt lava often too. This will burn and charr people around you. So control it. I would
advise that you stay almost not connected with people around these 6 months as there can be
extremely high levels of stress and vulnerability to angry breakouts.

On the other hand, you could hit the gym, take on adventure sports, get to body building and
other serious athletic stuff to dissipate the anger and the excess energy exalted kuja shall
depart to you. Else many a relationships can be broken beyond repair. Specially love relationships,
marriages and close friendships are under threat of termination now.

Kuja is in your own sign. Kuja can make you act before you think. It can be a lot of fun to let go
of those personality barriers and break out of your own shy nature and become very bold.
That's what mostly should happen to you now. Kuja for 6 months in your own sign is certainly
no joke. He wants you to transform your personality. He wants you to hang around with the
younger crowd and experience life without hesitation. Considering your ruler is the slow and
steady Saturn, now this dose of Kuja's energy must see you to be the opposite.

Kuja goes vakri. This will be a time when you will spend a lot of good times with your extended
family. You will have a lot of picnics and outings during this time. Adventure tours too are favored.
Good confidence shall fill your days and mind.

Kuja's aspect shall bring stressful times with family and loved ones only if you lose your temper.
Kuja brings very hectic life to your partner and family. If this is not what suits you, if you cannot
plan things properly, there can be a lot of pressure to keep up the commitments with the social
circle. This could spill over to your married life or partnerships and hence, patience can be lost.


An exalted kuja in your 12th house for 6 months. The first thing that worries me about this
transit is your health. There can be serious health problems related to muscles, severe injuries,
wounds, cuts, blood related disorders, hormone imbalance etc. These shall cause a very serious
effect and so no negligence shall be tolerated now.

The second serious problem will be in the field of relationships of all sorts. Some strained
relationships shall now see a very clear danger of termination. Many romantic relationships
end now. Many marriages go through a period of long separation, either physically or mentally.
No new relationships shall be formed now as they are invariably destined to end. Only those
associations which are karmically knit, shall sustain the transit. It is a period of heartburn for
almost everyone in some way or the other. Injuries can be deep.

The next most important caution is, some of you may develop serious misunderstandings with
co-borns , especially younger ones. There can be a temporary separation from brothers. Some
of you may lose a brotherly person.
On the other side, there shall be a great increase in spiritual interest and many of you may go on  
pilgrimages. Adventure tours combining spiritual journeys or shrines are quite possible. That
shall help you get through the stress without much damage.

This can be a time of worry due to siblings, especially younger ones. Some of you may face a
temporary separation from your younger co-borns. This could be a result of ill health or some
misunderstanding. Those who have their siblings in a critical state of health must take caution
so the health issues do not aggravate.

Kuja goes vakri. This period of time can bring some relief from the constant worry that you may
have been facing from the last 2 months. Make use of this time to hangout with friends and new
groups. get out and enjoy the company of different people from different walks of life.

Kuja's aspects again favor social activity, groups and confident moves in the life outside of family.
Committed relationships of all sorts can see some distances both mental and physical. So stay away
from arguments and impulsiveness. Take care of your health.


An exalted kuja for 6 months in your 11th house… is this a dream? Yes, it is a dream come true period. A time of luck that has never been seen in quite over  a decade for you.

The first good thing is, this is a time of wish fulfilment. So ask for it, kuja shall be there for you as
a genie to give you just that. So this shall be a time planned extremely well to live your life to king’s
size. Live your fantasies and dreams and make memories so you may never feel in need of
anything for the rest of your life. And you must remember the dreams which came true and stay
happy for the rest of your life too.

The next important signification is money. There shall be a lot of money flowing in from multiple
sources. Those in stock markets and speculations shall reap huge profits. This is an excellent
time for trading and profit booking. For 6 months , investments shall reap rich rewards. But the
profit booking must be done before november.

This is also a wonderful time socially. A whole new set of friends, young and energetic crowd
shall lure you. Some of you may have a fan club set up for you. Your contact list may overflow
and explode. Great outings, picnics, meetings, lunches, dinner parties, platonic friendships,
new relationships, business associations.. All these fill your 6 months. Hectic time and a really
joyous time. Enjoy and do thank the almighty without forgetting.

Welcome all those new groups and new friends. You will now seem to be the center of the party.
Everyone might want you to participate. But you will have a tough time catering to all the demands.
Hence, plan well and choose your commitments carefully.

Kuja goes vakri. During this time there can be some stress on the work front. Deadlines can be
too close and a lot of pressure can build up. Due to this, activity may increase and so shall the
need for patience. Else, there can be arguments and bad times with your valued associations.
So take a moment and stay calm always.

Kuja's aspects bring some tough times with family. Due to your social commitments, there can
be stress at home. Your loved ones may demand more time and affection from you as you may
not have the time to really listen to their demands. Relationships shall see very exciting times
when together and a total distance when not together. So this can be a tricky time for personal life
on the whole. But social life is very favorable. Take this with balance as this does not happen
every year.

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