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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guidelines for using this blog

Dear friends,
The trust and interest in vedic astrology of each one of you is captivating. For the convenience of the interactions, I would like to request you to follow these when you post your queries.

If you are unsure of your birth details, please post a query first for rectification. Then proceed to the section of required query. Else the prediction will not be correct.

1. Kindly post the date of birth clearly so that there is no ambiguity in month and date.  ( dd - mm - yyyy format  or please give the name of the month explicitly )

2. Kindly post the name of the birth place too even if you know the co-ordinates. This helps for me to register the places and co-ordinates in the database.

3. Let the time be in 24hr format.

4. Kindly post your birth details in every post so that it saves me the time of searching thro' posts.

5. Kindly mention the gender of the person with the birth details, as readings will be different.

6.  Please note that, I answer the queries the the same order as posted. Hence it may take a few days for your questions to be answered. It may take a week if your questions are complex or if you have too many questions. But be assured your question will be answered. You need to kindly wait. You may keep the thread active by gentle reminders.

7. I will always appreciate a feedback for the readings given, that helps me grow as a learner.

These are the categories. Kindly post in the appropriate one.

" Our lives could have been worse. So lets be thankful for what we have. "

Pray and Spread happiness.
Best Wishes.

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