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Monday, August 7, 2017

Guru Gochara 2017 - 2018 ( Jupiter Transit 2017 - 2018 )

Guru Gochara 2017 - 2018 ( Jupiter transit 2017 - 2018 )

The Transit

On 12th September 2017 Jupiter leaves Kanya and transits Thula until 11th October 2018. Jupiter is combust from 15th October 2017 to 5th November 2017. Jupiter turns vakri in thula on 9th March 2018 and becomes direct in motion 11th July 2018.

General trends

Guru / Jupiter being the biggest planet of the solar system and the mightiest benefic, the effects of his transit can be felt as early as before 2 months. So we might have already started to experience the effects by now.

Positive  effects of Guru in Thula

On 12th September 2017  Jupiter planet transit the sign Libra.  This is the house of planet Venus. Jupiter  will stay in this house for a whole year.  Jupiter is a benefic  Venus is also benefic planet. The conjunction works very well.  Libra is sign of weighing  all possibilities and taking balanced decisions Libra is also a sign which favors business. The Guru is not so happy to be in this house nevertheless we will have a lot of advantages from this transit.

If the baby is born this year it will have good looks, good wealth and good fortune.

Libra is also a sign of friendship so all sorts of friendships are very well supported this year. There will be a lot of social activity there will be a lot of harmony generally in the social environment. Friendships, partnerships, all relationships will  witness a lot of harmony.  Both men and women shall be very compassionate and forgiving in times of conflict.

From Libra Guru cast aspects on Kumbha, Mesha and Mithuna.  the people  born  in these Moon signs  can have very harmonious   times in relationships. Those born in these signs and  looking for tying the knot this year  can be successful  in finding suitable partner.
Mithuna born people have an additional advantage that they can also plan for a baby this year

Thula is a sign that rules business partnerships. Negotiations, contracts, deals, sales interactions, friendship, luxury, beauty, gatherings all these things are specially favored in this transit.

On the other hand this transit also favors lot of spiritual growth. So people will be interested in reading scriptures, performing austerities and more in gaining more knowledge about spirituality in general. Overall this transit is going to really help everyone evolve spiritually and materially.

Negative effects of Guru in Thula

Thula being the 8th sign of the zodiac, signify the generative organs of the kala purusha. So there can be diseases to the private parts during this transit. Infections, surgeries, hormonal imbalances etc can become serious problems now. Caution advised to all to stay alert. STDs can be a big possibility now. So surgeries, transfusion, blood donation to be carried out or undergone with at most care.

Shukra is the ruler of Thula. Shukra favors luxury, comforts, friendships, romance and relationships for pleasure. But Guru is the opposite in nature. He preaches wisdom. He is always preaching to stay under control and do the spiritually right thing always. So there is an inherent conflict that can be experienced by everyone throughout this transit. The conflict will be between doing the right thing vs enjoying what is offered, values of virtue vs long awaited pleasure, sacrifice vs enjoying the moment. So this will be a transit that shall tempt even the most controlled individuals and is good enough to bring a lot of stressful times throughout.

Guru dagdha ( Combust Jupiter )

When Guru transits very close to Ravi, he becomes Dagdha. Sun overpowers him so much that the effect of Jupiter cannot be experienced. This period will last for a very short period from lasting 15th October 2017 until 5th November 2017. During this period, the effects of Guru cannot be felt and hence a stagnation or a sudden change can be experienced by all.

Guru Vakri ( Retrograde Jupiter )

Guru goes vakri in his own sign  ie from 9th March 2018 and becomes direct in motion 11th July 2018. During this period, there can be a slow down of the ongoing projects and happenings in general. For the signs for whom Guru is favorable, the result of guru going vakri will be beneficial. For those signs guru is a non benefic, the results can be adverse.
And a few incidents or people from the past year might return. If there was any unsettled matter, that can be resolved permanently during this period.

Effect of Guru Gochara 2017 - 2018 on moon signs - ( Effects of Jupiter Transit 2017 - 2018 )


Guru transits your 7th house. This is an excellent transit.

Guru brings you the best times with your spouse or beloved this year. You will spend some memorable times with your beloved. Relationship with the spouse shall be very cordial and filled with happiness and trust, for those married. Those wishing to get married can tie the knot this year. Those in committed relationships shall have excellent understanding with the partner.

Singles shall find a very suitable person for marriage or a committed relationship. Friendships and all sorts of one to one partnerships shall improve considerably. Due to happiness all around, you may gain some body weight.

From this house, Guru aspects your 11th house. This is a house where after october, shani will cast his aspect too. So there will be a lot of group activity and a lot of socializing for you. You will be the heart of the party. You will make a lot of new friends and there will be great contentment with friends in general. Wishes shall be fulfilled to a great extent. Finances shall also do very well.

Guru casts his aspect on your own sign. This makes you very spiritual and wise. There will be a feeling of wellness all around you. Guru also casts his aspect on your 3rd house. This shall bring excellent times with your siblings and extended family. This increases your social activity even more. So enjoy a once 12 years good times.

When guru goes vakri, some illness, heartburn might return. Some old friend or an old crush might return. This return shall only be transient. So it will not be promising. But if it was an unfinished business, it can certainly be done with now.

Guru and shani combine aspects in your 11th house. This will prove beneficial for you. More inflow of money, more friends, more social activity is seen.  Some of you may befriend people of different belief systems or different religion. But it shall be a harmful influence. So nothing to worry there.


Guru transits your 6th house. Guru is not a benefic to your sign. Hence, stress levels can be really high due to this transit.

This is a mixed transit. This will be a time when your spiritual ability and aptitude might be tested. Guru is not friendly to the lord of your sign. So there will be restlessness created for you due to this transit. You are likely to get stressed with balancing between luxury and wisdom. Your spirituality and material pursuits shall bring conflicts which can make you feel drained out.

Preceptors or Gurus might be your enemies now. So it is advised that you take cautious approach towards spiritual pursuits. There can be a lot of expenses from spiritual side of your personality. There can be enmity with priests.
Health needs attention. Some of you might suffer from ENT problems. People already having diabetes, need to be more careful.

From this house, Guru aspects your 10th, 12th and 2nd houses. Guru’s aspect on 10th house brings good professional opportunities. But at the same time, they will be challenging. So, hard work lies ahead. Guru’s aspect on 12th , heals some past wounds to the heart. This also brings some deep spirituality. Some of you may suffer from health issues like ENT problems and high blood sugar. There can be weight gain.

When guru goes vakri, some of you might feel a little bit of relief from the problems which have been bothering you from many months. Enemies seem to be distracted and not really bothering you much.  But for a few others, you might reach a stage where you can not let it go on anymore and hence might feel the frustration reaching its limits. That might force you to act and be done with the issues bothering you the most.

Shani and Guru join their aspects in your 10th house. So you shall always have a helping hand as a subordinate or a person from a totally different field of work for support to you all thought. Infact there might be more than one that way to support you. This makes life a lot easier for you.


Guru transits your 5th house. This is an excellent transit.

People in the creative field shall do very well. Your creative talents shall shine to the best. You will be admired appreciated widely. This is also an excellent time for gains financially. A lot of money shall come your way. Guru is neutral to you.

Those who are seeking progeny, shall be blessed with children. Children will be a source of joy to the parents. Those who are interested in entering into relationships and strong friendships shall also be blessed with great people and partners. This is an excellent time overall for mithuna rasi people. Last 4 years have been very tough with Jupiter transit., now you begin a 6 year long positive and lucky period.

From this house, guru casts his aspect on your 9th , 11th houses and your own sign. Your luck will improve considerably. You will get the company of good people. Platonic friendships will be formed and you will also enjoy a lot of good socializing. You will be recognized and rewarded widely.

When guru goes vakri, for most of you the significations shall be strengthened. For a cross section of you though, there can be a return of old issues related to house or assets. Mother’s health might be a concern again. But otherwise, an excellent period till october 2017.

Guru and Shani combine aspects in your 9th house. This can bring down your luck to some extent. Specially, the kind of opportunities you get might be tinted with a little bit of bad karma. But you will sail through most of your challenges with flying colors.


Guru transits your 4th house.

This is the last year of the tough cycle of 5 years of Guru transit. Guru being a benefic to your sign, shall not cause you a harm. But there shall be many challenges that you need to face in order to get the complete benefit of what Guru is trying to teach you.

Because of this transit, some of you may be away from home most of the time. This is a very tough period emotionally. Property matters can cause you stress though things turnout to be true in the long run. Mother’s health might be a source of big concern. For students too this is a period of difficulty. Teachers might not be very supportive. This year shall tire most of you out.

But looking at the other side of the transit, you shall grow up to be a very strong individual. You shall break your own limits of spiritual strength and emerge as phoenix from ashes. You will get so much of inner strength that you shall be unconquerable at the end of this transit.

Guru aspects your 8th, 10th and 12th houses from this house. All these are tough materially. Your health might suffer too. ENT problems, specially throat shall cause you a lot of health problems.  Guru’s aspect on 10th causes some good support to be given to you on your professional front, but the important people may still ignore you. So a big breakthrough in job is still a problem. Due to his aspect on your 12th house, Guru makes you extremely spiritual.

Guru goes vakri. This is a period when you would like to take bold decisions and bold steps to solve some of your problems which have bothering you for quite a long time. This is a time when your siblings shall come to your help too. This is a time when there can be some permanent changes or very important incidents happening in your life.

Guru and Shani aspect your 8th house. Shani brings good health. He may cause pain in the limbs or injury to limbs for a few of you. But if shani’s harm shall be balanced by Guru. So health shall cause a few minor problems but nothing that makes you laid for long.


Guru transits your 3rd house.

This is a mixed transit. Guru is benefic to your sign. So the adversity he causes shall be a blessing and the benefit he brings shall be well deserved. This is a time when your social activity rises considerably. There shall be many short travels, errands and these might be really tiring. There will be a business like mindset in each of the activities and initiatives you carry out this year. Relationship with siblings shall be strained a little , though interaction with them increases. They bring you stress to be specific.

This is a time for hard work. You shall take some very bold decisions in your life. These shall be based on wisdom. But they shall not yield you any material benefits. There will only be improvement in finer aspects of life. Relationships with all shall improve. Relationships and friendships shall bring contentment. Friends and acquaintances shall grow in numbers. You shall be given many projects and initiatives. Life becomes very hectic.

On the flip side, this will prove to be a very tiring transit. There may not be appreciation on par with the efforts that you put in. Money may not come easily. Rewards are still far away. Only efforts are heavy now. This is a time for building the platform for future. So now is not the time when you can shine. You will shine later if you start painting yourself with glitter now.

Guru aspects your 7th, 9th and 11th houses from here. All these 3 shall bring you wonderful times and happiness overall. Relationship with spouse shall improve. Spouse shall do very well and will bring joy. So will partners in committed relationships. All partnerships shall see better levels of commitment. Social life shall be fulfilling and wish fulfilment is on the cards. There will be luck coming your way from unknown sources.

Guru goes vakri in march. This is a time when there might be some issues with siblings which may have to be dealt with, with at most seriousness. Or there might be a very strong bonding experienced with siblings. All the significations expressed above become stronger. This is also a time when you may reach the peak of a drain-out. Some of you may have to take a forced break from work and have to rest well.

Guru and shani cast a joint aspect on your 7th house. This increases stress in marriage. New relationships might be on the cards for all. For singles and committed people, equally there can be many prospects for close friendships and new relationships. Existing ones might see some levels of stress, but not strong enough to break it up. So there will not be a termination of any relationship even if new people enter the scene.


Guru transits your 2nd house.

This is a good transit. You are in the 5 year tough cycle of Guru transit. This is the midpoint in the 5 years. This year shall see a relief from your insecurities and ill luck. Last two years, you might have had a feeling of being ignored by your partner. You might have felt you are not really important to this person anymore etc. but these are not true. It is just that your partner might be too busy to even think on these lines. They might be going through stressful times themselves.

But now, you will do well with your family and your committed living set up. Family shall be where your heart and mind shall be now. You will have a lot of harmonious times with your near and dear ones. Finances shall improve and attain to stability.

Students shall do well at studies. There was a problem last two years on concentrating or due to a bad health. These problems shall now recede and students shall be able to concentrate better. They may get appreciation of the teachers as well .

Those who are seeking for change of jobs or change of roles in the same job may attain one. It may not be as per your expectation but there will be a positive change certainly. As you have an excellent transit of rahu too, there is nothing that takes away your zest for life now. You will be full of energy.

From this house, Guru aspects your 6th , 8th and 10th houses. These are mixed transits. Guru’s aspect on your 6th brings you some enemy trouble. You may end up in unfavorable circumstances due to your extravagant and extremely outgoing tendencies due to rahu. So this may not be liked by the moral police in your family. This will bring you challenges.

Guru’s aspect on 8th shall strengthen your bond with your living partner. There can be a stronger need felt to be together , but he or she may not be available. There are possibilities to seek a close friendship outside of committed associations.

Guru’s aspect on your 10th can bring some difficulties at workplace. You may be expected to deliver better than you have been doing these years. You might be held accountable and your work might be monitored closely. That might be a source of stress and irritation for you.

Guru goes vakri. This can bring back some old friends or old crush back into your life. At least the memories might haunt you. This will be a time when you might wish a real soul mate type of a person to be around. This will be just a temporary feeling and hence, there is no need to yield to it.

Guru and shani aspect your 6th house. This can be a time of victory over your enemies. The victory may not come easily though. So this will be a time when enemies shall trouble you and your mind shall be occupied with them most of the times. You can feel your energy being eaten away by the thoughts connected with your enemies. But you will emerge victorious finally anyway.


Guru transits your own house.

You are in a period which is the negative 5 year cycle of Guru. Guru is not favorable when he transits 12th to 4th house from the natal moon. This transit through the 2nd house brings some relief though.

So guru in your own sign now brings mixed results. This is a testing time for those who are married and in committed relationships. Partner might be away or unavailable due to various reasons or responsibilities. This gives you a feeling that your partner is ignoring you and giving importance to other people. There can be feelings that your partner is simply bored with you etc. these are not factual. Your partner is just too busy to be around you as it might be a very demanding phase for them too.

This is a time when people in relationships or marriages already under a lot of stress, may seek friendships or solace outside of marriage or committed relationships. The existing relationships may not be terminated as you are still  not sure if you will get what you seek. So this can be a time of confusion and stress. You are unable to decide whether to take it or leave it. This yoyo feeling shall transform your personality and make you come face to face with your insecurities.

For singles this is an excellent time for marriage. Those who are seeking to tie the knot can hope to settle down. For others who are not willing to get into wedlock yet, this is a time when you may find the love of a lifetime. Wedding may happen later. But this is also a time of great harmony with friends and specially people of the opposite sex.

From this house, Guru aspects your 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Guru’s aspect on your 5th house, intensifies the relationships of all types and makes them filled with happiness. Parents will do very well with children. This is also a good time for extending the family. Those wishing for children shall  be blessed this year. Guru’s aspect on 7th intensifies partnerships, marriages and committed friendships. It brings marriage to many of you. Guru’s aspect on 9th also brings better luck.

On the flip side of things, there can be conflicts in values in partnerships and relationships. Thula is ruled by Shukra who favors luxury, pleasure and comforts. Guru being the lord of wisdom , may bring some conflict within to all the Thula natives. The conflict will be about making a spiritual and a wise choice to sacrificing pleasure and luxury. This can get intense for a few of you. This may bring stress in marriage and relationships. For a few of you it may bring interests outside of marriage too.

When Guru goes vakri, I see some confusion reaching a peak point. As a result some of you may face some threat to relationships. Stress could reach a peak and hence, there can be a lot of unrest. On the other hand for those whom it has been a beneficial transit, they shall experience more sweetness in the associations. Harmony shall increase in life.


Guru transits your 12th house.

Guru transits your 12th house. You have now begun a 5 years of negative - phase of Guru transit. Guru brings difficulty when transiting from 12th house to 4th house from the moon. So now you begin to feel a drop in your luck as the fundamental difference.

As guru is in your 12th house, the social activity you had earlier might now get reduced. You might want to withdraw into solitude. This could be because, the life of your spouse may have got a major change due to which he or she may have to be away from you physically or mentally. As 12th house is the house of losses, this signifies a loss of spouse or loss of happiness from spouse.

Preceptors or gurus might now be away from you too. Due to this, learning becomes very difficult. Students might find a lot of difficulty in continuing education. Gurus may turn unfavorable. If you were the favorite of the teachers, you may not quite be the same now. There will be a change.

This is also a time when moral and spiritual values can waver. Loss of spirituality can be seen in a few natives. For those who are ardent believers in spiritual values, this is a time of deep spirituality. So the natives either shun the values or take to too much of spirituality now.

This is a materially tough transit. Financial losses, diseases, heavy expenses all these are seen. For some there could be a divorce or a forced separation from the spouse. Some relationships may see termination due to differences in values. ENT troubles may bother you often now.

As guru is a yogakaraka for your sign, the troubles may not route you completely. But it sure will be a time for learning about own yourself in the context of deeper spiritual existence.

From this house, Guru aspects your 4th house, 6th house and 8th house. Guru’s aspect on 4th brings comfortable houses and vehicles. But peace of mind will be a compromise. You might have to stay away from home due to various duties. Mother might be stressed and that may be a source of worry for you. Guru’s aspect on 6th will give you strength against your enemies. Now as you might be feeling low and out of luck, there could be many who might be eager to put you down. But guru will give you inner strength to deal with them.

Guru’s aspect on 8th will make you think deeper about your spouse or living partner. There will be a different plane on which you will understand your spouse now. For those who are unmarried, or uncommitted, there will be a strong desire to find a committed partner. That may not happen yet. Some of the existing relationships which are seeing a lack of spark may end. For some, a new romantic relationship might bloom. But marriage can happen only next year.

Guru goes vakri. Then your worries might reach a peak and you may be provoked to take a serious decision about a matter that has been bothering you. So you may want to bring a forced change. But your action will be a very small factor now as this transit is the beginning of a 5 year cycle of change. So just life take its course. Pray to the almighty.

Guru aspects your 4th and this will be joined by an aspect of Shani after october. This will be a more challenging conjunction. This worsens the effect of Guru’s aspect on your 4th house. Staying at home can become tougher. Relationship with mother might be highly stressful now. Health of mother might also be a source of worry.


Guru transits your 11th house.

This is an excellent transit. This will bring you wish fulfilment first. All those things you rightfully asked shall now be given to you. All those dreams which were legitimate, shall now be fulfilled one by one. Your spouse or the partner shall be the medium through which your wishes are fulfilled.

Students do very well now. They will become the favorites of teachers. They will excel in outdoor activities and make a lot of good friends. This is a time of great social life for all. There will be new friends who are wise and benevolent. There will be new groups to which you might be introduced and these groups are full of wise people or spiritually inclined individuals.

This is also a good time to book profit from your investments. Wait for the right opportunity and book the profit. There will be unexpected financial gains and inflow of money now.

This is also a very good time to work on broken relationships and turn them to platonic friendships. Enemies shall now be routed. You will be a friend wherever you go and whoever you meet.
From this house, Guru aspects your 3rd, 5th and 7th houses. Aspect on 3rd brings luck to brothers. For a few of you there might be extremely memorable times spent with brothers. For a few others, there can be strained relationships with brothers. Balance it out well. But this will be a time of spiritual strength for you. So any difference shall be sorted out by you amicably by your wisdom.

Guru’s aspect on 5th brings better luck. Creativity shall improve, children will be a source of joy. Those who are seeking progeny can now be blesses with a new member in the family. This is again a very good transit for financial gains. This is also a good aspect for relationships.
Guru’s aspect on your 7th brings better times with spouse. There will be harmony in all partnerships. Those who are wishing to tie the knot can now do so. Some of you who have been wishing for a commitment in relationships can get it now.

Guru goes vakri. Then life can only get better. Some of the good things you experienced shall get better. So enjoy this excellent transit also pray to the almighty.
Do save now and keep your ground firm. This is a last year of the 6 good years of Guru transit. After 2018 September, there will be a 5 year period of transformation and lower luck in general. So enjoy wisely, save well and stay grounded at all times.

Guru and Shani join the aspect on your 3rd house. This can bring some good confidence for you. There will be many bold moves that you will take now which will prove to be beneficial. Relationship with siblings shall improve for many of you. Though there might be a cross section of you for whom there can be some mixed times of harmony and disharmony with siblings. There will be a lot of outings and errands.


Guru transits your 10th house.

This is a mixed transit. This transit basically brings some hurdles to the professional enhancement. There can be a change in the expectations of your bosses in the workplace. This may not go well with your own expectations. This can cause some friction and stress. There can be a new guru kind of person who enters the scene and he might not be very amicable with you. This can further complicate things for you.

But on the flip side of the story, there shall be enormous scope for improvement and growth. If you can keep your ego aside, you can realize that you are an integral part of the workplace environment. But this is a time for some changes and nothing else really. So try to be one with the group even if it may seem tough. Do not let yourself get singled out, though there can be a very high inclination for that.

There can be long distance travels for many of you. For some of you, it can be in unfavorable circumstances and to places less desired. So it might be a forced travel. But it is inevitable. Few of you will certainly look forward to the travel and enjoy it too, if you had no prior expectations.

Students may find a little hard time to focus and learn. They may feel that the lessons are tougher now suddenly. This is a great time to learn so they should not give up. Father might be unavailable for them, or their favorite teacher may not be able to support them. But it is a subconscious feeling alone. There will be plenty of support as Guru shall never really harm anyone. So it is important to boost the spirits of children, as grown ups to infuse themselves with confidence.

From this house, Guru shall aspect 2nd, 4th and 6th houses. Guru’s aspect on 2nd shall bring good times with your immediate family. There will be memorable times spent with your near and dear ones. There shall be affection in your interactions with your family. Finances shall also be stable. Guru’s aspect on 4th can bring some distance from mother. Or mother shall be a source of concern in some way. Mother’s health might be affected. Guru’s aspect on 6th can bring victory over enemies. You shall be able to move with confidence even in the worst hours of crisis. Health needs care. You might be prone to ENT troubles.

When Guru goes vakri, the above significations may become stronger. There can be closer interaction with friends. Social life also improves. But on the other hand, trouble at workplace might escalate and create new higher levels of stress.

Guru joins his aspect with Shani in your 2nd house. This will be a time of equal lose and gain in money matters. This can also disrupt family environment to a certain extent. So the joys which were just at a hand’s stretch might seem to go far away suddenly for no reason. Just hold on and learn the art of balancing.


Guru transits your 9th house.

This is an excellent transit. This is a time when your past good fortune shall pay hefty rewards for you. You will win over the confidence and blessings of preceptors and elders. There shall be lady luck shining on you in every aspect of your life.

Professionally, financially, there shall seem to be a supporting hand emerging to  help you from nowhere. So any good initiative undertaken now shall meet with success if planned well.

Those wishing to get married shall tie the knot with a partner of their choice. Those seeking relationships, shall find plenty of good prospects. Those seeking partnerships of all sorts shall find people they had been waiting for. Those married, shall enjoy very blessed and favorable times with spouse.

The good things in life shall also make you more spiritual. There can be many religious ceremonies held at home. You may go on a pilgrimage. Visits to temples becomes a part of your routine as an inner peace settles in you. There will be harmony in your life and your mind. So your interactions  will be very heartwarming to people around you.

You shall be recognized for your virtues. You shall be held in respect. People shall come to you seeking for your advice. Your prestige and reputation shall go up.

From this house, Guru aspects your own sign, your 3rd and 5th house. Guru’s aspect on your own sign shall bring contemplative times for you. You shall try to improve your own spiritual self. This will also bring chances of marriage to those seeking to tie the knot. Guru’s aspect on 3rd, shall bring some memorable times with siblings. For a cross section of you, there could be misunderstandings and hence some distance built with siblings. Guru’s aspect on 5th brings good times financially, socially, in partnerships, good romance and also happy times with children. Children shall be a source of joy.

Guru goes vakri. These significations shall be enhanced. Some misunderstanding you had with your spouse or living partner might resurface. But this time it shall be permanently settled. Health might be a problem during this time. So take care.

Guru’s aspect is joined by Shani’s aspect on your own sign. This can be a time of confusion with your own value system and your evolving life. Shani being the lord of your sign, makes you stick to your basic personality. Guru on the other hand, being a planet of expansion, shall try to bring changes in your views. You may be forced to think broader than you have done so far. This can be hard to accept initially. But gradually, there can be a few changes made anyway.


Guru transits your 8th house.

This is a mixed time. Materially this is a testing time. But spiritually this is a very beneficial time.

Materially, there can be financial difficulties. Name and fame may not come to you easily. This transit can force a seclusion or close interactions with a selected few. But professional interactions shall continue. But there can’t be a radical gain in business or finances or pleasure or luxury.

This can be a time of closeness with the spouse or a real soulmate so to say. Those who are married or are in committed relationships shall fill your mind with thoughts on your spouse or soulmate. There will be a transformation coming into your life in this aspect. You shall now view your differences with a perspective to strike a balance rather than to highlight the conflict. You would want to be amicable with everyone now including your enemies.
Some of you might have found the love of your life due to guru in your 7th house. Now you will have a very blissful time with your partner, as long you do not overanalyze things.

For some of you health shall improve and ailments of the past shall recede. For a cross section of you though, there might be ill health. Kafa and ENT trouble might bother you.

Those who are inclined to deep spirituality and occultism shall benefit from this transit. You shall deepen your interest and hence be eligible to receive a higher level of blessing from the angels and the almighty. So it is necessary to remain grounded and spiritually alert now. This is a time when people in the professions such as healing and counselling, spiritual guidance shall be sought after. So stay ready for a higher level of service to the needy.

Guru shall aspect your 12th house, 2nd house and 4th house from this house. Guru’s aspect on 12th can bring spiritual expenditure. This can also bring some distance from spouse for some of you. Some of you may find a new romantic relationship which will be close to heart. There can also be health problems for some of you. Deeper spirituality shall become more pronounced now.
Guru’s aspect on 2nd brings happy times with family. This also brings good finances. Guru’s aspect on 4th can make you stay away from home mostly due to job or other commitments. Mother’s health or behavior might be a source of concern. But she might be pleased with you by herself.

Guru goes vakri. This will enhance the results described above. This can also bring a very important relationship for some of you. A past love might return. Some of you may bump into the love of your life. Those happily married, shall spend some memorable times together. Those who were seeking to get married, shall be married.

Guru joins his aspect on your 12th house with shani’s aspect. This can be a tough aspect. There can be heavy expenses due to bed comforts or wasteful spiritual expenses might be seen. You may befriend someone from a different culture or a different socio-religious background. Pain in the limbs might bother you.

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