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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vedic astrological Remedies and how they work.

Dear all,

The interest is growing towards our vedic culture and ancient Indian spirituality. People from across the globe are now developing genuine interest in deep truth of life preached by the vedas.

To understand astrology, we need to have an understanding of the "sanatana dharma". Here dharma is not a synonym for religion. It in fact means " adherence to Duty ". So the more dharmic a person is, he is more adhering to duty.

From times of origin of this "Dharma" there was no multiple interpretation of what was dharma. But with time, the interpretations were subject to scrutiny and criticism by the minds which mostly did not agree on some or various principles of life described in those times. With time, these deviations gained quite a bit of momentum and the interpretations have completely deviated from the true principles.

So I suggest the readers that they pick the translations of the original epics or sanskrit works and just not interpretations. At least that way we remain close to the original dharma.

When it comes to remedies, there is a wrong notion or interpretation that as soon as we practice a remedy, our difficulties vanish and we start to prosper overnight. We must think how many lives of karma has gone into placing us into a situation that we are in right now. The bigger the adversity, the stronger the karma. So, when we have in the past knowingly or unknowingly caused a karma for ourselves, how much can we really fight against the effects of it? For instance, when we eat sugar, can we expect the sweet taste not to make itself felt by us? No. As simple as that.

Lord Krishna proclaims in Geeta, all the boons given by all the demigods are in fact given by the Almighty himself through those demiGods. So irrespective of whom worship, the  worship goes to the Supreme Lord alone ( who ever that supreme Lord is as per our own beliefs ).

So in this age ( Kaliyug ), if we have to perform havan, the materials are adulterated, they are expensive, the priest of the homa or havan does not often know the meanings of the mantras recited, they are not followers of austerities, they are commercial. The one who seeks the remedy also does not truly believe in the havan itself. Generally, the homa has to be blindly performed and with in the blink of an eye, the adversity should vanish. If ever this happens, it can happen by black magic not any other way.

So my dear friends, when you come to this blog to seek a remedy, please understand, I hardly prescribe homa or havan. I do not recommend gem stones either. There are many professional services of astrology else where from where you can pick these remedies and spend the money you have, if you can afford.

So dear friends, pray. Just spend about ten minutes with faith to the lord. This will certainly help. Pray for his help, and not that he should take away the adversity immediately. By this, you are enabling yourself to another adversity. Keep your heart and thoughts pure in devotion. Do not mix the life's problems with your prayers. This way, we build in ourselves a will power to fight life.

We need to understand that without the divine spark of life, this body is nothing but a mass of rotten flesh. So when we say " I " its not the body. This body is meant to get injured, it is meant for physical hardship. Else, it could have been created in a different, all - immune kind. The creator didn't create it that way. He has made it perishable for a purpose.

So we need to stop looking at life as a journey of bodily comforts and luxuries. We need to examine each of our actions whether they are meant for a comfort, ego or for real or eternal happiness. We are spiritual elements. Our purpose is spiritual evolution. Body is an instrument. So the aim should be maximum spiritual growth.

So with these perspective when we look at life, the remedies should serve us to advance spiritually. We need not use a spiritual tool for material prosperity. We can use all those workshops, softs-kills, management skills etc for material progress.

To be continued....

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