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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Effects of Transits / Gochara in 2014

Shani Gochara 2014 to 2017

Shani transit to Vrishchika - Effects on moon signs

Saturn transits Scorpio

     Shani transits in vrischika rasi from      03.11.2014 to 26.01.2017
     Shani is vakri from 15.03.2015 to        02.08.2015 and from 26.03.2016 to      13.08.2016
     Shani will be combust for a            month each from 03.11.2014,            14.11.2015 and from 24.11.2016.

General Trends

The direct transit periods are the ones during which we feel the real heat of the transit. This is when life really goes on.
The vakri periods or retro periods are the ones we get breathers. This is also a time when we get to assess the past. The issues which were left halfway through when shani was in tula will be revisited or people who were with us in that time and were separated due to transit to Vrishchika, might comeback for a short time.
The combust periods are when Shani becomes powerless. This can be a really good for the bad transits and really bad for the good transits.

Vrishchika is ruled by Kuja. Kuja is a natural enemy of shani. So this will be an adverse transit. Shani is very slow, methodical, lame, lazy and hard to yield. But Kuja is an exact opposite very quick, impulsive, impatient, energetic and revengeful. So our emotions will always be pulled between these two extremes. This will be an extremely stressful transit. Vrischika is a sign of secrets, extremely deep emotions and revenge. So we all need to beware of what we are dealing with.

Vrishchika is the 8th house of kala purusha. So this is a great time for spiritual advancement, particularly deep spirituality and emancipation etc. Also, this being the house of longevity, there can be health issues across the zodiac. A dip in physical strength and immunity can be observed for all.
There will be Jupiter transit in june 2015 and rahu transit in early 2016. These will also need to be considered for a comprehensive analysis. You can read them here as and when they are uploaded.