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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vedic astrological Remedies and how they work.

Dear all,

The interest is growing towards our vedic culture and ancient Indian spirituality. People from across the globe are now developing genuine interest in deep truth of life preached by the vedas.

To understand astrology, we need to have an understanding of the "sanatana dharma". Here dharma is not a synonym for religion. It in fact means " adherence to Duty ". So the more dharmic a person is, he is more adhering to duty.

From times of origin of this "Dharma" there was no multiple interpretation of what was dharma. But with time, the interpretations were subject to scrutiny and criticism by the minds which mostly did not agree on some or various principles of life described in those times. With time, these deviations gained quite a bit of momentum and the interpretations have completely deviated from the true principles.

So I suggest the readers that they pick the translations of the original epics or sanskrit works and just not interpretations. At least that way we remain close to the original dharma.