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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monthly horoscopes for 2017

Monthly forecast for December


3-12-2017 - budha goes vakri,  
10-12-2017 budha transits vrishchika,
23-12-2017 budha does vakra tyaga
15-12-2017 Ravi transits dhanu
20-12-2017 Shukra transits Dhanu

Transit of Budha

The month is mainly changes due to budha. So communication can be confusing but there is a pattern to it when we observe closely.
Budha is strong in Dhanu when the month begins. He goes vakri on 3rd and gains a little more strength. Due to this , till about 8th things seem to be quite good. But on 10th, budha transits back to Vrishchika. So till 23rd, things will be changing. Between 10th and 23rd, an incident or a person from the very recent past returns to your life. But there will be a lot of confusion of course. Budha turns direct on 23rd and this makes it easy for all those unexpressed thoughts and opinions to be now expressed and a lot of clarity will emerge. When Budha finally transits back to Dhanu in January, we will be able to leave the past and take a new path altogether.

Kumbha will be a sign that will benefit from the transit of Budha completely. He is good throughout for this rasi. Infact all the transits are good for this sign this whole month.

Budha is good for Vrushabha,Karka, Kanya, Vrshchika and Meena till 10th of December. After that there will be tension and slow down on various fronts.
Budha is good for Mesha, Mithuna, Simha and Makara after 10th of December till the end of the month.

Transit of Ravi

Meena, Kumbha, Karka and Thula benefit from the transit of Ravi after the 15th of december.
Ravi happens to dampen the joy a little, for the other signs,  after the 15th when he transits Dhanu.

Transit of Shukra

Shukra transits Dhanu on the 20th december. This is a transit that is good for all signs other than Meena, Mithuna and Karka.

Read the weekly forecast for a detailed understanding of each of these transits and their effects for the weeks.  

Happiness is our prerogative. We lose it when we entrust others with it.

Best wishes.