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सत्यं वद । धर्मं चर । स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमद: । आचार्याय प्रियं धनमाहृत्य प्रजातन्तुं मा व्यवच्छेत्सी: । सत्यान्न प्रमदितव्यम् । धर्मान्न प्रमदितव्यम् । कुशलान्न प्रमदितव्यम् । भूत्यै न प्रमदितव्यम् । स्वाध्यायप्रवचनाभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् । देवपितृ कार्याभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् । मातृ देवो भव । पितृ देवो भव । आचार्य देवो भव । अतिथि देवो भव । यान्यनवद्यानि कर्माणि तानि सेवितव्यानि । नो इतराणि - तैत्तिरीयोपनिषत् ॥

Speak the truth , Be righteous, Never turn away from disciplined practice, Even after having given the token of remuneration to the teacher, do not discontinue the discipleship. Never tread away from truth, Never tread away from benignance, Never tread away from good, Never tread away from reality, Never walk away from exercise and practice, Never walk away from the works of God and elders, Be the one for whom Mother is the God, Father is a God, Teacher is a God, A guest is a God, Perform only the edified duties, None others !!
- Taittiriyopanishad -

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bhagavad Gita Online Contests

। गीताराधनम् ।
“ Gitaaraadhanam “

Chiram Samskrutam Spiritual Foundation Announces its annual competitions based on BhagavadGita.

Announcing shloka recitation and Essay competitions for  all.


          Shloka recitation competitions
          Special category - Age group 2 yrs to 4 year
           Bhakti yoga chapter 12 first 5 slokas
         Verses 17 to 42 of chapter 10 , Vibhuti Vistara Yoga 
         for these categories

a.       Sub Junior category – Age group 5  – 8 years
b.      Junior category – Age group – 8 – 13 years
c.       Senior category – 13 – 16 years
d.      Professional category – above 18 years,  individual or group

The shlokas should be sung and sent as a recording. They should be emailed as attachment to the email id given below. The maximum duration is 10 minutes for the recording. Basic instruments can be used for background support. No professional or commercial recordings or clips are allowed. They should be sent before the announced last date for the contest. 

       Essay competitions
     The essays can be in English / Hindi / Sanskrit. 
     Essays should be original and emailed as a word document in Arial font of size    12. The essays cannot exceed 1500 words. No sentences or matter can be          picked from published books. Such entries which seem to have copied                material will be disqualified. See the competition rules below.

a. Sub Junior group -  kids between 8 – 12 years
b. Junior group – kids between 12 – 16 years.
c. Senior group – 18 years – 25 years.
d. Professionals category – 25 years and above.

Topics for essay

1.       The greatness of the Bhagavad Gita.
गीता की महानता |
गीताया: माहात्म्यम् ।

2.       The summary of the Bhagavad Gita
भगवद गीता का सार |
गीताया: सार: ।

3.       Bhagavad Gita in our daily life
हमारे दैनिक जीवन में भगवद्गीता |
नित्यजीवने भगवद्गीताया: उपयोगिता ।

4.       The need of Bhagavad Gita to the modern world.
आधुनिक दुनिया के लिए गीता की जरूरत |
आधुनिकजगति भगवद्गीताया: आवश्यकता ।

Rules of the competition
1. An entry fee of INR. 100 is applicable to each entry. 
2. Each entry to be separately emailed to 
The Complete name, educational qualification, residential / postal address for communicaiton, cell number of the contestant must be provided in the email. Entries without this basic information will not be considered.
3. The last date for sending entries is September 15th. Entries submitted beyond this date will not be accepted.
4. The results will be declared by the end of September. Prizes will be sent to the winners by courier. So kindly provide the correct postal address.
5. The winners will be announced on
6. The winning entries will be published on the websites of Chiram Samskrutam Spiritual Foundation. Winning Audios will be uploaded to a youtube channel.
7. The opinion of the judges is final. 

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