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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Effects of Transits / Gochara in 2014

Shani Gochara 2014 to 2017

Shani transit to Vrishchika - Effects on moon signs

Saturn transits Scorpio

     Shani transits in vrischika rasi from      03.11.2014 to 26.01.2017
     Shani is vakri from 15.03.2015 to        02.08.2015 and from 26.03.2016 to      13.08.2016
     Shani will be combust for a            month each from 03.11.2014,            14.11.2015 and from 24.11.2016.

General Trends

The direct transit periods are the ones during which we feel the real heat of the transit. This is when life really goes on.
The vakri periods or retro periods are the ones we get breathers. This is also a time when we get to assess the past. The issues which were left halfway through when shani was in tula will be revisited or people who were with us in that time and were separated due to transit to Vrishchika, might comeback for a short time.
The combust periods are when Shani becomes powerless. This can be a really good for the bad transits and really bad for the good transits.

Vrishchika is ruled by Kuja. Kuja is a natural enemy of shani. So this will be an adverse transit. Shani is very slow, methodical, lame, lazy and hard to yield. But Kuja is an exact opposite very quick, impulsive, impatient, energetic and revengeful. So our emotions will always be pulled between these two extremes. This will be an extremely stressful transit. Vrischika is a sign of secrets, extremely deep emotions and revenge. So we all need to beware of what we are dealing with.

Vrishchika is the 8th house of kala purusha. So this is a great time for spiritual advancement, particularly deep spirituality and emancipation etc. Also, this being the house of longevity, there can be health issues across the zodiac. A dip in physical strength and immunity can be observed for all.
There will be Jupiter transit in june 2015 and rahu transit in early 2016. These will also need to be considered for a comprehensive analysis. You can read them here as and when they are uploaded.

Shani is known as the tough teacher of the zodiac. He stays in a house for a complete 2 and a half years a period quite long for us to learn what he is there to teach us. The lessons can never be mistaken. Shani as per transit is good only in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses. In all other houses as a general rule, he will cause a lot of stress due to delay and a complete non co-operation from everyone around us. There will be lack of co-operation from maids, servants and younger generation in particular.

We all are living our own karma. Hence we need to always try to practice a sympathetic outlook for the world. This reduces the stress a little as the others too will be acting equally helplessly under the influence of Shani. So during difficult transits, it is not the fault of the people that we don’t get what we ask for, it is more or less the situation which is such that. Of course, as the Shani transits are the longest of the zodiac, the weakness of others are easily assessed by all. And this does give us all an opportunity to take advantage or to be taken advantage of. So discretion becomes at most important at such times. We can be wrong in assessing any situation. So it calls for an unbiased judgment of every adversity.

Shani was in Tula, his sign of exaltation for 2 and a half years. The effects were magnified, whether good or bad. Now that he comes out of his exaltation, this will be a normal transit. Those intense emotions, those sudden windfalls, those unexpected rise to stardom, that unanticipated raise to power will all be checked now as this will be just a normal transit. For all those who are above 35 years age, you ca look back to what your life was exactly 30 years ago. You will get some hints of how this transit is going to be. It will not be a replica as we are much older certainly and we have changed and the world has too. But the framework can be drawn out from major incidents that took place and major changes which happened. Similar incidents or changes are to come now.

As are Rahu and Ketu, Shani is also assessed as a karmic planet. His long stay makes lives so tough that we end up counting every second of the day for things to change. The 2 and a half years will be good enough to be a lifetime of stress. This cannot be attributed to anything other than karma. The same applies with good things, as we never fall short of luck and confidence for a full 2 and a half years and this can quite make us complacent.

As Shani is known to cause delays and stress, the adverse transits of Shani are always very good for spiritual and philosophical evolution. We may not have the luck to procure a certificate in our spiritual or philosophical pursuits. But like Swamy Vivekananda says, “ If you win, you will Lead. If you lose, you will guide “. At the end of each transit , we certainly would have gathered as much wisdom as to be able to author a book.

So let us gear up for the new chapter of our lives, a new lesson of karma. Welcome the Shani transit to Vrishchika.

Remedies for bad transit of Shani

1. Feed birds , serve lame people, offer services at orphanages, offer food to people suffering from leprosy. or

2.  Visit shaneshchara temples and offer prayers every saturday, light lamps of black til oil every saturday, donate black clothes, donate black til to priests. Chant hanuman chalisa.


You have just finished the shani in 7th transit. This had scrutinized your ideas and thoughts about marriage as an institution to a very great extent. There have been extremely difficult situations to deal with and by the blessing of the almighty most of you have sailed through. Now there will be a relief from tensions in marriage. You would have realized that the spouse that you have is in fact the best for you and the God sent for your requirements of personality. Same sort of realizations will come in business partnerships and other commitments. You will realize that things could have been worse and that you are all fortunate in those aspects.

The 8th transit of Shani will bring those difficulties to a culmination. Your luck will be moderate. Your thought process will now circle around the spouse as a person. Your spouse will be the matter of concern and attention throughout. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort in understanding your spouse. All those misunderstandings which had been manageable till now, seem almost impossible to handle anymore. You will seem to have reached the limit of your tolerance. But the trick is to understand that you will never feel like this after a few months. Hence it is advised that you do not over react to anything and just let go everything like a saint.

Some of you might have been tempted into an outside interest or support than the marriage. That will fall apart now. You will neither feel close to your spouse nor friends. You will have to take it all alone now.

Health will definitely suffer in this endeavor. Some of you will develop limb pain. Common problems of indigestion, untimely sleeping and eating will be the order of the day. There will be a lack of sympathy from almost all places. But your spouse and your parents will be the ones who will eventually be with you and you will realize that. Matters of the heart will result in a heart burn. This time will leave your ego crushed. So it is advised to maintain a low profile throughout and not venture into anything risky.

These are the worst of effects. So everyday need not be this way. This is how you will feel the overall transit is.

Profession will generally be very good. There will be good reputation. But tension will not go away. This is a good time for taking up some new job oriented long term courses. Some of you can try for a long term relocation. Even that will be a possibility. Some of you might be forced to move away from home. Some of you might deepen the sentimental bonding with your mother. Mother’s health will also be a matter of concern for many.

The problems which were the core issues of your marriage will resurface during the Shani retrograde period. Issues of the past or a past love might reappear during these times. You could use this opportunity to clarify your stand and end the past rather than to prolong it or give it a re-entry to your life.
Relationships will not be fruitful in this time at all. So it is best even for the young to stay away from new relationships. Existing relationships will face immense pressure to sustain.

There will be relief whenever Shani goes retro and when he goes combust. So there will be enough time to assess the situation and take calculated steps for any problem. So best of luck.


The last transit of Shani in tula was a wonderful one for you. You might have been hailed as a new star and there was victory everywhere for you. Opposition was hardly of any strength to you. You had enjoyed a great relationship with your siblings where as your siblings might have been under immense pressure themselves. You might have helped them out to a very great extent. Now the issues or your involvement with them will not be needed anymore. You will redefine friends and enemies. Health will improve too.

But now, the fancy times are over. Now you will have to wake up to the reality. Shani in 7th will bring under his scanner, your marriage and partnership abilities. To the ones who are married, married life will be full of tensions. There will be misunderstandings in almost every aspect of your marriage. The patience seems to run out in both sides. There will be inconclusive arguments which will tire both out but there will be no respite.

For those who are a little sentimental, there will be many temptations outside of marriage. There will be interests in base men or women. Some of you might get into a relationship. This will prove to be a fatal mistake. It will leave your pride completely burnt in the end. Neither will you get the affection nor the respect. So this is a real test of your commitment for marriage and spouse.
But spouse will do extremely well in profession. Your home will be a paradise because of your spouse’s nobility.

For those unmarried, there will be tempting relationship and partnership offers which will be definitely quite below your economic and social status. This might also prove to be a very bitter experience in the long run. Hence it is advised not to get into any deals without the complete analysis of the work from the beginning till the end. You can always take your own sweet time to commit to anything. But you must be wise in all your choices.

You will also experience a strange amount of valor and confidence.. Your luck will improve and come to your rescue. You will reap many fruits of your karmic past. Father will become an important person to you in his period. You will receive many favors from elders. You will become a favorite of the destiny. Many of you will enjoy paternal proximity. Resort to meditation for solace.

When shani goes retrograde, you can expect some issues of the past to resurface. These issues will be those concerning friends or some enemies of the past. There might have been some tensions in the life of your siblings in which you might have has to interfere. Those will also come to focus during vakri periods. Some friend or enemy of the past might reappear. Anyway you will have a chance to settle things permanently. If there was a befitting answer that you couldn't give then, use the chance given now.
Best of luck.


The 5th house significations of relationships, romance, children and creativity had turned into nightmare for the last two and a half years. There was still some blot from the blue effect there. But I bet you had almost a very tough time. Now those problems will fade away. Children will be better behaved. They will begin to show maturity of behavior and your tolerance towards them will increase too. Matters of the heart will take a culmination to a good settlement which will give you immense relief. The blocks for all the people in creative fields will get removed and a new beginning for your success will be experienced.

Welcome Shani in Vrishchika. He enters your 6th house. Shani is a yoga karaka for you. And he is in a good transit. Your sign is just one of the three who will benefit for complete two and a half years.

Your enemies will vanish. You will be victorious in anything you undertake. The power within you will just surge to the surface and make you a winner every time. There will be a great social life. New groups, new friends, new people and everything new will fall into your lap. There will be many group activities of adventure, picnics, parties, variety of social events to which you will receive invitation and you will take them and enjoy them too.

There will be financial gains. This is a good time to begin planned investments. Your earlier investments which were doing badly will suddenly surge to the profit region. Hence wait for the best time and take the profits off. But expenses will be quite high. You may not be able to retain all the money you gain.

Your reputation will go up. This transit will certainly bring very positive changes in your life. Confidence will be very high. Events will also be conducive to boosting your morale and confidence.

You will have to maintain a balanced head and not get complacent else, Shani will quickly put you where you belong. Hence enjoy this prosperous time with discretion. There will be many instances when a very small mistake will cost your reputation dearly. If you are not careful, you may easily fall a-pray to the hidden enemies. So be cautious always in all your words and actions.

During shañi retrograde, your past flame might reappear only to remind you how painful it was earlier. You feel have an upper hand. But that may not be the reality. Your wisdom should guide you to settle the matter. For parents, the behavioral problems of the past of children might resurface. But by now you have learnt to handle it all. So it should not be a big problem.

Health will certainly be a major matter to your attention. Some of you might suffer from stomach ailments. Some of you might develop varicose veins, and other diseases in legs. Some might develop problems in kidneys or diseases of private parts.

Some of you will experience sudden gains and sudden raise to powerful position and some sudden falls too. It is good to be alert always. Persecution from enemies will take up a lot of your mind space. Best of luck to you.


Shani was in your 4th house and his house of exaltation. This must have caused you some very serious misunderstandings with none other than your own mom or a motherly figure of your life. Shani also must have successfully kept you away from your home and loved ones mentally, physically or both. Matters related to house, property, conveyance must have given you nightmarish times. Now those blocks will get removed. Your relation with your mother will improve. Those property matters which seemed to have got blocked will now progress. You will be able to spend better times with your family and near and dear ones.

The transit now will shift the zone of worry to your children for all those with kids. Children will cause a lot of stress. Children will fall sick often. There might be ailments related to limbs such as leg pain, accidents to foot and leg, fractures in the leg or hands etc. The wounds, ailments or the accidents will be strong enough to last a full 2 year period.

For some parents, the children might become secretive and extremely sensitive. The ones whose children are in adolescence, will have to pay extra attention. There might be some people of completely different cultural background influencing your children. Instead of spying on them, it is better to be friendly and open, as the children feel quite helpless themselves already.

Creativity will be at its low. So for people who are into fashion and arts or fine arts, will have a tough going. Their ideas may not be welcome or they may not get the credit they deserve. They will have to work as a subordinate to someone in all projects which might cause a lot of ego clashes and lack of confidence.
Spouse will experience a big share of your stress too. There will be some marginal gains of money specially from women related sources, but there will be some unexpected expenditures too. There will be times when money will be a big concern.

The thing that will keep you all diverted and going is, your professional success. There will be a lot of admiration though there will be a lot of responsibilities and expectations. Your spouse or partner will bring money. You will attain a majestic position in job which will eclipse away all your personal worries.
Best of luck.


You enjoyed a very favorable transit so far. Your social status was remarkable. Your siblings were extremely close to you. You enjoyed great moments and made some memories for a life time probably. You also had immense confidence and you were the star of the occasion in any gathering.

The transit will now bring a more serious tone to life. This will be a time when some of you will move away from home. It might be a travel abroad or a job in another city. For students, it might be a university in a place away from home. Some journeys of adventure are indicated. Some of you might be tempted to get into a lot of secretive deals and issues. But they will create problems in the long run. So avoid them.

This period is very good for planning and learning for property investments and financial security. But it isn’t the time to go and invest into anything. You might lose all the gains of last two and a half years if you are not careful.  Some of you might lose home or end up selling property due to a financial crisis. You might get into fraudulent real estate deals. Some of you might be cheated on purchase of vehicles. So take care of this aspect

Some of you might have to be separated from mother temporarily. Misunderstandings with mother or a motherly figure is indicated. Mother’s health might be a matter of concern. A lot of emotional drain in indicated. You might become very aggressive towards your mother in your talk. Curb that as both of you end up getting hurt.

Your spouse will do very well now. Your domestic life will be rock solid even though you may not be able to spend much time with your loved ones. Your spouse and your friends will notice your noble nature.

You may have to be careful of whom you let inside your house. Trouble from servants and maids are indicated. There might be theft or other bad results from servants. There might be many secret activities in your home or your servants might be very secretive, this will take you by surprise. So always keep a watch. Do not get involved in the domestic life or education of your servant’s family etc. There might be help sought by them. But be very wise in your moves. All this will increase problems in your own life.

This transit will still keep your enemies away from you. You will be quite powerful in defending your principles and personality. You might find a couple of alternate sources of income. This time is also good for some professional courses. There will be a good reputation at job. Things may not move very quickly but there will be a stable environment at workplace. Take care of your health. Best of luck.


Till now, shani was in your second house and his house of exaltation. This was also the last leg of your sade sati. Hence you experienced a great relief from many pressing issues. You have been forced to question who you are and what is the belief system you have built yourself on. You have redefined and re-framed various aspects of your life. You are finally ending completely the 7.5 years of difficult Shani transit. You know what you have learnt.

Now Shani enters Vrishchika. Welcome this with both your arms. Shani is now going to instill your confidence back into action for a whole 2.5 years. You will have a powerful intuition about things. You can feel that if you set your mind on something, you can certainly get it and you will not fall short of any effort from your side to make things happen. You will face life with extreme courage and confidence.

There will be a wonderful social life. Friendships, journeys, adventures, picnics, jolly outings, movies, you name it, you can experience it. This is a wonderful time to seal the deal on all those personal problems and invigorating questions you had about life as such. Your idea about you and your destiny becomes clearer as you will be able to think about life more objectively setting aside dragging emotions.

On the flip side, this may strain your relationships with your siblings for some of you. For some others, there is a mental or physical separation indicated from siblings. If the relationships are good, there may be some temporary separation. Else, there might be some sort of an argument which will keep you away from particularly younger your brothers and sisters.

This will prove to be a bad time for short term friendships or romances. You simply cannot pitch that charm that is needed. You will find good prospects for new friendships and acquaintances, but they will not quite make it to the next level of anything. They will remain completely business like. Creativity will be good but there will be no rewards or recognition for them. There will be many expectations instead in spite of the best of your efforts.

This time is also particularly sensitive for your children. There might be a lot of psychological stress on them. They will not get anything they wish for easily. This applies to parents of all ages of Kanya. There will be some changes that they will have to adapt to which will be against their wish or comfort.

Gains in finances are indicated but they will not be of any magnitude that can help you. Do not begin any investment now as they will not yield anything for the next 7 years. If the horizon is beyond years, then go ahead. Nevertheless this is a good time for planning for future and saving for future.

This is a time when your spirituality will begin to bloom. This is also a culmination period for matters of the heart. Some of you will end some long term relationships and friendships. You will create a new circle and environment for yourself based on the experiences you have gained form your sade sati. Spiritual inclination will certainly begin to kindle inquisitiveness in you. Steer clear of new women as they may bring a lack of luck. Stick to the ones who are known to you as they can bring luck.

When shani goes retrograde, he will bring back into your life the friends, flames, acquaintances whom you met when shani was in tula. This is a time to fully settle those matters or redefine priorities with people and feelings in your life. For some, there will be at least a haunting of memories and a nostalgia to get back to those times and people. This is certainly a chance to grab. Best of luck.


The last 5 years have been a phase. The last 2.5 years particularly have been a very hard time to cope with. There have never been so many questions from others and to yourself about what is life, who are you? What are you doing with your life etc. Your credibility has been critically questioned many times. Your desires never satisfied. All avenues blocked for growth. Misunderstandings, arguments with spouse were the order of the day. Insomnia, bad health, weakness were common. There might have been no support from spouse at all. Lonely times, away from friends, no affection stress and stress everywhere…. Quite a bit of hellish feeling there.

Now start to breathe easy. The time for relief is here. Next 2.5 years is when you will wind up many of those issues which unnecessarily entered your life in the last 5 years. Now you will begin some breakups, you will end some friendships, it might be a divorce for may who have had a extremely stressful marriage.

On the flip side, the emotions and reactions will not be as strong as they were so you might want to wait and give it a chance with those cherished and valuable relationships and people. We are all under the influence of Shani, we are all thinking and repenting. We are all humans after all, so forgiveness should be the first and the best way of handling anything.

You will begin to feel the blocks have been lifted in all walks of life. Life will take over now. There will be professional progress, there will be financial gains, there will be good social life, there will be great times in family. What more ? These are the beginnings and the actual results will take a few months to manifest fully. By the end of this transit, you will have concrete results.

This transit will take many of you away from the place of nativity or domicile. Many of you may travel to a different place on job, some of you might leave home as that might be the only way for you. There is a distance from mother indicated. Some of you might go for a higher education at a faraway place. This is in fact a very good time for higher studies and professional courses.

Health will need attention. Women might suffer problems related to uterus and private parts. There might be diseases related to blood, marrow or muscles for all of tula natives  in general. Beware of STDs.

This is a great time for social groups and activities. You will meet very influential people and they will be more than happy to join your circle of friends. These friendships will last at least 2.5 years from now.

When shani goes retrograde, you will have the past return to you. This might be the issue that you and your spouse had fought about bitterly sometime back or a past interest, crush. Some of your old relationships might get rekindled. Some friends and enemies might return. This is for you to settle them once and for all with new thoughts and outlook. But it is better you make up your mind firmly this time around. Best of luck.


Shani now enters your own sign. When he was in tula, you have started the first phase of sade sati. Life has stepped into great deal of difficulties. There seems to be no solution and no respite. Insomnia, upset health, indifference to daily activities, lack of interest in any activity, a feeling depression all have become the order of the day. Most of your time goes in worries. There is also head ache very often.

Now that Shani leaves Tula, the worries reduce a little. Now the toll is on your health. Thoughts confusion now change into a clear depression. Lack of sleep, untimely food, laziness, lack of interest will all continue. Along with this there will be more feeling of loneliness. Friends will be unavailable. Rather, you feel that your friends may not find anything really interesting with you and hence you feel you are being avoided. But that is not the scenario. They would actually be finding it hard to understand you. To them you are the same old friend or the same old person. So your complicated thoughts about your life are your own, they have no clue of what you are thinking. So keep all your interactions normal and do not over analyze anything.

This transit actually gives you tremendous confidence as a blessing in disguise. You may feel it is not quite sufficient, but without this extra confidence it would have certainly been much harder. You will have the complete support of your siblings. You will also have moderate financial gains from extra sources of income.

This transit will also affect your marriage and other committed relationships due to your own sentimental baggage. You will be stressed and the effect of this will spill over to your near and dear ones. But, this is a phase and everyone goes through this at different times in life. Now its your turn. So you do not have to build an extra fence of worries around you for guilt that you are being inconsiderate to your spouse and children etc. if you can stop thinking too much, things will be as normal as possible.

This is a great time to concentrate on your career. There will be support from superiors for your progress in job. You may not be promoted or you may not really get an unexpected hike, you will certainly be in the good books of your bosses. You can enroll into a great professional skill enhancement program or take up a further study on job. Some of you might get a long term relocation.

When shani goes retrograde, the effects of the past will return. If some of you had a friend who disappeared due to your depressive thoughts or a friend whom you has a bitter fight with or your past flame, they might return. This is not the time to settle anything yet. This will only complicate things further. Hence if you want to reduce the worry, do what is right to be done, not what would be tempting you.

Some misunderstandings with your spouse or some unsolved problem in your married life which had been postponed from solving, will return now demanding a real solution from both of you. So it would be better to work together instead of fighting further. Some of you might begin to feel divorce is the only way out. Just put off these thoughts for a few months as you will not feel the same later. This will be a massive regret later. Best of luck.


You had a great 2.5 years when shani was in tula. It was an excellent social life with wonderful friends, great groups, outings, affection, and satisfaction everywhere for you. You had all your wishes fulfilled. There were also quite handsome financial gains. Your wishes have been fulfilled like never before. This has been your dream come true period which will not return in 30 years.

That ends now. Now is the time to step back and redefine your life as you are beginning your sade sati. You will a lack of energy and confidence. You will want to distance yourself from people now. The high ride is over and now is the time for a 7 years of answering the tough questions of your life.

There will be financial problems. In the coming months, your savings may get empty. Due to your own imagined feelings, you may feel others are distancing you and you will not want to socialize. On the job front, there will be indifference and a lack of confidence. Due to this , you may experience set back and you may not be selected for lead roles or promotions. Just take these as easy and treat this as a retreat time from busy life. If you get too nostalgic or sentimental, you may end up making enmity with people around you.

Expenses will be huge. Some of you might run into debts. Be very careful and judicious in your spending. But this is a time which is bad for your enemies. You may not be really able to take bold steps but your calm nature is sufficient to keep them at bay. So exercise dignity in your thoughts and actions and no one can bother you.

Luck will be particularly low. You will not be the chosen one in this phase of life. So what? let others enjoy the limelight too, for some time.  J. Nothing will move forward in life. There seems to be an infinite delay for everything. You may not meet the right people, rather you will meet only wrong people who will further make things worse for you. So this is a time not to be ambitious of anything. Do not start anything new. Nevertheless this time is good for taking up a professional course or for further studies. That will keep your mind occupied and help you in diversion from boredom of life.

When shani goes retrograde, there will be return of moments and friends from the past. The gala time will flash back glimpses of its grace on you. You will have a repeat of some of the wonderful times. Some picnics, good friends, financial gains which were left half way through will now give you a chance for completion. Enjoy those diversions. Best of luck.


Shani was in your 10th house of profession and travel all this while. You have experienced highly testing times. Your abilities have been doubted. You have also been praised and given many responsibilities. But there has been a great amount of stress all the while. But with all the stress you haven’t been cheated of your hikes and promotions. For the women who haven’t been working, there have been good journeys and tours to various places. They have done a commendable job in managing the house and they have been rewarded for it too. There certainly has been some criticism. But overall, this has a been a good journey so far.

Now things are only going to get better. You will enjoy a great social life. Guests will crowd your place. You will love that too. There will be many new friendships. A few platonic friendships formed now will stay for a longtime. You will become a part of many new social groups. There will be no dearth for fun and frolic.

There will be new associations at workplace. A very happy and friendly atmosphere will evolve at workplace too. There will be good financial gains from investments. Some of you might have a windfall of financial fortune. There will be new alternate sources of income for many. This is a time when all your dreams come true, wishes are fulfilled. So ask for anything without hesitation.

On the flip side, you yourself might become a little conscious of your appearance, your styles etc. You may begin to have some imagined worries. Curb this tendency and enjoy what the almighty has rewarded to you.

This is a time when your creative energy might dip a little. Do not invest in anything new now. You may only reap your profits from earlier investments. New investments might just break-even. There may be no profit. You may not find enough time for children. Due to this, children might get new friends into their circle, specially new girls, whom you may not prefer. So make time for children.

Your health needs a lot of care now. Some of you might develop defect in vision, ulcers in stomach, heat boils, acidity. At work, there can be a certain amount of distress from bosses. At the family level, there can be stress from elders. All this can worsen your health due to worries. Take care.

When shani goes retrograde, you will get a chance to deal with all those matters on your job that were left half way through so far. Those hikes, or promotions can happen in the retro period. You must be watchful to ask and get them. Some projects might return for uncompleted work to be completed. Some investments might now fetch gains if they had been on hold. Good times ahead overall. Best of luck.


When shani was in tula, he gave you mixed results. He was very considerate in bestowing fortune to you. But the fortune did not come easily. You had to prove you were worth it. But nevertheless you did get it. There was some respect, there was some insult. You got some unexpected rewards and some of you probably inherited an ancestral property too. You enjoyed paternal love and care.

Now the times are going to demand work from you. Be it a professional or a home maker all will have to work and work. Work is worship now. For all the home makers, home is heaven. Home will demand all your time. Cleaning, cooking, arranging, organizing, leading, counseling everything will be done by you and you alone. This will surely make you the boss of your home.

For the professionals, there is a change of job on the cards. This job will certainly be more of more status and reputation to you. It will bring a lot of responsibilities along with fame and recognition. There will be a lot of traveling involved. Some of you might visit foreign lands. This will be a good change that will last for 2.5 years.

On the other side, expenses will be huge. Finances will need to be very well taken care. Else you may land in debts. There will also be a deep inclination to spirituality. Your intuition will become very sharp. You may also feel the need for meditation and time alone for yourself very often.

Most of you will be away from home due to job or due to some responsibility or the other. Some of you might go to a different town for a further studies. Some of you might be deputed to a different place for a training or some of you might get transferred.

You will face some kind of separation from mother or a motherly figure. Your mother’s health may be a matter of concern to you now.

Your spouse may not like all the developments in your life. So expect some misunderstandings with the committed partnerships like marriage and joint ventures. Spouse will seem to be lethargic and indifferent at times to the developments in your life. But no gain without pain… it is all a part of life. Try to balance and spend more time with spouse in particular.

Shani goes retrograde in between. These are the times when your father or a father figure might need your help. This is also a time when you past karma can get you a few things which were due to you, some good some bad. You can recognize these as you may not be able to directly reason out why did these happen in your life. Best of luck.


You have had a very testing time so far for the last 5 years. The saptma shani and then ashtama shani. Your marriage has been scrutinized by you and your spouse to the core leaving no aspect unvisited. You have fought the most bitter fights, you have had enough of life altogether. You might have felt even ending of the life is not a respite and you literally had nowhere to go.

Loneliness, depression were mere words when no one could understand or explain what was going on with you. Your extremely sharp intuitive powers were totally uncomprehending to others.  Some of you might have tried for some solace outside of your family or marriage and those would have just proved to be massive nightmares. You are now fully settled with your marriage and your life path as such.

And now the life changes its direction completely. What you will carry with you forward from this transit is an extremely precious gift. This is the gift of deep spiritual progress. You have made an immense progress already in understanding and reasoning life that you can author a book now probably.

Now your past karma will give you a hand in your spiritual journey. You will reap the rewards of your past life karmic effects. You will get deeper insights into philosophy and intuitive knowledge. Your father will be your teacher now. Though your interaction with your father may not be very cordial, but he will certainly play a pivotal role in your life for the next 2.5 years. He will be the messenger of God to you now.

Some of you might suffer a separation from your father. Your father’s health might be a source of concern. Father might meet with accidents. Be careful and take of your father or fatherly figure’s health.

This is a very good time for social interactions. You will meet people who match your ideas and thoughts. Your circle will grow rapidly. There will be many journeys and errands. You may become a part of a social institution or set up your own. Your talent will bring you immense wealth too.

Your courage and moral will get boosted like never before. There will be great friendship all around you. You will also enjoy good relationship with your siblings. There will be celebrations at home and extended family will become very important to you now. Your enemies will just not dare to approach you. You will shine with such power that they will fade away from a distance.

Your health needs a lot of care. Some of you might develop eye troubles. Acidity, ulcers, indigestion might become the order of the day if you are not careful about your health.

When shani goes vakri, the problems you encountered when shani was in your 8th house might resurface. These may be some health problems or misunderstandings with your spouse. An old matter of the heart left unhealed might resurface. Heal it off completely now. Best of luck.

Rahu – Ketu Gochara / Transit results 2014

The transit will begin with some very unexpected lessons and unexpected success in the related areas for all of us. This is no guarantee that this whole period will be full of such magic. There is a deception to every good result here as Rahu, the lord of deception is involved. He only tempts you to go overboard in everything, while ketu tries equally hard to rescue you from running behind the temptation.

There will be some unexpected realizations forced upon all of us. We will be taken for granted, we will be fooled right before our eyes or we will be flooded with a fortune with something which we never expected or never feel we deserved. All in a very magical and enchanting way so we cannot just resist. Rahu wants to see the fun of how you run behind desires, ketu wants to see your torment of losing your most desired thing. So any impulsive action will only get us very deeply involved in mess. The mess will last for atleast one and a half years. So but the roots, very early when you sense foul play.


Rahu – ketu are in your “ social tolerance “ axis this time. They will test your patience in all your social interactions. You will try very hard to fair well as it will be very difficult for you to remain who you are. This may make you very selective about people you interact with and mostly introspect in the coziness of your home. You will frequent meditation centers.
Now rahu is in your 6th.  This one and a half year will be a period of persecution from your enemies. You may find fights in all places you woulodn’t find earlier. You will be tempted to disagree. But finally you will attain victory over your enemies. Socially a very successful period. But some of you might undergo a surgery around the stomach area. But health will improve overall.

Ketu transits your 12th. This is an excellent period for spiritual revival. Use this time for completing all those meditation courses you had always wanted. Read spiritual literature as you will have an extra grasping capacity for these now. Go on pilgrimages and you will have to plan your finances well as you may end up spending quite a bit here.


This Rahu – Ketu transit marks the transformation in your short term and long term relationship aspects. You will stumble in all short term goals. Be ready to get deceived if you deceive or not. Long term platonic relationships and friendships will do very well. But romance will fail.

On 13th , rahu enters your 5th house. This gives you mixed results. Children might pose worries. There may be behavioral issues with children. Children might lie to you out of fear or other social factors. It is better to keep a watch. Your creativity will blossom. Artists and people in creative fields will get new ideas and great new contacts. But all of it may not be genuine and might cause a lot of stress later. There might also be a factor of deception associated. So be alert and be non committal. There might be huge financial losses in speculation. So stay away.

On the same day ketu enters your 11th. This is an excellent transit. You will meet spiritually inclined people and make some long term friendships with them. socially it will be a remarkable period as you will meet some highly intellectual people the likes of whom you have not met in the last 15 years of your life.


Rahu – Ketu will throw your work – home out of balance. This is a time to learn what are the mistakes you have been making all the while. Those mistakes will stare at you now. Solutions will not be immediate as realization and acceptance itself will take time.

On 13th, rahu enters your 4th. This is an alarming transit. Your home and the place of residence will be affected due to this. Tension will brew up about the place of residence. You may get into misunderstandings with your loved ones on matters of vehicle and property. You might also be forced to stay away from home for various reasons making your loved ones miss you very often.

On 13th, ketu enters your 10th. This is a very good transit. This will be a big boost to your professional life. You will be looked upon as the new genius. You will get excellent admiration for your work and your intellect will get sharper. Your new avtar will be visible to all and that might fetch you higher position and responsibility.


This Rahu – Ketu transit will make you realize how fortunate you are to have been blessed with such a wonderful siblings and extended family. You will time and again feel all that good is happening to you only in connection to them, and every where else, there may be problems. So this is a time to reward and respect your own family and the complete family with all uncles and aunts and grand parents.

On 13th rahu enters your 3rd house. Welcome this transit as this is a very favorable one. You will have wonderful relations with your siblings. You may go to the extent of resorting to some false praises just to make your siblings happy.  Their happiness and relationship with them blossom now. You will also take some very bold steps which you had always held back before. Finances will also look up as you will handle everything with care and confidence.

On the same day ketu enters your 9th. This is a transit which is once in 15 years of your life. Go back 15 years behind in your life to what you had achieved. You will get the opportunity to develop the same thing now. This is a spiritual transit and what you achieve will be totally spiritual. You will also reap some karmic rewards of your past deeds or past life.


This transit will make you realize the importance of health and family over money. You will face many financial issues and problems within the family. Your health will also take a dip to south. This will also be a time for the pay back of your karmic deeds. You will pay to those you took help from. So be prepared to entertain and solicit unexpected favors to others. There is no need to fight if the ones you never wanted to share anything with, take your most desirable things.

On 13th, rahu enters your 2nd house. This is a time to be very cautious. You and your family might be tricked into some fake financial deals. You will also experience a lot of tension in family life mostly related to money matters. Children might have a tough time understanding lessons in school. You might see deception everywhere and go to the extent of disbelieving your own family. Be very cautious in all your dealings.

On the same day, ketu transits your 8th. This is a time for karmic payback. The good karma you had on your side will protect you from dangers. But the bad karma that has to be exhausted in this life will takeover your life. You will be subjected to hurdles, difficulties in general. Relationship with your spouse might run into a lot of tension. Ketu also increases the latent anger before he makes us seasoned. Hence always have a check on your temper. Health might be affected. Some of you might face insomnia, stomach ailments and ailments of generative parts.


This transit is all about you and your spouse and marriage. You will go down the memory lane to what you were about 10 years before. You will be filled with contemplation about what have you gained and lost out of marriage. What are the shortcomings of your marriage and what are the positives etc. Be happy for the positives and do not get worked up because of negatives. Learn and be better.

On 13th rahu enters your own sign. This transit gives you mixed results. Rahu will make you a star temporarily. He will make you an iconic figure. But this success will fade away later. This is a time when you will be tempted to get into some deals which are not legitimate or which promise huge gain without pain. There will be clearly a lot of deception involved. You might also become revengeful of your enemies and try to pay up for your insult. But all this will only harm your peace of mind. Hence just maintain a low profile socially. Be an observer and do not react to the provocations.

Ketu transits your 7th the same day. This also calls for tension. Your spouse might become aloof emotionally. Marital discord might get pronounced. Spouse might experience some swing of moods and generally be dissatisfied. For some, there might also be a temporary separation from spouse. You might also start to contemplate about your marriage as such and the positives and negatives of it. The latent dissatisfaction about your married life might come to surface within you. Handle this with care. Committed partnerships might get terminated for some of you as you may feel it is not worth your effort.


This is a transit that will make you validate your social image over your private personal image. You will need to deal with circumstances that will make you point your fingers at yourself first. You will be able to convince people with your inner self confidence. But there will be questions that you will face abut yourself which you will need to answer yourself. And that is the biggest challenge. Your conscience will question yourself. Don’t stamp over the truth and walk away. It may harm you later.  

On 13th night, rahu transits your 12th house. This is not a good transit financially. But emotionally the burden you carried from last one and a half years, will ease. Rahu here tempts you into deceiving financial deals. He might bring people promising quick money. But they will only cut your pocket deeper. Also be prepared for health related expenses too. There might be surgeries for some of you in the feet or private parts. There may be temptations to wander away in search of pleasure. Curb the drive.

On the same day ketu enters your 6th house. This is a good transit. Your enemies are annihilated. You will be victorious in all your endeavors. You will also have a very prosperous time financially. You will experience a strange spiritual confidence. Some of you might suffer health problems like insomnia, bad dreams, abdominal pain, digestive disorders etc. So take care.


This is a time to validate your idea of love and relationships. You will excel in your social interaction and platonic friendships. But short term friendships and relationships and love as such will be very hard to come by. You will get a taste of how is it to be rejected in love or to be rejected in friendship. But platonic friendships will do very well. Change your idea of love in life.

On the 13th, rahu enters your 11th house. This is a very good transit. You will meet very resourceful people and make friendships with them. You will also meet some people of diverse cultures and foreigners might also enter your circle of friends. You might be attracted to some exotic groups. There will be a vibrant atmosphere in your social circle. There will also be monetary gains. Rahu blesses you with all material comforts and fulfills all your wishes.

On the other hand, ketu enters your 5th house. This will be an excellent time for creativity. You can excel in your work or hobby. You will gain some extraordinary skills and insights into your work. You will also be recognized for this. Financial rewards may be far away yet. Also children will excel in studies. Children will be a source of pride and joy. A small portion of people might face problems with children too.


This is a time for evaluating your work – home balance. You will be sought after in job but you will not feel at home within your own family. Some of you might realize the value of comforts of home over professional success. Peace of mind will be very hard to come by. The same sound professional decision which you had taken about 10 years ago will prove to be the cause of all the problems now. So make the necessary changes.

On 13th, rahu enters your 10th. This is an excellent time for professional growth. You will gain recognition and will be known as a new emerging star in your work field. Some of you might get the long pending promotions and hikes. You will be a sought after person in your field. Do not sign new job offers without detailed understanding. There may be some deception involved.

Ketu enters your 4th. This is not a good transit. This will keep you away from home somehow or the other. It may be that the circumstances at home will be unfavorable to you, or you may be too busy with responsibilities at work, but some how, you will be away from home. Some of you might lose peoperty or vehicles. Be cautious.  


This is a time you will realize that your family is all you have whether you like it or not. Your blood relations will be your focus now. You will want to redefine your relationship within your family. You will categorize who is to be taken into confidence and who is to be kept away. Professionally, you will shine and this will win you some false friends and real enemies. Be prepared to be very shrewd and smart.

On 13th night, rahu enters your 9th. Rahu in this house will give you raja yoga. This will be a very successful period professionally. For some of you there will be journeys to far away destinations. This will be a time when you will be rewarded for your past karma. Some of you will reap the material benefits and some of you will reap the karmic results. So the karmic part may not be all that sweet for some of you.

On the same night, ketu enters your 3rd house. This is a great period. You will get a boost to your confidence. You will have a good time with your silblings. For those who had rough times with co borns, things might get worse and end in a detachment. Hence better to be cautious. All those things for which you never had the courage before will now seem like a sure possibility and you will be happy to try your hand.


This is a time you will realize the importance of money to maintain a good health. Your medical expenses will mount. There might be surgery for some of you in stomach or region around hips. Money can certainly buy you some health this time. But be careful about the hospitals you visit. You may not be diagnosed correctly so money will be unnecessarily spent.

On the 13th night, rahu enters your 8th house. This is a time for karmic pay back. You will have to pay up for all the benefits you enjoyed over a period of time which may not have really belonged to you but were borrowed in some sense. This may not be a very good experience. Having a big heart and being generous heps ease things. This is a time to learn to let go. Some of you might face surgeries in generative parts or hips. Some of your partners might undergo surgeries.

On the same night ketu enters your 2nd. This is again a bad tranist materially. There will be some huge expenses suddenly. Home environment will suddenly become tense. There will be a sense of detachment that tries to take over all the happy feelings. Staying neutral is the best solution. Avoid sharp reactions as they will not help in anyway but will only make things worse.


This is a time for you to realize the reality about marriage as a concept. This will help you grow as an individual and as a partner. Even business partnerships will have to be carefully examined. The time will teach you some important truths about life. You have to be careful not to become over confident with a simple lesson you learnt. As this whole period is for learning, you need to patiently watch your steps all through the transit and lessons will only end in the end of the transit.

On the 13th, rahu enters your 7th house. This is a bad transit for the married people. It is good for singles. Married people will begin to face distractions in marriage. There may be some lack of commitments towards committed partnerships. There will be a yearning for breaking the barriers. The singles will fins many opportunities for relationships and marriage. But all of them will not hold promise and there will be a heart burn if not careful. Even for the married people wandering will only bring big disgrace.

On the same night, ketu enters your own sign. This is good enough to prevent the damages that rahu can cause. Ketu increases the detachment towards everything around you. This is a real time fo spiritual awakening. The eligible ones will benefit greatly from meditation courses. Some of you might develop deep intuitive powers. These will make wonders in your spiritual awakening. But there will be a general detachment and people might abandon you due to your indifference towards normal life.

Jupiter transit 2014 - Guru Gochara 2014

Effects of Guru transit to Kataka on moon signs

Effects of Guru transit 2014

Guru, the planet of Luck, spirituality, benevolence and right conduct will transit to Kataka on 19th June 2014. This is the most important transit of the decade as Jupiter, the biggest benefic of all, is moving to his house of exaltation. He will stay there for a year. This is in many ways a very important year for all. Even if Guru is a malefic for a few Rasis or Lagnas his effect will be positive in all respects. There will be material benefit for some and for others who do not materially benefit, will certainly do so spiritually. The effects of this transit must already be visible to many of us. If you have had some sudden major changes or sudden events taking place, be sure it is the beginning of the effect of this transit and this transit will culminate that aspect of your life through this transit.
For some rasis, enemy trouble is indicated. As Guru is not a task master like saturn, the lessons will come in the form of teachings rather than as a punishment as saturn would administer them. So it is important to remain receptive to teachings and preaching and accept them and to inculcate them into our lives.

Guru spends one year in each sign. So this transit being in the sign of exaltation, will fetch us the best results and worst teachings from a decade of our life. So it is necessary to be more pragmatic with our perceptions this time. 

Best wishes and Thanks for your time and interest.


You probably were busy settling some differences or long pending issues with your siblings from June 2013 till now. You might not have had the best time and you haven’t been bold as you used to be earlier in any of your actions or decisions. Now the focus will shift from these to real estate and property deals and “Home” as such.
This transit will be a tough one for you. Guru in 4th from moon is usually not good as per transit. This will keep you away from home mostly. You may have to leave home due to unfavorable circumstances. As Guru is exalted in this house, you may face a lot of mental tensions and arguments which will make you deeply sad and force you to stay away from home. For some of you, misunderstandings with mother might be in store. Where as for those for whose rashi / lagna Guru is a benefic, mother will get closer to you and you will enjoy her proximity.
From this position, Guru aspects the 8th and 12th rasis from moon and hence this can be a period of deep and really deep spiritual introspection and awakening. Use this time for all the research that you were planning in spirituality or related matters. There will be very positive results in this field of work. There will be a lot of tension felt even in the work field.
Socially this transit will boost your appeal. You might attract many people into your inner circle of close ties. There can also be temptations which will have to be handled carefully. Your problems and your difficult situation might tempt you to stray away from commitments. Be careful not to get cheated or over commit to anyone.
When Jupiter goes retrograde from December 8th to 8th of April, if there was an issue that you had been settling or struggling with your siblings until before May 2014, that will return. This will be a time when you can settle the differences or clarify anything once and for all. Use this time well.


The last Jupiter year from 2013 June has been quite good for you as you might have gained financially very much. Some of you might have had handsome returns on investments, or salary hikes etc. Or at least finances have not been a big issue for you so far.
The transit of Guru to Kataka will bring some issues which you had probably put on hold for sometime, to focus and to be solved with discretion. This involves your siblings. By now you might have already started to face a few misunderstandings with your brothers or sisters. This is how the whole year till next june going to be. So you need to exercise caution as you might see it get worse.                                                                                                
Your confidence will also dip. This will be visible in your interactions with your friends and colleagues. You will not have the best year socially. So you will automatically maintain a low profile.
But on the other side, you will become more supportive towards your spouse and there will be a lot of happiness in your marriage. Your spouse will enjoy your complete attention and support. All your business partnerships will flourish. Control your anger and tendency to be secretive, as this may take away all the goodies.
Luck will be generally low and hence you will have to struggle your way trough all challenges for attaining results. Groups and platonic friendships will flourish.  Friends will also make your dreams come true. This will also be a great time for literary activities and very likely that you will attain to new highs in your creativity and talents.


You had experienced some kind of seclusion, hardship and emotional turmoil since june 2013. Now this will end and you will be in for a great time of financial gains and security. You might have started to see the effects already.
Those of you eligible, expect handsome increments, investments will fetch excellent profits. Home and family life will see great levels of harmony. All those who were stuck with loans can get some ways to clear them off. Those payments which were help up, could come your way now. This is also a very good time for investment and planning for financial security and future.
There will be some persecution from enemies. Nothing very serious but it will be prominent enough keep you disturbed mentally. So you may have to be very judicious in handling these situations.
Health needs caution. Some of you might have limb pain. Immunity will improve but there will be minor pains in limbs especially.
Job front will also cause some tension. Your efforts may not be recognized, you may have to work as a subordinate to someone you wished not to. There will be work pressure and more work and less co-operation. But nothing you cannot manage. This period will bring a lot of rewards in kind from your spouse.
On december th, Guru goes Vakri, and remains there till 8th of April 2015. This is a time when those personality issues you faced about a year ago, might resurface. You might have to revisit those days and make necessary changes to your self as such. Take these 4 months of time to reassure to yourself, who you are. This cycle will not repeat only after 11 years. So grow as larger than life a person as you can.

You had Guru in your 12th house. The last Jupiter year has had you focus completely on your expenses and deep spirituality. You might also have been very communicative in these areas of life. You might have had many wasteful expenses or heavy expenses on religious rights or rituals.
This transit will bring something different altogether. This transit will ask you to look at what you are and what you want yourself to be. You will be under constant fear of the unknown. You might fear some kind of loss of power and hence you may be afraid of some actions of your past. This is a time to be spiritually correct and walk tall in all aspects.
There will be some monetary gains from this transit. Children will be a great source of joy. Children will also achieve some great milestones in life. Those who are seeking progeny might be rewarded with fortunate children.
This is also a time when you will enjoy a very fortunate time with father or father figures. You will enjoy the rewards for your past benevolence and also rewards for your past life benevolence.
If there were some issues related to expenses or some spiritual connections that you faced after june 2013, those issues might return to you between december and april. You have sufficient amount of time to handle these and solve them once and for all.


You had a very fortunate period running from june 2013. You were socially very well disposed, you had financial gains and you had a great time with friends and other group activities.
This transit will make you keep a low profile and retrospect on a whole 11 year old cycle that passed by. All those prosperous moments, those hardships, all the splits and patch ups with friends will be contemplated upon by you. You would feel that it is a time for some radical changes in you. The bent of mind will be mainly spiritual. You will also have an year of high expenses. These might be oriented towards religious rites or donations.
You may have to stay away from home due to various reasons. This may be a physical separation from your place of domicile or even a mental separation from family. This may be due to preoccupation with other responsibilities.
Persecution  by the enemies is another aspect that you will have to be careful about. You may have quite a bit of stress due to this. It is not that you will be left helpless. But you will have to put up with stress which cannot be avoided.
Health needs caution. You may feel more healthy overall. But there may be ailments and pain in feet. You may also suffer from throat or lung infections. There may be inclinations towards getting into unwanted relationships. This has to be avoided as you may not be really interested but you may be trapped. Expenses will mount and you need to monitor your pocket.
Some friends who were lost last year, might come back to you in december when Guru goes vakri. Some groups which you had left might want you to rejoin them. Guru remains vakri till 2015 April. All these and other issues can be sorted out during that time. Some financial investments which had not materialized earlier may come to fruition now. Take advantage of this good period while you might be getting torn between tensions.


The last Jupiter year had made you life seem stagnant. Specially your profession might have come to a stand still. You might have experienced lack of co-operation at work place. All these will now ease as your focus will completely shift towards different aspects of life.
Suddenly there will be positive changes in your life. Long last friends will come back into your life. The groups you had lost touch with will reunite with you. You may also find new groups which will make you extremely happy to spend time with. So an excellent year for social life begins. This will also bring you some powerful and very honest platonic friendships.
You might have to settle some long standing differences with your siblings. So this trasnit will increase the distance between you and your brothers and sisters. There may be some walks of life where you will not quite have the required boldness to call the shots. You may feel a lack of confidence  But this is also a favorable time for wish fulfillment. What you ask for, will in all certainty be granted. So make sure you ask all the right and finer things in life.
This will be a bad time for short term friendships and matters of the heart. People in relationships might find the distance growing at the same time fondness will also grow. Some of you might miss your beloved a lot. There will be almost no hope of getting back together. But overall luck will be great. Father will become happy with your achievements. A very good relationship will be enjoyed between father and son or daughter. There will also be some rewards for your past benevolence.
Spouse will be a source of inspiration and joy. There will also be huge financial gains from spouse and real estate. So overall, a very happy phase sets in, in contrast to the last year which was very depressing and non progressive.


You enjoyed a very fortunate period from june 2013.  You were the center of attention of the family. You enjoyed a very affectionate relationship with your father and other elders. You were looked upto for various solutions to problems. You enjoyed respect and status.
This year will bring a slow down in all aspects of life. You have reaped the fruits of your fortune and enjoyed them. Now is the time to rework on your fortunes to build them again. This year poses challenges on the job front. Some of you if not fortunate enough, might lose the job or fall from your position. This year will see a lack of co-operation in almost all fields of life. Life seems to have come to a halt. So this is a time for hard work.
This transit will help you financially.  You might receive some huge arrears or there may be a windfall profit or there might also be a handsome salary hike. Investments might yield good profits. On the other hand, you may lose in real estate deals. This loss might be quite huge. You may have to stay away from home for various reasons and may experience a lot of mental stress.
Enemy persecution will be quite pressing. You will have to be very shrewd and straight forward in your behavior. Else enemies will try to mar your reputation.
If there was an issue that you were dealing with related to your father or some fortune that was withheld from being rewarded to you, after december, you will get another opportunity to revisit that. You can settle those things better now.


You might have had issues with your partner, health and general wellness as such since june 2013. Now is a time when all your worries will end and fortune will dawn upon you.
This transit will be a very fortunate one for you.  This time exalted Guru is placed in your 9th and he aspects your 5th and 1st house. What a karmic triangle this is !! This transit will give you the rewards for all your efforts of the past and also of your past life. Fathers and father figures will be extremely pleased with you.  You will find this period to be the most fortunate in the last decade. You will earn respect and fame. You will be looked upon as a natural leader.
As Guru aspects your self, you will be encouraged from your heart to be benevolent and the most righteous of your self. So you will be watched for your actions by others and also admired. This is also a time for you to take a call on who you want to be and start making changes towards that.
Children will be a great source of joy. Children may achieve some important milestones this year. Also there will be a lot of interest from people to be your friend and to get involved and work closely with you. There will be a line of admirers for you wherever you go. Those who are seeking for progeny can be blessed with very fortunate children this year. There will be many fold respect , recognition for you and children will be a great source of prestige.
When in december Guru goes vakri, some health problems or some intimacy issues you had faced with your spouse might revisit you. There will be 4 months of this period when you can settle these once and for all. Hence use this time intelligently.


From june 2013, you enjoyed increased respect and status. There were many great friendships that were formed and you were the center of attention in a group. You enjoyed a whole year of almost perfect social life.
This is a transit where you would like to concentrate on you health and your spiritual inclinations. Some of you might experience some heart related problems and other complaints related to phlegm. But overall, health will improve and better immunity will prevail.
This is a year when you will drift towards spirituality as a hobby. You might want to explore meditation, scriptures, and other related matter very deeply. Go on as this time is quite suitable.
Your bent of mind might keep you wandering and away from home most of the time. No harm there as long as you are able to balance things well. Expenses will also mount.
You may become weak physically and mentally too.
After december till April, the lost glory of the previous year will revisit you. You will again be in demand and you will also see an elevated status. Your closeness with spouse will also get better. If there were any issues in these areas or other business related partnerships, handle them now.


You have had an year of enemy trouble, health issues and mental tensions. Ease up now as you are in for a bumper year of all round progress.
This year marks some very memorable moments with your spouse and all other committed partnerships. There will be great respect and felicity earned by you. Everyone will look up to you as someone who set an example as a leader. There will be eagerness from others to talk to you and include you in their circle. All committed partnerships will do good.
This is also an excellent year for group related activities. You will introduce yourself to new groups and enjoy a blissful social life. You will also be the center of attention in the groups. You will also gain some eminent business partners and great platonic friends.
Further, the only area of trouble may be your co-borns. There will be disappointment and misunderstandings with your siblings. Things might be the most serious in the last decade. This will have to be handled with care.
Some enemy issues and troubles that were pending and unsettled from june 2013 till may 2014, might return in december 2014 when Guru goes vakri. You will have 4 months to settle these and deal with them and clear them once and for all. So be wise in your ways.


You enjoyed happiness, financial stability the whole year till may 2014. You also had great time socially and you enjoyed good romantic relationships.
But this year will take a serious tone to it as this year, the focus will be your enemies and friendly-enemies. You will have to deal with the real issues. This involves making necessary changes and going with the flow as Guru is a benefic and hence he does n’t really make you fall when you change. Be prepared to deal with real differences and suffer some real humiliations.
Office will also pose challenges. There will be a lack of co-operation for many. Some of you if not fortunate enough, might lose the job or fall from your position. There will be a stagnation in career. So career will be a great source of tension this time.
But what stays stable is you financial position. You might earn from multiple sources. There might be salary hikes despite unfavorable circumstances. Investments might yield good returns. Family life will be good and satisfying. But expenses will touch the roof. So you need to plan well.
If there were some issues related to children, romantic affairs or short term gains which were unsettled before may 2014, december will provide another chance to look at these again. Till april 2015, you will get 4 months of time to deal with these issues and settle them in your favor. So take wise decisions.


This is a fortunate transit. Last 2 years might have been really hard in terms of family life, social life and you might have had a complete lack of happiness. Your hopes might have been dashed. You might have had to stay away from home and your immediate family.
This transit will fix most of your problems and in your favor. This transit will fetch you rewards for your past benevolence. May be some rewards of past life karma too. you will enjoy a great period of happiness and joy. Children specially will be a great source of joy. Children will also make your reputation go high as they will achieve some very important milestones.
You will enjoy enhanced prestige and reputation. Others will look upon you as a spiritual achiever and leader. You will be respected for your continued efforts. Your parents , fathers or father figures will be quite happy and satisfied with you. Social groups and platonic friendships will be a source of joy and satisfaction.
This will also be a time when you will feel the need to look at your self and improve your whole personality as such. You may need to correct yourself in a few areas of life, correct a few past mistakes or make yourself much better than what you already are. This is also an excellent time for romantic relationships. They flourish and there will be a lot of right conduct in all friendships.

December will be the time when Guru goes vakri. Then if there were problems related to home or family that you faced from june 2013 till may, they will revisit you. You will have to deal with them and finalize them once and for all. This will mark an end to a decade of home related issues. So be wise in your decisions.

Effects of Kuja-Rahu conjunction – 2014

General Trends

Kuja spends about one and a half months in each sign. So the total transit period of his forward and retrograde lasts this year for about 6 months in all. The movement reminds me of a pendulum made to swing with force. It swings to and fro and as the velocity reduces, it slows down and becomes still. So Kuja does the same between Kanya and Tula this time. He swings like a pendulum to and fro. This makes the effect of the transit swing between two particular bhavas for every sign. These are the troubled areas of our lives which have probably been swinging like pendulums and do need some balance to be achieved somewhere.

The days on which there are junctions of these two planets, the respective field of activity or emotion is going to reach an explosive point as per the house in which the planets are transiting for each rashi. So each month and each day will have to be lived independently and objectively. Any carry-over emotion or fight will only make things worse. We need to understand that these are some tough tests brought to us by destiny to make us stronger and better. So we need to look at these in a perspective of future so that when we look back, we have something substantial to claim as a personal achievement. If we succumb to the pressure, which the planets love creating for us, we will only feel miserable at present and even in the future about how we handled these situations. So staying alert is the key.

Rahu, known for his reputation of braking social norms and rules, combines with the angry, over assertive and physically strong kuja. So it is very likely that, every other day for all the 6 months, we are tempted and over and over again tempted to break the rules and have our way out. The results can be disastrous. So its best not to take up any ambitious plans , not to start any new partnerships or relationships, not to initiate investment plans or start anything new for that matter. Its good enough if we can maintain the status quo, as even that becomes extremely difficult.

In general for these 6 months, brothers and relationship with siblings will be in focus throughout. If the result of conjunction is good, you might experience very great co-operation with brothers. If the result of conjunction is mixed there will be good and equally bad times with siblings. If the result of conjunction is bad,  there might be misunderstandings with younger brothers or there might be a temporary separation.  Kuja also signifies adventure, metals etc. So there can be road accidents, dog bites, danger and accidents from metallic objects and adventure sports specially before a couple of days before or after the conjunction points.

Kuja in Kanya Rasi: Jan 01, 2014 to Feb 04, 2014
Kuja in Thula Rasi: Feb 04, 2014 to Mar 02, 2014
Kuja Rx in Thula Rasi: Mar 02, 2014 to Mar 25, 2014
Kuja Rx in Kanya Rasi: Mar 25, 2014 to May 20, 2014
Kuja in Kanya Rasi: May 20, 2014 to July 14, 2014
Kuja in Thula Rasi: Jul 14, 2014 to Sep 05, 2014

There are two signs involved and hence the rasis experience Good, mixed and bad results. The conjunction points are shown in the above picture. There is a purple strip shown in the pic 1. That is the period when the planets seem to be stationary in preparation for the next movement. Hence these periods provide some relief from the on going problems. These are typically two days before and after the transit dates. Some important dates have been given below in each month. These are the days when there will be the actual conjunction taking place. So the effects will be experienced a couple of days earlier. 

These are the dates all of us need to be watchful about.
January – 1st, 10th and 29th
February – 5th and 23rd
March – 3rd, 22nd and 30th
April – 23rd and 30th, May – 24th
June – 2nd and 21st
July – 6th and 28th, August – 6th.

There is also Guru drishti on Tula this time and this tones down the bad effects to a great extent. The signs which benfit from this are Mesha, Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu and Kumbha.

Moon Sign
Over all effect of
Kuja – Rahu

Effects of Kuja Rahu conjunction on each Moon sign

The swing is between your marriage related issues and enemy circle. When you are tired of handling the problems related to marriage, you seem to wish to go out and make friends. But when you try to be in a group, you are bugged by the same old frenemies. " Frenemies " I say as there may be some friends who are actually trying to deceive you. So you feel home is a better place. And you try to find solace back with your spouse. But your spouse may not be able to quiet give you your wants and hence you wish to join friends again. This goes on for almost 6 months from now. So the problem aggravates at the times when there are conjunction points. There are certain periods when surgeries are not ruled out.
January 1st, 29th , February 23rd,  March 30th, April 23rd , may 24th, 21st June and 28th July.

The swing is between the 5th house and 6th house. You resort to your creative abilities, short term partners  or children to get some peace of mind or to avoid stress. But you will eventually get bored or frustrated with these and you will go back to your circle of friends, old and new. Here you will learn that there are some people who are working against you. You might be frustrated and you return back to your hobbies, short term partners and children. Short term partnerships will be very attractive and equally frustrating. You might be taken advantage of. So this is how it is going to be for the next 6 months.
Speculations will yield bad results. So stay away from investing or stock markets.
Surgeries are not ruled out for the one who have had some ailments.
These are the dates when health needs at most care.
Jan 10th, Feb 5th, 3rd March, 30th march, 30th April, 2nd June, 6th July, 6th August

The two things that are affected in your life the most are your immobile properties and the children, short term affairs and creativity. You will be swayed between fixing problems with investments related to real estate, conveyances or other such ancestral properties and paying attention to children, bringing them up and excelling through your creativity. There will also be a lot hyper active periods followed by distress in relationships. You might be taken advantage of. This can be very stressful as these transits are not positive for any of these areas. Children’s health needs a lot of care too.


You will be torn between house, your immediate family and your extended family. You will have to struggle pretty hard to maintain a balance between the two. There will be satisfaction in the extended family about your care and concern for them, but your immediate family will not get its share of love and care. Also property deals might suffer a set back. You might be cheated in property matters and matters related to vehicles if you are not careful about signing contracts. Some of you might experience very serious misunderstandings with your co-borns if there were already problems earlier on. 

You will be juggled between finances, family and extended family. The extended family will be happy that you did what you did. But your immediate family needs more attention from you. There will be a lot of discontent here. Finances also will suffer a serious setback. So plan well in advance. Some of you might experience very serious misunderstandings with your co-borns. There is a deception somewhere in your social circle or your extended family. Servants need to be watched around. Sign any contracts very carefully.

Its you and your family that you will be torn between. You will feel the need to change who you are. But your family has an image of you and they do not want the new you. So asserting your new 'You' will be the exercise most of the time. Your family will also under go a stressful period and lack of peace of mind. Finances will also suffer. So not a good period to sign any new financial deals. There might be deception specially in matters related to finances and matters related to family issues. Do not trust servants too much with wealth. So not a good period to sign any new financial deals. There will also be a lot of opportunities for tempting affairs of the heart. These will result in equal amount of stress too. You may be accused of having ulterior motives by your partners and friends. There might be a second marriage for the eligible.  Some of you might suffer some accidents or surgeries are not ruled out in face or abdomen. The dates you need to exercise care about are 
Jan 10th, Feb 5th, 3rd March, 30th march, 30th April, 2nd June, 6th July, 6th August

The struggle is between the you that was and the new you you are contemplating on. You are not sure whether you should really change that particular aspect of your personality. But if you don’t you don’t seem to have a way forward. So you will notice a change in your behavior with every transit. You will be your old self for some days, and you will be your new self for a few more days. You must accept the shortcomings those have been pointed out to you. It is also a time when your inner desires will be discussed but will not be attended to by anyone. Expenses will also be heavy. You are in for a morphosys of the sorts.Surgeries are not ruled out during this period. There can be some temptations for new affairs of the heart. They will not last. Private parts to some of you and feet or limbs for a few others. Important dates for health are
January 1st, 29th , February 23rd,  March 30th, April 23rd , may 24th, 21st June and 28th July.

The pendulum swings between your social circle and your inner self. You have given a particular image to your friends. They want to see that you. But from time to time you feel strokes of change hitting you and you are realizing you are not that quiet. So this is a period of letting your friends know you are changing and make them accept what you actually are. For this first you need to be sure of what you are by yourself. So this period is for getting these basics right.
Surgeries are not ruled out for feet and private parts to some of you. Health needs care on these dates
Jan 10th, Feb 5th, 3rd March, 30th march, 30th April, 2nd June, 6th July, 6th August

You are finding it hard to balance between your professional goals and your large circle of friends. This is not a big problem compared to the other signs who are facing real problems with life as of now. You will have to maintain clear boundaries between your friends and your personal career goals. There are a chance to over commit everywhere and end up nowhere. Career can be demanding. There will be some new and energetic friends who will enter your circle. There will be motives for seeking your friendship. You need to define clear boundaries else you might be cheated. But you will experience a Regal status in your career matters. There will be blocks put forward, and blocks removed in a yo - yo fashion. Among friends, there will be times when there is hyper activity followed by times of no activity. But its manageable. 

The swing happens between your good luck and bad luck. Your luck seems to be very low on certain occasions and for a few days when Kuja is in 9th. When Kuja enters 10th, you have a sudden surge of visibility , responsibility. Stress is not less anytime. So the periods oscillate between hyper activity and hyper sensitivity. Some of you might get to travel overseas. Job will fetch you regal status but with a lot of demand on your time and productivity. This can be the time when some of the best opportunities will be awarded to you. Stay alert to grab them quickly, else they will be passed on to others soon or they just vanish. If you can make much, this will be the best time for any changes in career that you have awaited from years.

Your health and luck alternate. There is a total negative cycle that operates in this period. So there is a lot of caution on health that is needed. Also new ventures, risks are to be completely avoided as luck happens to be quite low. Getting spiritual is the best way to go forward with this transit. Whatever was saved as your purva punya will be spent up to nurture yourself now. The karmic planet transiting your 8th will end up giving you some misfortunes in health. These dates are important for health.
January 1st, 29th , February 23rd,  March 30th, April 23rd , may 24th, 21st June and 28th July.

The transit is between your 7th house of marriage and 8th house of living spouse and longevity. You will have misunderstandings with your spouse for various problems related to marriage. You will also reap your past karma and that has made you see the days you do. The karmic planet in 8th can bring some misfortunes your way regarding marriage related issues. Extra marital attractions can be very tempting with strong kuja in your 7th with Rahu. It is very easy to drift away from commitment under such a planetary alignment. Husband's health might be affected. Spouse might undergo a surgery. Health will need care. Some of you might undergo surgeries of thighs and private parts. These dates are important for health.
Jan 10th, Feb 5th, 3rd March, 30th march, 30th April, 2nd June, 6th July, 6th August

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