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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Karma jeeva - job and profession

Karma jeeva - job and profession

Dear visitors,

You can post queries related to securing a job, change of job, promotions on job, problems at workplace etc.

1. Kindly post your birth detail in every post, saves me a lot of time.

2. Kindly follow the  guidelines for using this blog for posting your queries.

3.  You need to kindly wait - Please note that, I answer the queries the the same order as posted. Hence it may take a few days for your questions to be answered. It may take a week if your questions are complex or if you have too many questions. But be assured your question will be answered.  You may keep the thread active by gentle reminders.

4. Do not delete the query and re-post on another day. - When I cannot find a post on a particular date, I cannot reply. So You will have to wait till I reach your re-posted query which may delay the response to you by a week. 

5. Be assured, I will answer all the queries.

 Thanks and best regds,

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