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Thursday, November 22, 2012

2013 yearly Horoscopes

2013 Horoscopes based on Vedic Astrology 

Yearly horoscopes for year 2013.

General trends for 2013.

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This year, rahu transits thro’ tula and ketu transits thro’ mesha and both will stay there the whole of 2013.
Jupiter moves to mithuna on the early hours of May 31st and turns retro in punarvasu on 8th nov.
Saturn stays in Tula and goes retrograde on 18th feb and stays retrograde till July 8th.

Ketu transit into Mesha is a good transit. Ketu is comfortable in this house. Hence there will be a lot of positive spirituality this year. But the actual effect will only be visible towards the end of the year when ketu transits Ashwini.

Rahu, the planet of desires also comfortable in Tula. But his transit is in the balancing sign Tula. Initial transit is thro’ his own constellation of Swati. So if think well and make a wish , it might as well be granted.

Saturn continues in Tula. This is his house of exaltation so all the good is doubly good and all the bad is worse from him. He is the task master of the zodiac. So we have many more lessons to learn and many a times, the hard way. Saturn goes retrograde on 18th feb and stays retrograde till July 8th. This is the most wanted breather for all of us from the league of partnership of Rahu and Saturn. Everything seems to just get halted then. So we get some time to rethink and plan our moves going forward.

Transit of rahu into Tula worries me a little as he magnifies the already strict Saturn. So this is triple effect of Saturn. This energy is quite capable of making some nasty damages and irreversible changes and deep wounds and greatest excitements. In all, all extremes are possible. All of us need to guard ourselves against excesses. All our actions must be reasonably right and practical. No room for hopes, only really what happens is at play. Only sentiment experienced might be depression or detachment.

Jupiter transits thro’ mithuna. Though this is not one of his best signs, the constellation he transits is a powerful one. Punarvasu, is ruled by Jupiter. Hence, there will be spiritual upliftment on the psychological plane. Mithuna ruled by Budha. So this transit should enhance focus on spiritual ingenuity.
Jupiter turns retrograde in early November. So the last two months of the year will go kind of stagnant wrt the effects of Jupiter transit. There are chances that some past or unfinished business of 2012, can revisit us during these two months.

When a transit proves tough materially, it certainly has a spiritual advantage. So either ways, there is nothing to lose. Our lives could have been worse. Lets thank the almighty for what we have.

Remedies :
For ketu – Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. Gana homa could be performed too.
For Rahu – Offer money or food to sweepers and laborers, offer voluntary services at orphanages.
For Saturn – Offer prayers to Lord Shaneschara, light black til oil lamps on Saturdays.
For Jupiter – Offer prayers to Lord Shiva on Thursdays.

The predictions are generalized for each sign. The results can vary considerably as per the particular birth chart. All these are my personal opinions and predictions.

Happy New Year !!


( Moon in Aries )
You are chosen for this decade we would say. Ketu rules a constellation in this sign, ashwini. Ketu feels at home in this sign. Materially this transit proves a difficult time, with a lot of self-assertion and transformation. No need to over do that one.
Marriage will be the main focus this year as there are more planets placed in your 7th house, the Kalatra sthana. You might have started to experience some discord right from the day shani entered tula rashi in 2011. This will be eased considerably from june till end of the year. Rahu’s transit to tula will give you mixed results in the marital life. Some long awaited desires will be fulfilled and some wishes seldom get fulfilled. Hence you may have to do a good balancing of your own needs this year. Think about what you really want with in the reach of your own practicality and ask for it, Rahu might as well gift it to you.
Jupiter’s transit to vrushabha has been quite favorable to you from may 2012. He transits into Mithuna in June 2013 and stays there will the end of the year. That will not be favorable. There will be some fear of the unknown, anxiety. But there are other aspects of this transit like luck generally improves, finances improve and relationships, bonding, group activities turn favorable.

( Moon in Taurus)
Ketu in 12th house of deep spirituality and introspection. This year might be just spent in a deep contemplation about your past 15 years. Ketu comes a full cycle to your 12th house. The planet of emancipation lingering to a fixed earth sign..  People will see a totally different you this year. Take on all those pilgrimages you had ever wished. Now is a great time to collect all the divine blessings. But you will need to curb the tendency to go pessimistic and go gaga over your own flaws. It has happened to all at different points of time.
You have had an excellent year so far with Saturn in 6th , annihilation of enemies and now to add to this, rahu also joins your 6th house. You have much more to smile about than complain. Great social life, confidence , respect and general feeling of a fulfillment surrounds you.
Ju leaves your sign to mithuna, that adds more colors to your life thro’ improved finances and general well being. So the year has more good to offer you than bad. So a positive year ahead for you. But the charm will slightly dip but not that anyone can really know that it is happening.