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Thursday, November 19, 2015

2016 Yearly Horoscopes - Moon sign based

2016 yearly Horoscopes for moon signs


Shani remains in Vrishchika the whole year.
Rahu transits Simha from 30th Jan 2016 to August 31st 2017.
Ketu transits Kumbha from 30th Jan 2016 to August 31st 2017.
Guru transits Kanya from 11/08/2016 – 11/9/2017

General trends

Rahu Gochara

Rahu conjuncts Guru in Simha till august. This is termed as Chandala yoga by a few. A few others opine that Rahu is a shadow planet and hence he takes on the behavior of the planet that he conjuncts with. Here Guru is quite comfortable in Simha as Ravi is a natural friend of Guru. Hence the effect of Guru is quite prominent here. But people might meet some Gurus who might be everything other than a real spiritual master, but in disguise. So caution advised on this front for all.

The effect of Rahu is to bring a little modern outlook towards thinking. There may be influence of foreign cultures, there will be an inclination to travel abroad and associate with people of opposite cultures, there will also be an attraction towards luxury, pleasure, amusement and enjoyment.  If these were already present in your life, then there will be an increased inclination towards these.

This time the time of transit coincides with the year end and hence the amusement can really take abnormal turns and cues this time. Though Rahu transits by the end January, the effects will begin to become evident a month early. Caution advised on all social interactions. Read the Rahu transit report for complete analysis.

Ketu Gochara

Ketu trasnits Kumbha. Ketu is not comfortable in the house of Shani as they are mutual enemies. Hence the result of this placement of ketu is to give us a general feeling of dejection. Rahu is the provider of material  comforts and ketu is the depriver of it. Hence its Rahu who matters more to this material world. But ketu’s transit will assist those who are in a spiritual path. Ketu is not a pretender like rahu. Hence, the changes ketu brings are real and tough to deal with. Now that ketu is in the house of Shani who is slow by nature, Ketu will cause a lot of anxiety. This can lead to insomnia in the beginning and gradually take on a form of neurosis for some.

Guru Gochara

Till End of July 2016, Guru is in Simha. Kindly read the Guru gochar of 2014 – 2015 for the complete details.

Guru transits Kanya in the third quarter of the year. Guru is neutral to Budha. Hence, when Guru is in kanya, there is a spiritual quest that begins. For those who have never been spiritual, this will be just a time of baby steps in spirituality. For those who are already in that path, can achieve something substantial in that path and for those who are already spiritual, there will be a marked progress towards the goal. This is a very good time for research related activity and courses.

Guru aspects Makara , kumbha and Vrishabha from this house. 
Guru’s aspect on Makara will reduce the power of Guru in this house as Guru is debilitated in this house. Guru’s aspect on Kumbha is also not very significant for two reasons. One is, Shani is the ruler of this house and Guru and Shani are neutral to eachother. 

Secondly Guru’s 7th aspect is not as special as 5th and 9th. Nevertheless, there will be some change and that will be discussed under each sign. the Guru’s aspect on Vrishabha increases both good and bad by the same measure. For those signs for which Guru is malefic, Guru in shukra’s house will have a negative impact. For those signs Guru is a benefic, Guru in shukra’s house will be beneficial.
Wish you a great calendar year 2016.

Read ahead for the forecast for each sign. This is a general forecast for all the signs. Some results might vary as per the individual charts. So the combined result of the transits and your current chart Dasa Bhukti is what will give you the complete picture.

Thanks for your interest and support.


The year will see Rahu in your 5th house. This will influence your children, your creative talents short term relationships and financial gains. Children may not be well behaved. They may turn argumentative, hard to control, too demanding and un co-operative. The severity of these will be subject to your own expectation levels. You may notice that children begin to tell you some lies now. Its better to give them some amount of freedom anyway so the problems can be reduced. Hence expect some changes in your children’s behavior for sure.

Financially this will not be a good time for going in for investments. Some of you who have already invested may have to wait for a year and half more to book your profits. Those who have no option but to book profits now, will make average to below average profits. There may also be losses and some cheating. So financial matters need to be handled with a lot of caution. Avoid beginning any new investments now.

Those who are in the creative filed will fare well if they are non-traditional type. Traditional art will need some makeover to stay in business or suffer some kind of lack of importance. Foreign art, fusion art and trying out some otherwise forbidden style of art will now take the center stage. So new and funky is what will find you success. Else, you could relax and wait for this transit to be over so you can get back to your roots.

Ketu will transit your 11th house. This is a very good transit for you. He will introduce you to new groups and friends who are spiritual. This may not turn you outright spiritual if you weren’t already. But it will certainly get you thinking about it. Your friends will be such so interactions will be a new experience for you. This is a very good transit for platonic friendships, financial gains and wish fulfilment in the spiritual arena.

Guru will stay in your 5th house till august. This will reduce the ill effect of Rahu to a great extent and boost the good of Rahu too. So this transit is not that bad after all. But when Guru leaves your 5th house in August, the problems will become more pronounced and prominent. Guru will transit your 6th house from August to December. Here, he will give you victory over opposition, he will bless you with will power and good finances too. But there may be problems of phlegm and lung infection for some of you. Immunity and health will improve over all. But some cold, cough , thyroid and other such problems might emerge for some. For those who had these already, the problems will become slightly severe.

From Kanya, Guru will aspect your 10th, 12th and 2nd houses. The aspect on 10th house might face an unexpected slowdown in job. This is an obstacle related to ethics, right or wrong etc.  It might be arising from home front or in the professional front.  The aspect on your 12th brings spiritual inclination to you. You may visit some temples and take to pilgrimages for recuperation. You will spend on spirituality and religious ceremonies.

The aspect on your 2nd house strengthens family bondage. It also brings domestic bliss. Home will be where your heart will be. You will also experience some vipareet raja yoga effects. This will enhance the fame, name , luxury and conforts.

Also read the 2016 Rahu-Ketu Gochara and Guru Gochara of 2014-2015 for a  complete understanding.

Wish you a great year 2016.


Rahu will be in your 4th house from the end of January. Last year you might have had tricky situations in the matters of heart. It must have felt like a business or trade rather than real involvement with sentiments in friendships and matters of the heart. Children must have been a source of worry. But now, the focus shifts to immobile assets and property matters. Some of you tend to land in less profitable deals of property. Some of you might be cheated in the transactions.  You need to be careful of people approaching you in confidence for signing contracts. For some home itself might become a cause of sentimental drain. For a few, there can be a kind of home confinement too.

Some of you might be separated from your mother. Or mother may develop illness or need a surgery of some sort. Students will find it difficult to concentrate on studies. Youngsters might shun religion and traditions. Young and old might meet preceptors who might become a drain on finances. So stay away from false Gurus.

Ketu will transit your 10th house. This will boost your professional confidence. This will also bring you a lot of discretion in making crucial decisions. Success will come to you in matters involving higher intellect and strong decisions. You will also become famous for your grounded thinking and fair rules. This will also bring long distance travel opportunities for some of you.

Guru is in your 4th house till August. This will cause domestic disturbances, you may want to stay away from home rather than be in it. There might also be misunderstandings with you rmother.Read the Guru gochar 2014 – 2015 for the complete analysis of this. Guru leaves your 4th in August.

Guru will be in your 5th house from August. This will mark the dawn of a new 7 year positive cycle for you. Last 5 years might have been a time of complete lack of luck and slowdown in all aspects. There might have been insults and humiliations at times. All these were meant for some lessons to be learnt. But now is the time to stay positive and move forward with confidence.

Guru will bring financial gains, very happy times with children, content in personal relationships and matters close to heart, increased creativity and a lot of other positive results. There will be additional general prosperity and success to your children. You may also experience intense emotions like intense loyalty, intense compassion etc.
From the 5th, guru will aspect your 9th , 11th and 1st house. Guru’s aspect on your 9th house will boost your luck. Father will be pleased with you. Some of you might reap rewards for your past good karma. Guru’s aspect on 11th will boost social life and financial gains. This will also be a time of wish fulfilment for you from friend and groups. Guru’s aspect on your 1st house will help you consolidate all your past lessons and help you to become stronger and invincible. Thank the Almighty.

Also read the 2016 Rahu-Ketu Gochara and Guru Gochara of 2014-2015 for a  complete understanding.

Wish you a great year 2016.


Rahu will transit your 3rd house in the beginning of the year. Last year he was in your 4th. This might have caused many bad results like, misunderstanding with your mother, illness to mother, problems with house, not being able to stay at home etc. But now it will change. Rahu in 3rd  is a very good transit. Rahu will boost your confidence considerably. You will take all the bold decisions which you might have hesitated to take earlier. There will be many memorable moments with your siblings and extended family. Social life will be great. Finances will also do very well.

Ketu will transit your 9th house. This will bring you good luck but not really apparent to you. You will realize later that some things which happened had in fact happened for your own good, though when you are sailing through the situation, you may grumble. Some of you will have a divine will power due to which you will take some very crucial decisions in life. These will only turn out to be the best thing you do with your life.

Guru transits your 4th house in August. This will be a trying year for you. You will be forced to stay away from home People at home might seem to turn hostile. You may be left to wander by yourself. Relationship with mother might be strained. Property matters will be a source of worry.  Be careful with vehicles as there may be some breakdowns and thefts too. You may have to be careful with the vehicle documents and carry them too , else might be caught by the cops.

From this house, Guru aspects your 8th , 10th and 12th houses. Guru’s aspect on your 8th house will bring some deep insights in to your and your spouse’s relationship for the married. For the single, this will be a period of urge to seek the depths of life. Some of you might turn deeply spiritual but it may not be visible to the external world. Some of you might take on a quest for true purpose of life and meaning of life. Guru’s aspect on 10th will bring some additional responsibilities which will prove beneficial in the long run. But they may be a burden at the moment. There will be some marginal improvement in your work life. Guru’s aspect on your 12th house will also make you more spiritual.

Guru’s aspect on 8th and 12th will make you prone to infections of the respiratory tract. Cough, phlegm problems might become common. Some of you might develop pain in the limbs and problems in private parts. Intuition will be quite strong now. Use this to make the best decisions.

There will be additional benefits in matters related to real estate, education and some political connections might happen to be fruitful. Relationships with partner will improve and partner will bring luck too.

Also read the 2016 Rahu-Ketu Gochara and Guru Gochara of 2014-2015 for a  complete understanding.

Wish you a great year 2016.


You begin the year with rahu in your 12th house. Rahu when in your 11th house had blessed you with a wonderful social life, friends, wish fulfilment and financial gains. But now all that will be taken away. You will become an introvert. You will take a break from all the socializing. You will settle with a few friends and few hobbies. Expenses will mount. Some of you might develop some diseases of the abdomen. Some of you may undergo a surgery of some sorts. So this will be a complete converse of your life last year.

Ketu transits your 8th house. This will be a period of turmoil for you. Your living partner might be scrutinized by you in a very detached manner. This transit indicates some karmic backlog which you will have to settle. It is to do with some deeply spiritual matter. The incident that triggers this pay up will not be apparent in the beginning. But gradually you will realize you hardly had an option than to do what you did. And you will feel relieved that the burden is taken off your shoulders. Some of you may suffer from insomnia, problems of the digestive tract etc. Resort to meditation and yoga for maintaining good health.

Guru is in your 2nd house till august. This has brought some financial gains. This also had brought a relief from some problems and internal conflicts that you were facing from the beginning of july 2014.  But now, after August, those problems will continue to bother you again for two years from now. This will be a testing period. There will be some differences with your co-borns. There may be increased interaction with siblings which will have to be handled carefully else there might be some serious misunderstandings. Confidence will be low. Social life will also suffer. Finances will not be good either. There may be some non co-operation from neighbors and younger co-borns.

From here Guru aspects your 7th, 9th and 11th houses. Guru’s aspect on 7th will bring some good times in married life. Relationship with spouse will improve for better. But this is not good enough get people married. Guru bal is still is missing. From the 9th aspect, Guru will bring luck. This will not be a sudden surge of luck. But it will only be a gradual improvement. 11th aspect of Guru will bring a lot of socializing, wish fulfilment and great group interactions. This will also add to financial stability.

Also read the 2016 Rahu-Ketu Gochara and Guru Gochara of 2014-2015 for a  complete understanding.

Wish you a great year 2016. 


Rahu was in your 2nd house last year. He gave you deep cuts on your pockets. There was a lot of unrest in the familial atmosphere too. But now rahu will transit your own sign. This can be a tricky situation. He will prompt you to get the hidden traits of you out. These are not necessarily the good part of you. It can be the dormant stubborn in you that comes out. A rebellious you, an atheist you and a manipulator you might be trying hard from within to resurface. Take care that you don’t let the effect of this “special You” reach your near and dear ones. You might be branded for rest of your life.

Ketu will be in your 7th house. This will bring challenges to married life. Rahu on one hand will bring personal changes in you and ketu on the other will make you reflect on your spouse and his or her personality. So now is a time for some big changes. Negativity is to be curbed else, there may be severe heart burns and very serious misunderstandings. The same applies to friendships and partnerships. This is not a good time to start a new relationship. Existing relationships will see trouble. Those who are tying the knot will need to exercise caution in committing.

Guru stays in your own sign till August. This has had its share of problems to you. Times have become trying suddenly. Luck has dropped and you are in deep introspection. This is going to change now. Guru leaves for Kanya in august. Welcome this as he will bring you financial gains, bliss in the family life a boost in confidence. Enjoy this transit.

From kanya Guru aspects your 6th, 8th and 10th.  Guru’s aspect on 6th will bring confidence, victory over opposition and good social life. Guru’s aspect on 8th will bring a deep introspection into life. Those who are married will get closer to spouse. There will be very meaningful conversations with your spouse, friends and business partners. Guru’s aspect of 6th and 8th can bring a lot of health problems. Some of you might become susceptible to cold, cough, lung infections. Aged people will have to take precautions against pneumonia. Beware of weight gain and a tendency to become diabetic.

Guru’s aspect on 10th will bring some obstacles in profession. These will not be major problems, but there will be a deep contemplation needed about what is right and what is wrong. There will be more respect but that will come with responsibility.
Health will need caution. ENT trouble is indicated. Also you might be surrounded by more enemies than friends at some crucial times.

Also read the 2016 Rahu-Ketu Gochara and Guru Gochara of 2014-2015 for a  complete understanding.

Wish you a great year 2016.


Rahu was in your own house last year. He might have sown to people a different you altogether. This was visible only to the ones who were very close to you. You might have become stubborn, rebel, sometimes very cunning as the situation demanded. This trait of you might have been a surprise to yourself. Now Rahu transits your 12th house from February. He will cause some ailments, surgeries for some, a lot of restlessness and probably insomnia too. There may be relationships with base women. You might get cheated and tricked in matters of finances and heart. Expenses will touch the roof. You may find yourself attracted to foreign culture, foreign friends, foreign lands and everything out of tradition.

Ketu will be in your 6th house. This will bring changes to your circle of friends. You had a great socializing all the year. But now your social circle will include fewer people and the ones who are invariably spiritual. Though they may share some other interests, spiritual inclination will be their main persona. This is also a good time to win over enemies, provided you take the wiser route to life. Else, there may be terrible break ups and termination of crucial friendships.

Guru is in your 12th house till August. This gives you an inclination towards spiritual literature, outlook and interest in religion. A sort of slowdown in professional life might have begun. Guru transits your own sign after August. So the slow phase, introspection will continue and now take on a defined form. Last year you might have been wondering about what exactly is happening to you. Now you can be certain that something is happening within you. Big changes are coming your way in your personality. This will not be all that apparent to others. It will be evident to only to you.

This is a very good time to tie the knot. Many of you who have been looking for good friendships will enjoy new friendships. Some friends from the past may resurface. You will win over people by your flexibility. This is a very good time for higher education, crash courses and certifications.

Guru will aspect your 5th house, 7th house and 9th house from this position. Guru’s aspect on 5th will bring happy times with children. You may find some extra time for your creative pursuits. This will also be a good time for close friendships and matters of the heart. Guru’s aspect on 7th will further make you closer to your spouse. There will be happy times with family and loved ones. Some of you might get married this year. Matters of the heart will do very well this year. Guru’s aspect on 9th will make you closer to your father. You will also reap some rewards for your good past karma. Enjoy this period. This will be a quiet year for you with a lot of introspection in store and a lot of behind the scene thinking.

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Wish you a great year 2016.


When the year begins, Rahu is in your 12th. This has brought unforeseen expenses. This also might have been a very quiet period of rest and inactivity in general. Now rahu tranists your 11th house. This will be an excellent time socially. You will become a part of new groups. You will find a lot of new friends. A lot of attention will be poured onto you. This is also a time for wish fulfilment. You ask and you can be very sure you will get it. There will also be financial gains from foreign sources and previous investments.

Ketu will transit your 5th house. This will be the best time to train your children spiritually. You can read them mythological stories, enroll them to mediation courses, make them watch spiritual movies or shows. All this will work very well. This will be a bad time for relationships. Existing relationships will see distances. New relationships will not work in your favor.

Guru tranists your 11th house till August. This is again a very good period for social life, wish fulfilment, finances and friendships. But when Guru leaves this house in August, things will completely change. Caution is advised on health front. Those ailments which were ignored as minor things will become very prominent now.  Lung infections, cold, cough will make you weak. Immunity will reduce and you may have to be extra cautious about viral fever and other contagious diseases.
Your partner might bring you wealth and luck. You might become hot tempered and domineering. That needs to be controlled. There might be some enemy persecution. But you will win them all in the end.

From the 12th house, guru aspects your 4th , 6th and 8th houses. Guru’s aspect on 4th will cause some problems with in the home environment. There may be misunderstandings with mom. There may some kind of mental distance with mother. Property, house, vehicle will be the source of concern. There might be a lot of short distance travels. There may be also be a kind of confinement to home. Guru’s aspect on 6th and 8th will also increase the need to take extra care of health. Immunity will drop further for a few. Some social activity might be triggered by this transit. This will also be a time of deep thoughts about your spouse. A need to understand your spouse all over again might be felt.

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Wish you a great year 2016.


The year begins with Rahu in your 11th house and transiting to 10th very soon. This is an excellent time for professional success. Some of you will get chances to travel abroad. Some of you might  get the long awaited promotions or awards.  Things seem to fall in your favor without any effort in job related matters. This is also a good time for short term courses and skill enhancement courses. Gear up for a busy, vibrant life ahead full of visibility and fame.

Ketu transits your 4th house. This will bring some hurdles in matters related to home and immovable assets. For some of you, you may face misunderstandings with your mom. Some of you might experience some detachment with mother or she might become detached towards matters related to you. Students will face hardship in studies. There will be unwanted journeys.

To begin the year, Guru is in your 10th. This might have caused slowdown in professional sphere. Some of you might have travelled abroad to a place not necessarily of your choice. Till August, guru will take this position. After that he transits your 11th house. Welcome this transit as he will bring a year of wish fulfilment. Your social life will be boosted tremendously. You will be blessed with an opportunity to join many religious groups and gatherings. You may also be able to contribute to such activities. This will bring a lot of satisfaction in life. Finances will do very well.

You can try your hand at authoring. You might be a great success. Your children will love your involvement with them. There can be multiple sources of income.
From this house guru aspects your 3rd , 5th and 7th houses. Guru’s drishti on 3rd will bring interactions with siblings. Some of them might be fruitful some may cause misunderstandings. So care is advised while dealing with people in general. Guru’s aspect on 5th and 7th houses will bring some unexpected good times with children , spouse and friends. Some of you might meet a very important person of your life. These aspects will only boost the already happy life you will have. Thank the almighty.

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Wish you a great year 2016. 


Rahu was in your 10th last year. This year he will transit your 9th house. This will give you a raja yoga in professional sphere. Rahu will bring some unforeseen luck. Events will turn in your favor automatically. You will reach fame without any effort on your side. You will feel all this was just due to you and the almighty is showering things on you now. Unexpected good events take place. Just sit back and accept the turn of events. This might give you some overconfidence, but you need to be balanced, as the next transit of rahu might just undo everything. So stay alert and composed.

Ketu will transit your 3rd house. This will be a good time for interaction with your extended family. There will be a strange feeling of contentment in interactions with them. You will also experience a surge of confidence. Social life will also pick up. Though you will be active, a sense of detachment will prevail in all your interactions.
Guru is in your 9th house till august. This is an excellent period of luck and fortune for you. Your past good karma will protect you from any danger or unfavorable situation. You might have become your father’s favorite now. You also will be respected by all. 

After august, guru will transit your 10th house. This will bring some challenges professionally. Socially too there will be a few hurdles that you need to face. You may want to step back and take a look at what has been going on. Take account of the situation with a cool disposition and move forward with necessary changes. There may be a slowdown and sidelining on the job front. It’s a part of life. You have had your attention, let others get theirs. It is as simple as that.

Your workoholism, professional skills, ethics will be recognized and appreciated. Your knack of making your presence felt will be recognized. 
Guru will aspect your 2nd, 4th and 6th houses. Guru’s aspect on 2nd will bring some happy times with family. Financial stability will also be seen. Guru’s aspect on 4th might trigger some asset related matters. Some of you might plan to buy vehicles, house or farm house etc. Guru’s aspect on 6th will improve social life, general health and consolidate your position against enemies. You will be able to overcome opposition with his grace.

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Wish you a great year 2016.


Rahu was in your 9th house last year. This was a raja yoga. Hence you had the luxury of good vehicles, position, fame etc. things just seem to automatically happen. When the year begins, rahu will transit your 8th house. This will be a tricky period. Rahu in 8th house reflects some karmic backlog. Hence this will be a time when you will be faced with some unforeseen difficulties which can only be attributed to karmic past. No amount of reasoning will help you understand the source of the problem and why should it happen to you. So just gear up for some losses emotionally and financially. This will also bring challenges professionally. Some of you might have health issues. Pain or a surgery not ruled out in the body anywhere from abdomen to knees.

Ketu trasnits your 2nd house. This will bring some challenging situations at home. Family life will face some hurdles in matters of principle. There might be some inconclusive arguments. These arguments will become very stressful if you take them too much to your heart. So it is better to just let go instead of arguing as these will not be settled. The differences are here to stay and teach you they will stay. So just need to accept them. Students may face stress concerning studies.

Guru is in your 8th house till august. So this will bring some great moments with spouse but will cause health problems at the same time. In august, Guru will leave 8th house and transit your 9th. Welcome this transit. You will be the fortune’s favorite baby. There will be respect, reverence, rewards all around. People will look upto you for help and advice. You will reap the rewards of past good karma. Elders will be satisfied with you and will shower you with blessings. Thank the almighty for everything.

There may be difficulty in handling professional relationships as you may tend to associate your father’s attitude or your childhood interaction of your father with that of your colleagues in the present. Due to this, it may become difficult for you to maintain good relationship with your own people.

From this house guru will aspect your own sign, your 3rd and 5th house. This will bring a time of introspection. This introspection will be combined with some cautious social activity. The caution is because you will not be in a complete ready to go mood. Hence you may choose your associations carefully this time around. Guru’s aspect on 3rd will bring some good times with siblings. Guru’s aspect on 5th might cause some sparks fly between you and a friend or colleague. This will not become a full-fledged association but some good friendships are certainly possible.

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Wish you a great year 2016.


Rahu was in your 8th last year. This was a stressful period for you. The matters that caused stress ranged from spouse, family to health and wellbeing. Now rahu will transit your 7th house this year. This is again a tricky period. You may begin to notice how different you and your spouse actually are. You may become bold to point out the shortcomings of you r spouse. Your critical views will annoy your spouse. This might have happened before too, but now you will not be afraid of expressing your opinion. You will also not be hesitant to criticize. Of course, this will not make things any easy. If you want to have it easy, curb your tendency to express and just walk away from the conflict.

Ketu will transit your own house. This will bring a complete lack of interest in worldly activities. Some turn spiritual, some just prefer to remain detached. This will be like you are taking a big break from all the social and personal activities. But this does not mean you are at peace necessarily.  There will be a latent unrest with in the mind which never seems to settle. Meditation will help.

Guru is in your 7th house. This will bring a great time with your spouse, committed partners. Business dealings will also be very harmonious. This time will be the best you had with your better half in the last 11 years. This will bring some memorable times with your spouse. Some of you who are eligible will be married. But in august when Guru transits your 8th, the understanding your marriage or partnership gained, will turn more philosophical. You will get to the depth of matters and get a whole new understanding about life. Thank the almighty.

Career will bring its challenges but you will be sought after for your expertise. Misunderstandings with family members are very likely. Assets may be tough to be retained.

From this house, Guru will aspect your 12th, 2nd and 4th house. Guru’s aspect on 12th will make you more spiritual. There may be some un expected expenses on religious functions or pilgrimages. Guru’s aspect on 2nd will bring some good times with family and some financial stability. Guru’s aspect on 4th may bring some distance from mother for some of you. For some of you, this may bring memorable times with your mother. Travel may also increase because of this  aspect of Guru.

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Wish you a great year 2016.


Rahu will transit your 6th house in the beginning of the year. Rahu was in your 7th house. This would have brought some misunderstandings with spouse. There might have been some major compromises that you had to make in order to stay in the partnership or relationship. Now when rahu tranists 6th, you will have a great amount of vitality. Enemies will be rendered completely powerless. All opposition will be crushed. Socially this will be a very active and colorful time too. Some cross cultural connections are possible. Business will see some overseas clients. The social network will widen and flourish. There will be fear of some ailments and a minor surgery is possible in the abdomen region. Health needs caution generally.

Ketu in your 12th house will bring deep interest in spirituality. For some who are not a fancy of spirituality, this will bring the need to just detach from everything and stay by themselves. Some of you may leave home in the quest of answering your intuition. Some of you may just feel the need to be away from the crowd and even your own people in general. This period will make you a wanderer. This will also bring expenses. These expenses might be related to spirituality like religious rituals or pilgrimage tours. Health needs caution. Meditation and spiritual interests will give the best results now.

Guru is in in your 6th house till august. This will also bring a win over your enemies. You will win everyone to your side by your spiritual outlook. Some of your friends might turn to enemies because of this too. But you will not regret the changes and take them as only inevitable. After august, guru will transit your 7th house. This is a very good transit. You will earn a lot of respect from all. Those who are eligible might get married. Marriage will also be very harmonious. You will see some very memorable times with spouse. This will also bring some of the greatest moments in marriage, friendship and partnerships for last 11 years.

You need to be careful about your partner’s health. Dejection and elation might be experienced alternately by them. Your IQ might be above average in this transit. Make use of it. There will be some great professional success which was unforeseen.

From this house, Guru will aspect your 11th , 1st and 3rd houses. The 11th house aspect will bring more social life, marginal financial gains, and a good amount of wish fulfilment. Guru’s aspect on your own sign will make you very appealing to people. You will also grow with socializing and introspecting at the same time. Guru’s aspect on 3rd will bring a very good time with extended family for some. For a few it might bring some misunderstandings or distance from co borns. So handle all communication carefully.

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Wish you a great year 2016.

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