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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Foreign travel

Priya said...
Mam.. i am preparing for placements. Can tell me whether i should opt for higher studies, Lecturer-ship or company jobs. My family is supporting me for all the three decisions however m little confused. My dad is himself a lecturer he wants me to go for M.Tech and dan lecturer-ship. But i want to go out from the house nd work for big companies too(confused). I am in 6th semester and one sem is left in college as last is of industrial training.I need to make my mind for practising for entrances. PLz guide me . Plz specify the time which holds promise of good job! And what about abroad? Is there any scope of whole family going all together to Abroad in next coming years(as we have applied Permanent Visa). Plz throw some light! Harpreet 11-01-1990 11:05AM Jalandhar
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