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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2014 yearly horoscopes

Wish each of you a very fulfilling year 2014.

May the year bring more faith in righteousness and forgiveness.

Happy New year !!


2014 yearly horoscopes based on moon signs

Rahu ( north node )in libra till 13th July 2014, Rahu in Vrishchika for the rest of the year.
Ketu ( south node ) in Mesha till 13th July 2014, Ketu in Meena for the rest of the year.
Guru ( Jupiter ) in Mithuna till June 19th 2014, Guru in Kataka for the rest of the year,
Shani ( Saturn ) in Tula till November 2nd 2014, Shani in Vrishchika for the rest of the year.

Please do read the complete report of Kuja Rahu Conjunction to get a better clarity about how the year will span out. This conjunction will affect us all till the end of August.

General trends for the year

Rahu transits always shower fulfillment of material desires. If Rahu transits are favorable, the desires are granted in a very beneficial way. These periods are usually for reaping the rewards of our past good karma. We would be using up our past beneficence for fulfillment of our desires in the current life. If Rahu’s transit happens to be a non-beneficial one, he will tempt us to spend our past Punya on illicit comforts and ruin our goodness there by. Hence what we ask in the Rahu transit will be very crucial for our inherent spiritual value. This year Rahu is beneficial to Mesha, Kataka, Dhanu and Vrishchika when transiting kanya. Rahu is comfortable in Budha’s house. But he can invoke desire for the inappropriate in all these rashis. So, all the natives of these signs will have to be careful.

On the contrary, Ketu takes away material comforts and will not grant the thing of desire. So Ketu many a times prevents us from great karmic fallacies. This time Ketu transit happens to be beneficial for Makara, Tula, Vrishabha and Mithuna. These are signs which are usually not deeply spiritual rather material and practical. But for a change, these will be given an opportunity for excellent spiritual growth and reaping of karmic rewards for their past benignancy. For other signs, this is an opportunity for spiritual evolution.

Jupiter transit this time is special as this is once in 12 years transit. Jupiter transit to kataka is most awaited by all believers of astrology as Jupiter is exalted in this sign. The good due to his transit is better this time and bad due to his transit is worse. The signs which are benefited by this transit are Mithuna, Meena, Makara, Vrishchika and Kanya. Among these signs, Vrishchika and Meena will see blissful benefits, whereas the benefit for Kanya, Mithuna, Makara there will be an element of mental discomfort as some things will not be as per their true personality traits but will be looked up on as excellent by the whole world.

Shani will be in Tula till November. The signs which will be benefited by this are Simha, Vrishabha, Makara and Dhanu. When shani moves to Vrishchika, signs which will be benefited are Kanya, Mithuna, Makara and Kumbha. The results of this transit will be normal in contrast to the last transit of Shani as Rahu will leave shani’s partnership this year.

Kindly read the detailed transit reports for each planet for a clearer picture of the whole scenario which will be provided soon.  

Remedies for adverse transits.
Rahu – Donate lead articles to construction workers or donate money to sweepers.
Ketu – Offer special prayers to Lord Ganesha.
Guru ( Jupiter ) – Offer prayers to Lord Shiv Ji, or donate yellow clothes, donate articles of yellow metal.
Shani – Pray to lord Shaneshchara, or Serve lame people, feed birds.        


( Moon in Aries )

A mixed year.
Second half is better.
Best part of the year – November and December

Till June 14th, the year is tough on various aspects. The main areas of trouble and stress will be marriage and co-born. You may feel lack of vigor, lack of courage and you may feel defeated on various aspects. For those who were having a troubled marriage or relationships or partnerships, the planets may test you by tempting you to wander off. Stay grounded in your approach towards life. Do not let these problems and tests deter your determination. After the 19th of June, Jupiter moves into your 4th house. This transit too is not favorable this time. You may be forced to stay away from home and your family. Problems with real estate and other immobile properties are seen. You may have to maintain a low profile socially and financially. These problems will stay till the end of the year.

After the 13th of July, you will feel the sudden awakening of confidence and power within you. When Rahu moves out of your house of marriage and partnerships, the focus suddenly shifts towards those who are opposing you and your enemies. The issues you faced earlier tone down in intensity. You may have tough time with opponents for a complete 1 and a half years. So prepare yourself for a time of war and cease fires. You will emerge a winner in the end, but the turmoil will have to be undergone. If there were any ailments with your abdomen, those might get intensified. Health will need a lot of care. Some of you might undergo a surgery.

Ketu wil be in your sign till the 13th of July. So your disinterest in socializing, yearning to get deeply spiritual will all be carried over from the last year to this year. You will not quite have any interest in worldly activities. You wish someone takes all the responsibilities off your shoulders and lets you be a wanderer. When Ketu leaves your 1st house and enters your 12th  and stays there for the rest of the year. This introvert nature will only get more intensified. You will take many pilgrimages. You will feel the longing to practice detachment, but it will be quite difficult to do that. Do not break away from everyone though you will feel like doing that. Just be strong and you will be lead by your intuition. Your intuition is likely to get very strong in this transit. Pay attention to all the signals. You will get some wonderful insights about yourself and your life.

Further when in November, Saturn leaves you house of marriage and partnerships, you will breathe a sigh of relief as you might have learnt almost all those tough lessons that you had to learn about commitment in marriage. This will be a period when you will contemplate and you will long for a one-to-one closeness with your spouse. This is a time when one-to-one business partnerships will also go under a testing time. The flaws with that one particular person might be under the scanner and a matter of resentment for you. These are just lessons and learnings. So there is no need to get negative about these happenings. When things are accepted you grow and others grow too.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 3rd house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. So in all a mixed year for you, where the stars are preparing you to become stronger and firm from your roots. You know you have the gut ! 


( Moon in  Taurus )
A mixed year.
First half is better.
Best part of the year – first half.

The first half of the year is a golden period. Your finances are doing excellent with Jupiter blessing you with wealth and respect. Saturn and Rahu combined inyour 6th house will give you fantastic results too. Your social standing is great, you have vanquished your enemies and this will continue till the first half of June. There might be some health issues and some of you might undergo a surgery in the upper abdomen or stomach.

During the second half of June, the planets start to bid an adieu to your world of fantasy and the reality takes hold of your life. On June 19th, Jupiter moves to your house of siblings and valor. This is not a favorable transit , though the intensity can be a little toned down as Jupiter is exalted in this house. There are a few things with your younger siblings that you will have to sort out. You may not share a very cordial relationship with them. They may be unhappy or dissatisfied about you. You may have to prove that your decisions regarding them are the right ones. You may also feel a lack of courage. This lack of courage will only help you to prevent you from dare devil adventures.

After the 13th of July, Rahu moves to your house of creativity, children and fantasy relationships. These areas will get affected and be troubled. You may be tempted to make the wrong speech and wrong moves when it comes to creative pursuits. Children might go off the balance and may turn argumentative. Relationships suffer. This is not a good time to start any new relationships. Ongoing relationships will see hurdles.

At this time, Ketu enters your 11th house. He was in your 12th house of expenses and healing. So you would have experienced wasteful expenses, some very deep spiritual insights and some very bad experiences in matters of the heart till now. But when Ketu enters your 11th house, there will be a great beneficence from this transit. Socially you will be looked up as a very benevolent person. You will have financial gains too. Social groups and friends will look up to you as a preceptor. Enjoy the results.

After November when Shani leaves your 6th house, your marriage will be under the celestial radar. Some of you might get tempted to wander away from your commitment. You will only meet with disappointments if you do so. It is best to stay faithful to the spouse and give a genuine thought to what the universe is trying to teach you.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 2nd house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. There is no need to get bogged down as you have enjoyed the golden transits and the planets have showered you with all the will power to go through the challenges for few years in future. So stay strong and focused. There is nothing you cannot achieve !    

( Moon in  Gemini )
A positive year.
Second half better than first half.
Best part of the year – November onwards.

Take a deep breath. You have had a rough going for years. You are in for a great harvest of your fortune this year. Jupiter transits your first house of self, till mid - June this year. He has made you benevolent, spiritual and philosophical. You have had people demanding the best of you always. There was no opportunity for compromise in your attitude as you were always being tested. Now, when he leaves your sign for cancer, expect some radical positive changes in your life. There can be heavy financial gains. There will be a lot of respect and felicity. There will be a lot of happiness in your life after the mid of June.

Things get a little mixed up after the 13th of July as Rahu enters your 4th house. This is not a favorable transit. This will tone down your happiness a little. You might face problems in real estate deals and property matters. You may incur losses if you are not careful. Domestic happiness will be a big concern for a year and a half though your personal glory will ride high.

Ketu was in your 11th house till now. He bestowed you with great results with great social circles, great friends. Financial gains were present through these groups and you have made some very good friends. Now Ketu leaves this house and enters your 10th house. This is very positive for your professional life. You will see a very sharp rise in your professional status. You will be blessed with success in most of your professional endeavors. This is a positive transit and hence enjoy the results. There might be very useful journeys and travels.

Later in November when Saturn leaves your 5th house to vrishchika, you will have some of the best times in your recent years. The problems you had been experiencing with children and their behavior, lack of luck in relationships and the tensions there off are all eased at once. You will begin to feel extremely confident as others suddenly seem to notice your charm and admire your capabilities. Opposition will be destroyed and your enemies will be humbled before you. You will experience a powerful two years of successful social life.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 1st house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. So gear up for a wonderful year ahead.

( Moon in  Cancer )

Mixed year.
Second half better than first half.
Best part of the year – July to November.

The first half of the year continues with its problems of last year. There will be problems on the family front which will seem magnified due to Rahu. Things might easily get blown out of proportion. There may be deceiving deals in real estate and property related matters. Expenses seem to touch the roof but sources of income seem only limited.

When Guru moves to your first half after June 19th, your attention will be diverted from your house of expenses to your house of self. You will be asked to live upto very high standards. You may also be scrutinized for your past actions and endeavors. As long as you had tread the right path all along, there will be no additional stress. This is a year when you will become more philosophical and spiritual. You will also find the need for a true spiritual Guru.

Things get better after July as your confidence and your siblings come to your rescue. You will be blessed with this additional boost in confidence for a good one and a half year period. Take up appropriate actions as this is a good transit of Rahu. Social life will improve. You will also get more deeply involved in spirituality. You will carry out activities which will help you build a lot of good karma and fortune for your future and future lives too.

Later in November when Shani leaves to Vrishchika, you will find a relif from problems related to property and home. But there are other areas of life that need your attention and a deep focus this one. Your children will be a source of concern now. May be you have not paid a clear attention to what is actually happening with them? Now is the time to take up that task and set things right in their lives. People pursuing creativity and artistic pursuits will experience lack of co-operation at work. Also their creativity will go down as levels of stress will increase. You may have to learn a lot and be a student again to keep up with your earlier reputation.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 12th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. So a mixed year in store with a slightly negative bias. There is nothing which prayers cannot help.

( Moon in  Leo )
Mixed year.
First half better than Second half.
Best part of the year – First half.

The first half of the year is when you will be filled with joy, happiness, luck and prosperity. All the positive trends of the last year will continue this year too till June. After June is when things will begin to change. When Jupiter enters your house of expenses and healing on the 19th of June, you will feel a completely different taste of life. You will feel the need for spending your money on religion and spirituality. You will have expenses more than anticipated. You will also become spiritual and philosophical. This is a great time to get inquisitive and explore spirituality. Social presence will be low in second half. You will feel the need to withdraw.

After the 13th of July when Rahu leaves your 3rd house and enters your 2nd, expenses will mount. These will be wasteful so spend very carefully. Careful about deals of money as you might be cheated. Your need to with draw from the crowd and rest will be pronounced more now. You would like to concentrate on your family and relatives now. Even here beware of some misunderstandings and things will not be as they seem. You will need your wisdom to sort things out.  At this same time, you will be tested for your true spirituality and personality. The karmic planet Ketu enters your 8th house. This will result in soul searching experiences for you. You might also face some ailments related to feet or generative organs. Take care of your health.

Later in November when shani leaves your 3rd house and enters the second, domestic issues and property related matters get worse and will be a cause of huge stress. Your property might be under threat. Take care not to enter in to litigations as you are likely to lose.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 11th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. Lead a very humble and moderate life filled with prayers and you will get through all the worries.

( Moon in  Virgo )

Excellent year.
Second half is better than first half.
Best part of the year – November onwards.

The year begins with carrying over of your problems from the career front. Career might seem stagnated and there might be boredom. There might also be magnified financial issues or sudden financial gains. But money will not seem to be quite sufficient for your grand dreams and ambitions. Things change when Jupiter leaves your 10th house and shifts to 11th. This is the dawn of a golden period of your life this year. You will be socially sought after. All platonic friendships, long term commitments will turn very sweet. You will have a windfall of financial gains. All those blocked investments will open up giving you a dawn of fortune. There will be respect and reverence everywhere. You will get to be a part of  elite groups where there will be wonderful people you get to mix with. A very happy phase of your life will begin.

In July when Rahu transits to your house of self, things will get tricky. The attention and applause you received socially may not be to the liking of you spouse. You will feel slightly uncomfortable with yourself. You will feel that things going on with you are not what you wished them to be. But presence of Jupiter will make you socially very much in demand. So this will make you lead two lives, active social life on one side and a retrospective internal life on the other. You will feel a great need to withdraw and be left to yourself. On the other hand, your life might get very secretive and secret happenings can fill your life. You will need to be cautious not to go overboard in your secretive life. This will have an effect on your married life. Ketu transits your 7th house of marriage and committed partnerships. This will turn out to be a really testing time for the strength of your marital bond. Your spouse might leave you temporarily with misunderstandings. Take care not to blow things out of proportion.

Later in November when Saturn leaves your second and enters the third, all those financial deals and salary hikes that were on the hold will suddenly get released and you will have a downpour of fortune. This will be the beginning of the golden period for you and this will last till June 2015. There will be wealth pouring in, there will be a lot of felicity, there will be multiple opportunities for relationships for the eligible, there will be a great time for marriage for the eligible, relationship with siblings will improve and you will be all the more confident in all walks of life. This is a true blessing from the Almighty.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 10th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. In all, this year dreams come true in every walk of life. Offer more prayers in gratitude for the Almighty.

( Moon in  Libra )

Mixed year.
Second half of the year is better than first half.
Best part of the year – November onwards.

Be prepared for tougher tests of your gut this year. The year begins with a great luck and felicity for you which will be carried over from the previous year. At the same time, you will also be feeling very constrained in all walks of life, your reputation might see some tests due to Saturn in your house of self. There might be secret resentments that you are holding for a long time. When Jupiter moves into your house of career on June 19th, you will experience hardship on career front. Things will be very much under control, but there will be tough challenges. Things may not be to your liking at workplace. You might be away from home physically or mentally. Be on the right track and nothing can go wrong.

When Rahu leaves your house of self on 13th July and enters your 12th house of rest and recuperation, you will feel that things in life are slightly shaken up to a different level. You will feel the need to withdraw and be left to yourself all the more. There might also be opportunities for secret relationships. Stay away from these as these will not be fruitful and might only be a source of heart burn. At the same time, Ketu leaves your 7th house and moves to your 6th. This is a very beneficial transit. There will be double benefits as the problems you had experienced with partnerships and marriage will fade out and Ketu in 6th is very good transit. Hence your enemies will be defeated. You will have respect and confidence for all your actions. But health will suffer. Some of you might suffer problems with feet or back and lower abdomen. Take care of your health.

In November Saturn leaves to vrishchika. This will be a great relief though it may not solve all the problems. Some relationships might now end and just fade into shallow acquaintances. Your period of test will be over and you will be asked to implement what you learnt from Saturn when he was in your house of self. A slow period will commence when finally life will begin to roll back to normalcy.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 9th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. A cautious year ahead, you have nothing to lose as you have nothing to prove either. So this is the fate’s way of preparing you for tougher challenges in life further and making you invincible. So learn the lessons carefully as they will be handy when you are asked to lead the world.

( Moon in  Scorpio )

A mixed year.
Second half is better.
Best part of the year – second half.

The year begins with worries on all fronts. You might have met with huge expenses last two years or more, there might be problems with married life as the partner might not have been available in times of need, there might have been unknown fears and stress. Your own past might have been a source of concern to you. You might have had to deeply retrospect on you life. Life might have seemed to reach a dead end though you have daily life to take care of.

When Jupiter enters you 9th house on June 19th, there will be winds of positive change in your life. You will find respect in your circle of friends and relatives, prestige will rise, there will be rewards for your past life benevolence and you will reap the fruits of your past good karma. Your father will have cordial relationship with you. There will be opportunities for travel and pilgrimage.

After July 13th when Rahu leaves your 12th and enters your 11th house, get ready for some intellectually stimulating groups to attract you. Your social life will improve considerably.  Finances will do good too. There will be connection with foreigners and activities involving foreign groups. A happy phase will set in. Ketu will leave your 6th house and enter your 5th house at this time. This is a beneficial transit spiritually. Ketu in the house of Jupiter will enhance spirituality and some of you might be blessed with excellent intuitions at this time of the year. Make a note of all the signals that you receive. Resort to deep meditation as that will help you tune into the signals of the stars very well. Your higher intelligence will bloom and you will be spiritually truly blessed.

In November when Saturn enters your  own house, the effect of sade sati will be intense as Shani will be in your house of self. This is the time to contemplate on who you are as a person really. There will be lack of interest in all activities. You will have unknown anxieties, insomnia. If you let these things get the better of you, you will be filled with worrying thoughts, lack of confidence. Stay low and do not venture into anything new. Do not take up any additional responsibilities. Just complete what is just expected out of you.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 8th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. A mixed year with a positive bias is in store this time. The lessons learnt now will go a long way as Saturn will not return to this area of your chart for 35 years. So gear up for a tough class by the task master of the zodiac.

( Moon in  Sagittarius )
Mixed year.
The whole year is the same in terms of fortune.
Best time of the year – July to November.

Till June 19th, Jupiter will be in your 7th house causing some marital tensions but you would enjoy reputation socially. Saturn and Rahu in your 11th house has been giving you good social activity, great friends and good partnerships. When Jupiter moves out of your 7th and to 8th, this house being his exaltation and your 8th, you are likely to become deeply spiritual. Jupiter in 8th can confer emancipation and hence this is a spiritually auspicious transit. Materially, this may not be a very profitable transit. There may be some ailments related to hips and thighs which will become more intense now. Some of you might suffer from cough. Teachers and preceptors may turn adverse.

Rahu was in your house of social groups and long term friendships. This was a good placement of Rahu. Now after July 13th Rahu will move to your house of profession. This is a good transit. This will enhance your professional reputation and skills. You will have a good position and there will be progress. Some of you might be promoted, some of you might get opportunities for travel abroad, some of you might associate or switch to foreign companies.

At this time, Ketu will leave your 5th house of higher intellect and enter your 4th house. This transit is not favorable materially. You may have to face opposition domestically. You may lose some property if you are not careful. You may feel a strong wish to stay away from family. Practice meditation and that will help you take care of things with patience.

In November Saturn leaves your 11th house. Saturn has blessed you with a wonderful professional enhancement so far. Now when he leaves your 11th and enters your 12th, there will be some major changes in your life. This will be a period when you will mostly with draw from the crowd and social life. You will need to rest and take care of your health. You will need the time to contemplate and take account of what your life has been for the past three decades as you will enter the first leg of sade sati. There will be a decrease in respect, lack of opportunities and friends will distance you. But this is how spiritual progress happens and hence take this chance to grow spiritually and personally. Expenses will mount and wealth will decrease. You might wander away from home. There will be a general lack of confidence and luck. Keep a low profile in these areas to avoid unwanted trouble.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 7th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. A tough year ahead. Prayers will help a lot.

( Moon in  Capricorn )

Positive year.
Second half of the year is better.
Best time of the year – Second half.

During the first half of the year, Jupiter is in your 6th house of enemies and ailments. You might be struggling with a few hidden enemies. These are not very strong enemies so nothing much to worry there. But some of you might be facing problems related to ears , throat and lungs. These problems will continue till June. Profession was very good with Saturn and Rahu both in your house of profession blessing you a great luck and respect and financial gains too. All this will continue till June.

After June Jupiter leaves your 6th ad enters 7th. This is when you will become very attached to your spouse or the long term partner. Jupiter here confers marital happiness for the ones who are already married. Very good prospects for marriage for those who are eligible. There exist definite prospects for marriage even for singles. There will be a lot of felicity and respect for you in your family and social circles.

After July 13th Rahu moves into your 9th house. This is will be a raja yoga for makara born natives. Though there might be low luck spiritually, materially Rahu will make you fortunate. Luck will be on your side and there will be charisma that you will carry with you. This will enable success for you materially. You will be looked up as a source of inspiration and support.

At this time, Ketu will move into your 3rd house. This is an excellent transit. You will be bold in your approach towards life. Those dream projects that you put on hold due to lack of confidence will begin to take shape and find fruition now. You will also enjoy very cordial relations with your siblings. There will be some monetary gains too. Offer Thanks to Lord Ganesha.

Finally when in November Saturn moves to your 11th house of gains, social groups and platonic relationships, the dawn of fortune will take place. You will be socially in demand. You will get the chance to meet very good people and hold very interesting conversations with them. You will also be able to participate in various activities of your interest and taste. There will be financial gains and very good friendships which will you cherish for a lifetime.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 6th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. So to summarize, this is a great year for you which will lay the foundation for a great fortune to dawn in your life.

( Moon in  Aquarius )
Mixed year.
Second half is better than first half.
Best time of the year – November onwards.

Till June, Jupiter will be in your 5th house when there will be great happiness. People seeking progeny will be blessed with children. There will be immense growth for people involved in creative pursuits and competitive jobs. Students will fare very well in exams. There will be financial gains. Rahu and Saturn together in your house of fortune will bless you with luck in all walks and you will ride a high wave.

After June 19th, Jupiter will transit your house of enemies and ailments. You will have to face opposition to your moves at work as well as domestically and even among friends. The fight might be really hard sometimes. But as Jupiter is in his house of exaltation, you will be bailed out if you are on the path of righteousness. Otherwise there might be trouble. Health will be bad and needs care. Stamina will go down. There might be problems related to heart for some of you. Others might suffer abdominal pains or cramps.

In July Rahu moves to your 8th house. This is a testing time. You will reap the rewards for your negative karma. You will have to face defeat and hurdles in various walks of life. You might be humiliated by your spouse or people of the opposite sex. So this time needs to be passed with utmost care.  Health will need caution too as some of you might have to undergo a surgery related to generative organs. Some of you might run the risk of venereal diseases. You may not enjoy cordial relations with your spouse.  At this time, Ketu leaves your 3rd house. Ketu has blessed you with very good times with your brothers and sisters till now. You also had taken some very bold steps and decisions. Now when Ketu enters your second house, you will need to slow down as he will make you spend meaninglessly. Your financial crunch will increase. You may spend a fortune on religious activities. Be wise.

In November Saturn moves to your 10th house. Saturn is yoga karaka for you. His transit to your 10th house will bring a few good professional opportunities for you. But journey will not be very easy. You will have a few challenges where you will have to prove your worth. But it will not be beyond your capability. So you will prevail. You will be sought after at the work place. Your expertise will be recognized. But there will be a lot of responsibility.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 5th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. So in all, a mixed year is in store. Health needs a lot of caution.

( Moon in  Pisces )
Mixed year.
Second half is better.
Best time of the year – July to November.

Till July there will be a lot of difficulty for you as Jupiter, your ruler planet is in an unfavorable transit for you. You may be forced to stay away from home and family. You may not receive rewards in proportion to your efforts. Saturn and Rahu in your 8th house will bring misunderstandings with your spouse and committed partners. Also there might be ailments in hips and back region.

When Jupiter transits your 5th house on June 19th, you will breathe a sigh of relief as this is a very good transit. Jupiter being exalted in your 5th house will bestow you with great luck and fortune. Your creativity will be recognized and rewarded richly. You will also receive huge financial gains through investments and your artistic ventures. Children will do very well and you will enjoy an year full of happiness with children. This time is also very conducive for relationships. All troubled relationships will get cemented as you will be gleaming with confidence and charm.

When in July Rahu enters your 7th house, be prepared for some serious misunderstandings with your spouse or committed partner. This is also a time when you may be forced to live away from spouse. Married people might be tempted to wander off. These will only result in heart burn and humiliation. So stay away from all sorts of temptations.

At the same time, Ketu was in your second house of finances and you had problems related to money. But now Ketu enters your own sign. This is certainly a time for spiritual introspection. Ketu is happy in the house of Jupiter. Hence you will mostly change as a person and embrace deep spirituality. You might take up pilgrimages you might change the way you look and dress. You might take up renounced bent of mind and this will be visible in all your activities. This will be the foundation of what you will be in future spiritually. 

When in November Saturn transits your 9th house, you will need a lot of prayers to boost your luck. You will face a lot of defeat in your ventures and all walks of life. You will feel that you have simply run out of luck. Maintain a very low profile and stick to your own duties. Do not start any new ventures or partnerships. They will meet with failure and you will not be respected either. So a tough transit of Saturn this is. You will learn how to earn good karma for the future and prayers will help a lot.

The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 4th house from November 2013. This has been spoken about already in forecast in the month of November. So this year will be mixed in fortunes. So balance carefully what you take up or get into. Stick to your path of right conduct and no one can defeat you.

Wish each of you a wonderful year ahead !
Thanks for visiting and spreading the word.

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