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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jupiter transit to Leo - Guru Gochara 2015

Jupiter transit to Leo - Guru gochara 2015 – 2016

Guru transits Simha on 14th July 2015, Goes vakri on 8th January 2016,  09/05 17.20 Guru direct.
Shani vakra tyaga on 01-08-2015 ,
shukra 05-07-15 simha, 25/07 vakrarambha , 13/08 – kataka, 06/09 vakra tyaga , 30/09 simha, 03/11 kanya,

29/01 rahu transits simha

General trends

The guru transit this year is quite complex.  Guru being the planet of luck, anything affecting the transit will take away the luck for that period for all generally. So its always the best to have the transit rather straight and smooth. But this time, it gets really complex.

Guru is joined by Shukra, this is a good yuti. But shukra doesn’t stay with Guru , he moves back and forth. This could make things a little confusing. But that’s why we have this analysis, so that we can reduce confusion to the greatest extent possible and be prepared to face what is ahead.

Then Guru is joined by Rahu from end of January. This too has its effects. Rahu being the king of materialism, Guru being the God of spirituality, there will be a certain tough of war between the two. The result is, confusion for us. Let us analyze even this in detail, so we can know what to expect.

We can see that there are these 3 planets, Guru, Shukra and Shani affecting the same bhavas. So the effect can be quite intense. These are joined by Kuja sometime later. So there can be explosive reactions by us. We need to exercise caution.

The details

Guru in Simha
Guru transits simha on 14th July. Guru leaves karka, where he was exalted and really happy and powerful. Considering guru visits each sign once in 12 years, the ones who had good time had a really good time and the ones who suffered, suffered intensely. Chandra, the lord of Karka was a natural friend of Guru , so guru was all the more happy to be in Karka. But there was an unusually strong sense of emotion all through the year right from June 2014. Now the emotional tinge will vanish.

Guru is comfortable in simha as the lord of Simha is Ravi who is a natural friend of Guru. So the general blessing from Guru on all this year will be that, he will enforce virtues on all of us. Opposition will be crushed if not based on a sound value system. He will also give a lot of center stage opportunities for the ones who are eager to attain visibility.

But Ravi is characterized by leadership, thirst for attention, taking the center stage and trying to be the pioneer , unlike the emotional and hyper sensitive cancer moon. So now, suddenly the same people who were so sensitive on every matter will seem to be in a hurry to make any decisions, will seem to get irritated so easily, will be short tempered too. All those who wanted to be just at home, ( because of the homely and domestic karka moon ) will now want to get out, seek outdoor activities, will take up initiatives for leading or organizing events and of course will seek a lot of ego satisfaction. Their ego will nothing better than a balloon. Gets hurt easily and this can be frustrating for them and fussy for others. We should get used to this change in our near and dear ones and also with all those we interact on a daily basis.

Guru in simha will also bring focus on enemies and opposition in our fields of work or activity. There will be a lot of aggression in the general interaction. There can be multiple opportunities for rubbing the wrong shoulders with authority figures or already established leaderships. All the latent rebel suppressed from years, might just be out in the open. So leaders and institution heads, beware !!

Shani drishti on Guru

Shani casts his 10th aspect on Guru in Simha.  This aspect is not a very favorable one. This will bring down the effect of Guru’s presence to a certain extent. There will be laziness, fatigue, indifference experienced by all natives. These will be seen the respective bhavas for the particular moon.
For example, as the aspect is in Simha, for natives of Simha rasi, it will affect the self and personality it self. For karka natives, as Simha is 2nd bhava, the domestic happiness will suffer due to indifference and laziness in family related issues. I have tried to explain it under each sign.
Due to Shani’s 10th aspect in Simha, the ones dealing with metal articles will see good progress in business.

Shukra and Guru yuti

On 30/05 Shukra transits karka.
Shukra - 05/07 transits simha, 25/07 does vakrarambha , 13/08 – transits kataka, 06/09 does vakra tyaga , 30/09 transits simha, 03/11 transits kanya.

Between 14th and 25th, Guru and Shukra are in yuti in Simha. Ravi is the lord of Simha, and Shukra is transiting simha, this can bring some effects of Ravi – Shukra combination. One is, there will be inclination towards sports and entertainment from adventure, weapons, aggressive physical activity, exerting authority etc, on the other hand, there will be temptations to get involved in unwanted relationships. The relationships, friendships, partnerships, new ventures, courses, projects or anything begun or formed in this period will be characterized by highly impulsive and impatient temperament to start with. Those associations or projects which are newly formed now or which get strengthened now, will drag on till November.

When shukra goes on the 25th,  , then there will be a hiatus and things will see a halt. This can be a period of heart burn.

Then things seem to abandon us completely when Shukra transits karka between 13/08 and 06/09. This is a time when things which happened in june will be revisited. We will have the time to fix things till end of September.

In October, the new projects which were begun in july,  will resume again when Shukra goes direct. They will take a proper shape and move forward when Shukra re-enters simha in October and finally get completed before Shukra leaves simha in November. This can be a period of drama in our lives. We should be careful about what we are getting involved in. Kindly read the forecast for each sign to see the areas of life that are affected by this transit for each sign.

Guru goes vakri for 4 months
This will be the time when things will seem to halt. And slowly things will seem to be moving backward and when suddenly the past seems to be staring at us right in the eye. The past of the Jupiter in karka will return. There will be 4 months of time for us to handle this and be done with it forever. Do read the 2014 Guru gochar for more complete understanding.

Guru – Rahu yuti

Rahu joins Guru at the end of Jan 2016. He will stay with Guru till Guru leaves Simha. This is easily called “Chandala yoga”. Rahu is a planet of materialism. Rahu is also the celestial pretender. When he joins Guru, there can be two types of results. If guru is strong in a native’s chart and Guru is not a malefic for the natives Lagna or Moon, then Guru will assert himself and Rahu will magnify Guru.

On the other hand, if Guru is a malefic for the Lagna or Chandra of the native and Guru is weak, Rahu takes over and will show his hue to make the native, a “spiritual pretender” and that is the Chandala yoga. These natives may question beliefs of family traditions, religion and spirituality. Some who are not bold enough to rebel, may take the refuge of lies very easily for escaping tricky situations. It is quite possible that the natives will lead a double life, being completely different when with family and when with friends. There are chances to get caught up with pretentious Guru jis. So we need to guard ourselves against damages.


The transit of Guru will be very favorable for you. You have just finished the 5 year tough cycle of Guru and now starts the 7 year positive transit. Guru in your 5th house will bless you with a lot of financial gains, respect, reputation, happiness from children, excellent creativity and great luck in matters of the heart. Those who have been waiting for progeny, can have luck from this transit as Guru will bless them with children.

From this house, Guru aspects your 9th house of Purva Punya. This is a powerful aspect as 9th is his own house. Hence you will reap the rewards of your purva punya. Some of you will enjoy a very close understanding with your father and elders. He aspects your 11th house enhancing your financial gains. This also brings a lot of social activity. You will become a part of great groups and will enjoy yourself. He also aspects your own self, and this makes you spiritual and virtuous. All the gains and the luck that comes to you is well deserved and Guru helps you also to maintain your head just above your shoulders. Enjoy and don’t forget to thank the Almighty.

From the aspect of Shani on this house, the results can be somewhat dampened. Shani might cause laziness. There may also be delays caused by over confidence that things will anyway be favorable. This might result in losses financially and otherwise.

Shukra is favorable in this house. So he will almost neutralize the negative effects of Shani. He will enforce all the positive aspects of Guru. But the confusion will be due to the involvement of friends and women. So now a lot of discretion is needed before every decision. Emotional decisions, decisions based on ego will turn out to be costly later on.

When Rahu also transits this house in January, there will be some people who will approach you in confidence and will try to harm you. You might lose fortune by deceivers in the name of religion. Or some of you might be tempted to become a part of deceptive schemes and groups. You might get involved in pretentious relationships. Guard against all these and do not get easily bloated up by praises. Stay rational and safe.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with property or vehicles pops up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


Guru leaves your 3rd house and enters your 4th house. This will result in your staying away from your home mostly. The environment at home might be full of confusion. All those who had some issues in domestic life will see things going worse. Some of you might profit from real estate deals. Some of you might buy good vehicles. But peace of mind seems to be far away.

From this house, Guru aspects your 8th, 10th and 12th houses. Guru’s aspect on 8th brings stable health. Immunity will improve. But there can be pain in thigh for some of you. Some of you might face phlegm problems. Guru’s aspect on 10th will some difficulties on the job front. The hurdles will not be too tough. Guru’s aspect on 8th and 12th will increase spiritual inclination. Some of you might suffer from ENT problems. Some of you might develop misunderstandings with some preceptors of Gurus of your family.

Though Guru is tough when in 4th, Shukra in your 4th with Guru will ease things quite a bit. Also, shani’s aspect on your 9th will also bring down the adverse effects of Guru for you. Rahu with guru can be tricky. Rahu may make you bring home some cheats with you. Some of your moms’ might undergo some surgery. Relationship with mother can get confusing and strained for some of you.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with your co-borns or some incident generating fear in you pops up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


Guru leaves your 2nd house and transits the third. This will be a time when your siblings will be in focus. Your interaction with your siblings will see some ego clashes and misunderstandings too. Confidence will be low as Guru in 3rd is not a favorable transit materially. There will anyway be spiritual inclination and that will be the source of solution to your problems.

From Simha, guru aspects your 7th, 9th and 11th houses. All these are good aspects. From the aspect on 7th house, relationship with spouse will improve considerably. Your married life will see some very memorable times. Committed partnerships will also do well. You will also be respected more by your spouse. From the aspect on 9th house, there will be some rewards for your past good karma. Some of you will enjoy a very close understanding with your father and elders. From the aspect on 11th house, your social life will look up. You will make a few new friends and very good people of course. 11th house also marks fulfilment of desires. So wish for good things, they might as well come true very soon.

Shukra with Guru will bring some celebrations with your siblings. Shani’s aspect can dampen things slightly for you. But as shani is yoga karaka for your sign, he will help you rather than trouble you. And Rahu when joins Guru, will also bring favorable results as Rahu is very good in 3rd house. Rahu will increase your confidence to a considerable extent.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of great times with family and finances pops up again. You have enjoyed this from june – july 2014. When guru leaves simha, this might have disappeared. He blesses you with 4 more months of the same good will. Enjoy.


Guru transits your 2nd house. You have been tormented for your money from the last 2 years, you have faced humiliation and you have been low in confidence. Now you have a whole year to erase those bad memories and live the good life. You will have good financial stability. Domestic life will see happiness and comfort. There will be a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere around you. Breathe a big sigh of relief !

From this house, Guru aspects your 6th house, 8th house and 10th house. Due to the aspect on 6th house, you will conquer your enemies by you wisdom for which is Guru known for. Some of you might put on weight. Form the aspect on 8th house, immunity and overall health will improve. But some of you might face phlegm problems. Some of you might face problems at ankle. Due to the aspect on 10th house, there will be a mixed result in professional sphere. There will be appreciation but there will also be a lot of more responsibility and expectation.

Shukra’s yuti with Guru will enhance the domestic comforts and financial stability. Saturn might interfere a little here. But it will be taken care. Rahu when joins Guru, will bring some heavy expeses. You might spend on religious ceremonies or some false religious assumptions. Family life will see some turbulence. But it will have to be handled only with the wisdom of Guru.

 When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with yourself as a person, your identity in the family, society or workplace, pops up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


You are the star of the zodic this year as Guru , the planet of luck transits your sign. We all know Shani is the task master of the zodiac. The next one is Guru. Guru does teach some very tough lessons in life too, when he transits from 12th house through the 4th house. So there are some lessons to be learnt from life for you. These are not apparent immediately as Guru will be out of job if he teaches you anything too soon. But you can feel, things are not how they should have been.

From your 1st house, Guru aspects your 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Naturally, you will look up to your friends ( 5th ), spouse or committed partners ( 7th ) and father or elders ( 9th ) for support. You will feel quite lonely. But these aspects are good. So you will have some luck in the matters of the heart. Some who are eligible will be married this year. For those who are married, spouse will try to pay more attention and understanding. Elders will be on your side through your time of confusion.

Shukra will enhance your charms when he is in yuti with Guru. Shani will try to bring some problems with maids and servants. So people need to be careful about servants at home or at workplace. When rahu also joins Guru, you will go into a very deep introspection and there will be some marked changes in your outlook towards life. You may make some daring changes which might leave others surprised. Elders will not like the new you.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with health or heavy expenses pops up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


Guru leaves your 11th house. This will mark the end of a big cycle of hyper social activity, errands and fun. You will begin to learn the lessons guru has to teach you in life. The first feeling will be you are not what you wanted to be when you look back at your own life. So the transit starts with this deep introspection. You will spend a full 5 years till Jupiter leaves your 4th house, in this contemplation and changing alternately. This could be the beginning of the biggest personal growth cycle for you in the recent times.

Guru aspects your 4th , 6th and 8th houses from this position. Guru’s aspect on your 4th house will make you stay away from home. You will be involved in wasteful journeys and they might tire you out. Guru’s aspect on your 6th and 8th signal caution on health. Though immunity wil be better, there may be problems of phlegm, cold and some of you might suffer from pain or diseases in ankle, face and neck region. You will vanquish enemies and opposition from the aspect of guru on 6th. Guru’s aspect on 8th will instigate deepest levels of spiritual enquiry into your own self and life.

Shukr’s yuti with guru will bring good results. Some of you might befriend elderly women or some of you might find women gurus. You will also be stuck in matters of the heart. Shani’s aspect on simha may complicate your health further. Pain in limbs or abdomen region is indicated. When rahu joins 
Guru in your 12th house, expect huge expenses on medical grounds. Some of you might have to under go surgeries. Matters of the heart might result in a deep heartburn.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of social life and friends, pops up again. This is the good time that might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. Guru blesses you with 4 more months of return to the past. Enjoy.


Guru transits simha, your 11th house. Celebration begins and continues for a complete year as you will be a social butterfly. There will be huge financial gains. 11th house also rules the fulfilment of desires. So ask for all those things which you have ever wishes for. Somehow, Guru will see to it that you are granted your wishes.

From Simha, guru aspects your 3rd house, 5th house and 7th house. The transit couldn’t be better for you. The 3rd house aspect of Jupiter might bring some tensed moments with your siblings and might bring down your confidence. But the aspect on 5th brings happiness from children, more financial stability, more creativity and luck in friendships and relationships. Some of you who are spiritually inclined will perform holy acts to build good karma for your future lives. From the 7th house aspect, Guru will bless you with respect and bliss. Marriage will see very happy times and a lot of good will.

When shukra joins Guru, all the good things will only get better. Shani’s aspect will also prove very beneficial for you. Shani being yogakaraka for you, the benefits will be now double. When rahu joins the gang, your happiness surpasses all bounds and every single wish of yours comes true. What more can anyone ask from life?

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with job , workplace or long distance travel pops up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


The concentration of planets is in your 10th house. Guru leaves your 9th house. He blessed you with quite a fortune now he wants you to focus on other aspects of your life which need improvement. 10th house rules long distance travel and profession. Profession will face some hurdles and stagnation as Guru is not favorable in 10th. But it will be due to a long pending effort from your side, which will be needed now for progress.

From this house, guru aspects your 2nd house, your 4th house and your 6th house. The aspect on 2nd is good. This brings domestic bliss, financial stability. Aspect on 4th makes home a place of distance. You will be forced to stay away from home may be due to additional responsibilities at work or otherwise. Aspect on 6th will signal caution on health. Face, neck region might develop scars or some pain. Your enemies will face a setback.  

Shukra when joins Guru, makes your professional life tougher. The cause of worry at workplace can be women. So beware of enmity with women. Shani aspects your 10th too. This will be blessing for you. You will have the support of the admin and other facility departmental staff. The ones who are involved with such jobs will see progress. When rahu also joins these planets, your problems get eased considerably. But beware of temptations which may leave you fooled.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of good times returns. Enjoy these 4 months similar to your june 2014 – November 2014 period.


Guru transits your 9th house. Gear up for a year of respect and reaping rewards of past. You will get unexpected gifts from people. Elders and father will be in your favor. You will perform many virtuous acts and your fame will spread far and wide.

From this house, guru aspects your own sign, your 3rd house and 5th house. Considering that you are also in sade sati, Guru aspecting your own house can be a blessing in disguise. Sade sati can be a time when the worst in us comes out. So guru will curb much of the worst and save us from many a humiliation. But this will certainly leave you in deep contemplation. Guru’s ascpect on  3rd will bring misunderstandings with your siblings. Your confidence also takes a dip. Guru’s aspect on 5th will bring immense happiness from children. This is also a good time for enhancing creativity. You will also perform some religious rituals by which you will earn karma for your future good.

Shukra will enhance all the good of Guru. So your list of rewards for the past good karma will get longer. So will your happiness. Shani in 9th will try to interfere with the good going. But he cannot do much. When rahu also joins these planets, you will have nothing less than a raja yoga. You will command all the respect that was due to you.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with health or living partner / spouse up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


The concentration of planets is in 8th. This means great focus on health and well-being. The ones with a weak constitution, cannot afford to neglect health. Guru will bring general good health. But those who are already suffering from problems of phlegm, asthma will have to take more care. Aged people will have to be cared for more seriously. This transit also develops deep interest in life after death.

From this house, Guru aspects yoru 12th, 2nd and 4th houses. Guru’s aspect on 12th will leave you some deep cuts in your pocket. The expenses will be on religious rites and traditional ceremonies. The aspect on 12th will also bring health problems. Pain in things or feet might be seen. Guru’s aspect on 2nd will bring financial luck and domestic happiness. Guru’s aspect on 4th will bring short journeys. You will be kept away from home due to various responsibilities.

When Shukra joins Guru , health will see considerable improvement. Shani is also aspecting your 8th house. Shani being your own lord, will also help you in matters of health. When rahu joins Guru, some of you might end up in some sort of surgery. Surgery might be in any part between lungs and lower abdomen. Aged natives need to be very careful. People might become diabetic too.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of good times returns. Enjoy these 4 months similar to your june 2014 – November 2014 period.


Guru’s transit to 7th will be the time of the decade for you. You will make such wonderful memories with your spouse that, you will thank God that you had such a life at last. You will receive respect from spouse and others equally. You will see your dreams come true through your spouse.

From this house, Guru aspects your 11th, your own house and your 3rd house. Guru’s aspect on 11th brings financial gains and a lot of socializing. Your life will be filled with fun and excitement. Guru being the karaka for husband, you will see your dreams come true through your spouse. This is a time for wish fulfilment, so ask for what you want. Guru’s aspect in your own sign will keep a tab on your enjoyment, keeping you balanced even in times of joy. Guru’s aspect on 3rd will bring some misunderstandings with siblings. It will also keep your confidence a little low.

When Guru is joined by shukra, the married life might see some problems. The problem might be due to the interference or due to the problems associated with a woman. This woman will be an important and a virtuous personality. So you will need to handle this matter with a lot of care. Shani’s aspect on 7th will dampen the happiness but it will not be difficult for you to figure out the details as shani is your ruler planet. When further rahu joins Guru, your spouse might be in for some change in personality. Your married life might see some confusion. The confusion will be like a game of hide and seek. Truth can be hidden. So keep your rationality handy.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of problems with health, enmity or litigation pops up again. This problem might have started by june – july 2014 and might have seen a settlement by may 2015. You will have enough time to handle it and finish it off now between jan 2016 and may 2016.


Guru leaves your 5th house. You have enjoyed a great year of respect and pride. Now things change a little. There will be respect and good will but it will not reach you as easily as it did last year.  You will have professional success. Enemies will be conquered by your wisdom. You will also have sound health. Some of you might put on weight and if not careful, some of you might turn diabetic.

From this house, guru aspects your 10th , 12th and 2nd house. Aspect on 10th brings some testing times in profession. You may be asked to explain your past moves and decisions. There will also be journeys to faraway places. Some of you might get a long term relocation. Guru’s aspect on 12th brings pain in feet and ankles. It also brings spirituality of the life and death to focus.  You will develop interest in this area. Guru’s aspect on 2nd brings happiness at home and financial stability.

When shukra joins guru, some women might try to tarnish your image. The enmity if begins now, will end only in November. So be careful. Shani’s aspect on this house will further cut your enemies out into size. When rahu joins these planets, there is absolutely no stopping you. Enemies will be completely crushed. You might become over confident. Curb that tendency.

When Guru goes vakri, your most recent past of good times returns. Enjoy these 4 months similar to your june 2014 – November 2014 period.

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