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Sunday, July 19, 2015

DIY / Learn Vedic astrology

Do it yourself - Vedic astrology guide

The meaning of "Hora"

The science of astrology is called "Hora Sastra" by compounding the words "Aho " "Ratri" and by dropping first and last letters. It speaks of the results of the good and bad deeds by humans in their previous births.
Aha: means the morning, ratri means the night.
The words horoscope, horologue and hour are derived from this sanskrit root and signify the influence of time on objects. Some people think Varaha mihira borrowed these words and the science from the Greeks where Hora means a portion of time, as is in Latin. This is a big mistake. Vedic astrology is far more ancient than even the Roman Civilization. Egyptians borrowed influences from Aryans and thousand of years before Varaha mihira appeared, the science of vedic astrology had been already perfected. -- excerpts from Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihiracharya.

Shadvarga bala or the strength of a planet in a chart

Shadvarga bala of a planet - Example

Take 5th degree of Mesha as birth time. For this lagna, we get the following shadvarga.
1. Mesha is ruled by Kuja. Lord of lagna is therefore Kuja.
2. Birth in first half, hence in first Hora, odd sign and hence governed by Ravi. So Hora lord is Ravi.
3. Birth is first drekkaana. Drekkana lord Kuja.
4. Birth navamsha is Vrushabha. Navamsha lord Shukra.
5. Lord of dwadashamsha is Venus.
6. Trimshamsha lord Kuja.

So out of the six sources of energy, 3 governed by Kuja, 1 by Ravi and 2 by shukra. Natural malefics predominate than the benefics. Hence the result must be assessed. The effect would be slightly reduced depending on chandra lagna, if chandra is in a friendly rashi of Kuja and Ravi.

How planets influence us
Each planet possesses a peculiar body whose composition differs from those of others. These possess properties of attracting or repelling particles in the solar radiation. Suns rays contain all the ingredients human body needs. But when these are reflected by various planets, their effect changes and they might be antagonistic in their nature to the parental rays. Pure rays of sun for instance when absorbed by a human body produce energy, good health and generosity and good health. But when those rays are reflected by saturn becomes darkish, causes inactivity and depressive thoughts and an abhorrence for thoughts.

Vedic astrology - Planetary combinations for Travel and Settling abroad

1. Saturn in 2nd or 4th, Moon in 12th - Will make one live in foreign lands.

2. The Ascendant lord in the Ascendant - The native will visit foreign or far away lands.

3. The Ascendant lord in the 7th - They experience vicissitudes of moods and the native may end up in a foreign country.

4. 6th lord in 10th, 7th lord in 10th, 9th lord in 7th - Native bound to be successful in foreign countries/far away lands.

5. 9th Lord in 9th , 10th lord in 7th - foreign visits

6. 10th lord in 12th - Native will reside abroad

7. 11th lord in 7th - they go abroad on a world tour.

8. 12th lord in 9th - live abroad and prosper there.

9. Saturn in the Twelfth House- native will live away from one's place of domicile.

10. 2nd Lord in 1st House - The native wants to be away from home and long for pleasures outside his/her home and family.

11. 8th lord in 4th, 4th lord in 12th - The native miss maternal proximity. They will be away from home.

12. Rahu in 4th or 9th will make the native inclined to live abroad.

13. If these combinations are in amsha kundli, abroad settling may happen through spouse.

The chart has to be analyzed for the actual strength of planets favoring these and the planets opposing these. Also the dashs bhukti has to be favorable for realizing the complete effects.

Vedic Astrology - A rough guide to finding out Bodily deformities 

The different organs of the body of kaalapurusha :-

Aries governs The head
Taurus Face
Gemini Chest
Cancer Heart
Leo Belly
Virgo Waist
Libra Lower belly
Scorpio Genitals
Sagittarius Thighs
Capricorn Knees
Aquarius Bottom
Pisces Feet

If these organs of kaalapurusha are occupied by evil planets, that indicates the need for development or a deformity in those organs, while those occupied by natural benefics indicate good development, beauty, health and strength to those organs.

For instance, Mesha indicates head. Shani in it without benefic aspect will be debilitated. Shani is a malefic. Hence a person with this alignment will have some disorder related to the head, the extent depending on the strength of the planets. It might be giddiness, paralysis, wounds, scars, eccentricity, brain fever, problem with memory, lack of analytical skills etc.

If shani joins kuja in mesha, it can indicate complicated complaints of the head.

If shani and kuja happen to be in cancer, it can cause chest related problems or heart related complaints.

If in shadvarga bala, malefics are powerful, there will be complaints in that organ.

-- Citation - Saravali.

Yogas for possession of weapons

1. Sara yoga / Ishu yoga - Formed when all planets 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th from lagna. This makes one fond of killing or a weapon maker or a jailor

2. Pasa yoga - Formed when all planets with in 5 houses - This makes the native use his servants or relatives to acquire wealth from others.

3. Gola yoga - Formed when all planets are in one house - This makes the native skillful in mean arts like black magic on enemies etc.

4. sun + moon - This makes the native skilled in machinery and masonry

5. sun + venus - makes one a seller of weapons

6. moon in cancer aspected by mars , the native makes a living by weapons.

7. moon in navamsha of aries or scorpio aspected by sun a native will be fond of killing animate things.

There are various interpretations for these.
People might possess weapons for whatever reasons, is it self defense or a defective bent of mind, has to be decided by other yogas in the chart. The strength of yogas will depend upon the strength of planets. The yogas are more pronounced when the participating planets become marakas to the lagna.

Also there are other bhava phalas and placement of individual planets in rashis which I have omitted, as that becomes too generic and will not be the true criteria.

A rough guide to Longevity Analysis

Note the following 3 pairs

(A) the decanate signs of the Lagna and the Moon
(B) the Navamsa signs of the lord of the Lagna and lord of the sign occupied by the Moon and
(C) the Dwadasasma signs of the lord of the Lagna and of the lord of the 8th house.

The life should be pronounced as Deergha, Madhya and Alpa according as

(a) when one of the signs in the said 3 pairs is a moveable sign and the other is a moveable fixed or dual sign,

(b) when one of the signs is fixed and the other is a dual, moveable or fixed sign and

(c) when one of the signs is a dual sign and the other is a fixed, dual or moveable sign respectively.











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