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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi - An interesting astrological Comparison

Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi - 
An interesting astrological Comparison

Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi

Effects of  house lords in various houses.

1. Fourth Lord in the Tenth House professional expertise, political  success, the  knowledge to handle any situation. 
Will vanquish their  enemies, quite  domineering and have  a  knack of  making their presence felt,  good friends who  help them in their hour of crisis.

2. Third Lord in the 10th House  - pleasing personalities and sincere approach which creates a sympathy wave amidst the public.

     3. Third Lord in the 11th House  - their desires will be fulfilled in time.

4. 4th lord in 11th - They will have  lots of gains as 11th  house  rules  gains and  the  fulfillment of all desires.

5. Sixth Lord in the Ascendant -  rash & adventurous and become inimical to own people, plagued by enemies. Their virtues may make them honorable before the public

6. Seventh Lord in the Tenth House
 Contesting from a constituency away from home town will help.

7. 9th Lord in the Ascendant 9th lord is in the Ascendant  a self-made person, public honor , charming personality and  pleasing  manners. Acceptance & encouragement without hesitation by seniors, Due to hard work they will reach the top.

1. Ascendant lord in the Fourth - born in an aristocratic family.

2. 3rd lord in 10th pleasing personalities and sincere approach which creates a sympathy wave amidst the public

3. 8th lord in the Sixth House – Vipareetha Raja Yoga results. Affluence  and the  fulfillment  of all desires. Unfavorable litigations, will overcome all such  troubles due to sheer will power. They ultimately win over enemies. They can be extremely domineering and proud.

4. 10th lord in the Seventh House
powerful  position for professional  life. IQ and communication skills will be above the  average, they fill their targets in  time, all  ventures  initiated by them prove to be  successful.  their  fame will surpass all boundaries.

5. The Effects of the Eleventh Lord in the Sixth House

6. 11th lord is in the 6th -  litigation & charity bring monetary gains,  excel in service rather than independently, Good  for  them  if 
they work under a good supervisor.  Rivalry machinations have to be faced. 

7. 12th lord in the Tenth House 
They will have the contacts of the high & the mighty  and  the  powers that rule help
them when they are in deep trouble. Contesting from a constituency away from place of birth will help.

read the complete analysis here

Effect of individual planets in different houses

1.      Jupiter is good in 4th, gives fame and comforts, but no political gains.

2.      Saturn in the Tenth House- will be the leader of assemblies.

3.      Saturn in the Eleventh House ( in bhava )
This is the best position for Saturn to be in. Saturn well posited in the eleventh makes one highly determined and wise. Will have royal favor. Will have a lot of subordinates.

4.      Mars in the ascendant and own house is very powerful. Ruchaka yoga, which endows Modi with natural leadership and commanding abilities. This makes him an aggressive but very patriotic ruler.

5.      Sun as a planet of command and authority, is temporary enemy to the lord of his house.

6.      Moon less favorable

7.      Rahu unfavorable in 5th.

8.     Ketu is extremely favorable for success.

1.      Jupiter in the Ninth House
will be of ministerial cadre

2.      Jupiter in the Tenth House
Will be equivalent to a lord, fortunate.

3.      Saturn in 4th  may violate  social norms.

4.      Mars in the Sixth House - will be the vanquisher of enemies, fame & regal status.

5.      Sun in the Sixth House Will be a commander and will be skilled in combat. Will be a lord with a lot of subordinates.

6.      Moon in the Eleventh House
           a lot of subordinates.

7.      Rahu in the Second House Will be diplomatic, there may be concealed hypocrisy

8.      Ketu unfavorable.

As per Dasha bhukti during the elections
and till counting

Narendra Modi
runs moon-rahu-ven period.

1.      Very less ishta phala for moon and venus.
Rahu’s depositor is neutral. This indicates results might be below expectation.

2.     Guru, Chandra yoga karaka. Angaraka, shukra maraka.( results to be announced before the dissolution of the current assembly on May 31st)

Rahul Gandhi
runs moon-mars-ju,sat  period

1.      Ju is better ishta phala,  where as Saturn has very low ishta phala, marginal ishta phala gain, mars has very less ishta phala . Hence election campaign will be very favorable. But results may not really be as anticipated.

2.      Kuja, Chandra and Guru are maraka for his lagna. And hence results likely to be below expectation.

Transit effect results will be below expectation for both.
Both will benefit equally from the
transit of Jupiter to Kataka which will begin to show
effect by mid of May.

Rajayogas for Narendra Modi

1.      Raja/Lakshmi -    Ma, Mo      Fortunate and high achiever    
2.      Rajayoga     -  Sa, Ju      Successful and high achievements
3.      Rajayoga   -   Ve, Ju      Successful and high achievements
4.      Yogada -  Mo          Wealth and prosperity           
5.      Yogada -   Ma          Wealth and prosperity           
6.      Rajayoga     -  Ma          Success and high achievements  

7.      Ruchaka yoga, which endows Modi with natural leadership and commanding abilities. This makes him an aggressive but very patriotic ruler.

Rajayoga for Rahul Gandhi

1.      Rajayoga  -  Mo, Me      Successful and high achievements                
2.      Yogakaraka  - Ve          Success and achievements                        
3.      Yogada -  Mo         Power and authority                             
4.      Yogada -   Me          Wealth and prosperity                           
5.      Yogada -  Sa          Power and authority                             
6.      Maha Yogada    Ke          Power, authority and wealth  
7.      Viparita Raja Yoga -  Su          Success after pressures or someone else's losses.

Planet Sun causing viparita raja yoga is slightly stronger than
Kuja causing Narendra Modi’s Ruchaka yoga.
But as the Ruchaka Yoga itself is extremely powerful,
the effect will nevertheless positive to Modi.
Campaigning will play a crucial role to convince people to recognize how better Narendra Modi can be in comparison to Rahul Gandhi. But any mistake will cost dearly to Narendra Modi.

As per Janma Nakshatras

Narendra Modi has finished his tough periods and he is in a time of prosperity after his 48th year onwards.

Rahul Gandhi has to wait till he is 50 years age for his life to stabilize. He still has 6 years filled with adversities.

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