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Sunday, July 19, 2015

राशिस्वरूपम् – Moon sign characteristics

राशिस्वरूपम् – Moon sign characteristics

1.      Mesha - Moon in Aries

– Lord of the sign is Kuja ( Mars ), Balanced body, head of the kaalapurusha, radiant, earth element, Masculine sign, Mutable, Fire element, Stable physique, Quadrupled,  Reddish complexion,  bodily heat, Noisy, wanders in mountains and peaks, very aggressive, golden hue, active and strong in the morning, East direction, raising from the tail end, few friends, few children, Kshatriya / warrior.
Round and red eyes, eating hot and light food, fond of grains, easily calmed, traveler, passionate, fleshless knees, changeable wealth, courageous, liked by the opposite sex, bad nails, cut or scar on the head, proud, chief among brothers,  has Shakti rekha in the palm, capricious, dreads water.

2.      Vrushabha - Moon in Taurus

-  Lord of the sign is  shukra ( Venus ) , Neck and mouth of kaalapurusha, hills, rivers and valleys favored places, liked by farmers, Earth element, Fixed sign, feminine, wind element, cold body, South direction, wandering in beautiful towns, strong at night, quadrupled, clear complexion, very loud, Raising from tail, moderate number of children, polite, Vaishya / merchant, weak constitution.
Handsome, playful walk, long thighs and face, back side and face contain some marks, liberal, bearing fatigue, possessing paraphernalia, begetting women / men , phlegmatic, separated from elders, relatives, popular, patient, strong digestion, loved by the opposite sex, firm friendship and happy in the middle and end part of life.

3.      Mithuna - Moon in Gemini

– Lord of the sign is  Budha ( Mercury ) , Ruled by west, Air element, radiance of a parrot, dual sign, masculine,  human ( two feet ), raising from both front and behind, hot body, moderate no. of children, wandering in forests, laborer, loud and talkative, active at day, clean, aggressive. Shoulders of the kaalapurusha, dancer, singer, entertainer, sculptor, gambler, loves company of the opposite sex.
Fond of opposite sex,  skilled in science of passion, red eyes, scientist, ambassador, curled hair, clever knowledge in wit, human nature and gambling, handsome organs, sweet speech, good eater, fond of music, skilled in dancing, playing with impotent, high nose.

4.      Kataka - Moon in Cancer

- Lord of the sign is  Soma ( Moon ) , Many children, many friends, traveler, mutable, feminine, reddish white complexion, silent, auspicious, phlegm element, clean, watery sign, priestly,   active at night, North direction, raising from rear,  Chest of kaalapurusha, dwells in watery, marshy places , likes to live in a heavenly place.
Walking in curves, quickly, raised lower back, submissive to women, has good friends, astrologer, many houses, waxing and waning wealth like moon, short and stout neck, fond of kind words, friends and garden.

5.      Simha - Moon in Leo

– Lord of the sign is Ravi ( Sun ) ,Masculine, fixed, fire element, active at day, golden hue,  pittha dhatu, East, Firm physique, quadrupled, head raising, few friends, long hauls, few children, hilly forests, warrior, wild, heart of the kaalapurusha.
Angry, high or broad cheeks, colored eyes,  hater of the opposite sex, fond of flesh and pleasure, long displeasure, suffering from hunger , thirst, stomach and teeth problems, liberal, courageous, proud mind and obedient to mother.

6.      Kanya - Moon in Virgo

–  Lord of the sign is  Budha (Mercury ) ,orange hue, bi-pled, feminine, dual, south, strong at night, human ( two feet ), windy constitution, cold body, head rising, earth element, not too loud not too soft spoken,  dweller in auspicious places, merchant, auspicious, mild. Stomach of the kaalapurusha, care taker.
Modesty in walk and sight, bent shoulders and hands, happy, sweet speech, truthful, charitable, skilled in arts, learned in scriptures, intelligent, passionate, possessed of others wealth, foreign residence likely, calm speech, female progeny.

7.      Tula - Moon in Libra

– Lord of the sign is Shukra (Venus ) , masculine, mutable, many colors and hues, equal rising, heat body, west, airy element, clean, silent, rising from the head, wanders in forests and gardens, few friends, few children, laborer, wild, strong at day, two footed, weak constitution, lower belly of kaalapurusha, wanders in towns, dweller in gardens and high altitude places.
Fond of worshipping Gods, Brahmins, pious people, intelligent, clean, submissive to the opposite sex, tall, long nose, rich, ill developed organs, helping relatives.

8.      Vruschika - Moon in Scorpio

–  Lord of the sign is Kuja ( Mars ) ,Fixed, clear complexion, feminine, watery sign, North, active at night, silent, many feet( centipede ), phlegm body,  rising from head,  dwells in watery places, many women / men , many children, modest, clean body, priestly,   generative organs of kaalapurusha.
Broad eyes and chest, round knees and thighs, separated from parents and guru, sickly in infancy, respected by royalty, cruel, has marks of fish, vajrayudha and birds, secret sins.

9.      Dhanu - Moon in Sagittarius

-  Lord of the sign is Guru ( Jupiter ) ,Masculine, golden yellow radiance, wanderer in mountains,  rising from head, very noisy, talkative, active at night, east, firm physique, yellowish complexion, warrior, heat and pittha, few children, dual, first half human ( two feet )  and second half quadrupled, thighs of kaalapurusha, wanders in places of hermits and sacrificial fires.
Long face and neck, paternal wealth, liberal, poet, strong, clever speaker, thick teeth, ears and lips and nose, strong arms, active , fine arts, bent shoulders, bad nails, highly intelligent, skilled in Dharma, hater of relatives and won over by fairness, justice and good words.

10.      Makara - Moon in Capricorn

–  Lord of the sign is Shani  ( Saturn ) ,Mutable, earth element, moderate noise / talk, South, reddish hue, modest, cold body, few children, first half quadrupled, second half watery, raising from rear, men are slightly feminine, women slightly masculine, strong at night, raising from behind, merchant, knees of the kaala purusha, forest dweller, clean places, watery places, first half quadrupled, second half watery.
Pleasure of wife and children, pretending charity, lean in lower half, good eyes, grasping intelligence, popular, idle, unable to bear cold, traveler, poet, learned, miserly and low passion, merciless.

11.       Kumbha - Moon in Aquarius

–  Lord of the sign is  Shani ( Saturn ) ,no feet, masculine, strong at day, moderate friends and children, human ( two feet ) , moderate friends in men / women, dweller in forests, windy body, heat, moderate speech, contemplative, laborer, bottom of  kaalapurusha, watery places of women.
Long neck, bulging veins, and arteries, rough and close hair, long body, big legs and thighs, back and waist, stubborn, fond of other women, loves flowers, scents and friends, withstanding, good stamina, bears fatigue.

12.      Meena - Moon in Pisces

–   Lord of the sign is Guru ( Jupiter ) ,Many feet( centipede ), feminine, phlegm, watery, night active, golden hue, dual nature, clean, many men / women friends, many children, raising from both front and back, priestly, north, dual rising, feet of kaalapurusha, dweller in temples and auspicious places, watery places and holy waters.
Enjoying one’s own and other’s wealth and aquatic articles, fond of spouse and clothes, well  Proportioned and handsome body, prominent nose, big head, conquering enemies, Submissive to the opposite sex, charming eyes, enjoying treasure troves, lustrous articles, wealthy and very learned.

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