सत्यं वद । धर्मं चर । स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमद: । आचार्याय प्रियं धनमाहृत्य प्रजातन्तुं मा व्यवच्छेत्सी: । सत्यान्न प्रमदितव्यम् । धर्मान्न प्रमदितव्यम् । कुशलान्न प्रमदितव्यम् । भूत्यै न प्रमदितव्यम् । स्वाध्यायप्रवचनाभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् । देवपितृ कार्याभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् । मातृ देवो भव । पितृ देवो भव । आचार्य देवो भव । अतिथि देवो भव । यान्यनवद्यानि कर्माणि तानि सेवितव्यानि । नो इतराणि - तैत्तिरीयोपनिषत् ॥

Speak the truth , Be righteous, Never turn away from disciplined practice, Even after having given the token of remuneration to the teacher, do not discontinue the discipleship. Never tread away from truth, Never tread away from benignance, Never tread away from good, Never tread away from reality, Never walk away from exercise and practice, Never walk away from the works of God and elders, Be the one for whom Mother is the God, Father is a God, Teacher is a God, A guest is a God, Perform only the edified duties, None others !!
- Taittiriyopanishad -

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

2018 Yearly Horoscopes

Yearly horoscopes for 2018 based on moon signs

Tansits in 2018

1. Guru transits Vrishchika on 11th october,

2. Budha transits to Meena - March 03rd to May 9th

3. Kuja in Makara from 2nd May to 6th November,

General trends for 2018

Guru in Vrishchika

Guru goes vakri - Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra Zodiac sign (Tula Rashi) from 9th March 2018 and becomes direct in motion 11th July 2018. Read the Guru Gochara - Jupiter transit report for a complete understanding.

This is one of the important transits that happens in October 2018. He will stay there for a year. Guru being the friend of Kuja, the ruler of Vrishchika, he will be comfortable and will be in control of the situation in this house. He will help the aggressive Kuja with more energy and wisdom. This is a good placement for Guru.

Guru was in Vrishchika between november 2006 and november 2007. Think of the times you had then. Now will be an extension to these times and starkingly similar incidents take place. But as it was 12 years ago, now the way we look at it changes. Life itself has changed so much anyway.

From this house, Guru aspects Rahu in Karka. This has mixed effects as it dilutes the effects of Guru to an extent and helps rahu in intensifying his effects.

Budha in Meena

Budha stays for an unusually longer two and a half months in Meena. This is the house of debilitation of Budha. So this transit can bring some unexpected halts and gaps in communication. He will stay here for two and a half months. So some people may not pick our calls, some people may become unresponsive, some relationships might see termination due to lack of communication, some people may just vanish without leaving a clue. So tricky times ahead for everyone.

On the flip side of things, this is a great time to connect with the true self. Life is always not about others giving us the admiration. It’s about we pampering ourselves and spending quality time with our own selves too. We could learn meditation, we could read spiritual literature, we could go on a pilgrimage, we could take a spiritual retreat, we could carry out that secret research  that was on our mind from a very long time so on…

Kuja in Makara

Kuja will be in makara from 2nd May 2018 to 6th November 2018.

This is the most powerful and interesting transit of the year. Kuja stays in a sign for about for about one and a half months. But this year, he stays in Makara for an unusually long time of 6 months. This is not all. Makara being his sign of exaltation, he is extremely powerful in the influences he causes now.

Kuja spent such a long time in a single sign between october 2011 and June 2012. Asimilar transit is going to shake up our lives now. Recollect the incidents which occurred during that period. But there is a substantial difference in that Kuja was in Kanya between 2011 and 2012 transit. Now he is in Makara, his sign of exaltation. So what we feel now is going to be much more powerful. And the signs which experienced a bad transit need not repeat the bad results now. The signs which were blessed by this transit were Karka, Mesha, Dhanu and Vrishchika.
This time the signs which benefit from this strong Kuja will be Meena, Mesha, Simha and Vrishchika.

Do read your moon sign forecast for a complete picture. I have highlighted the effects about which you need to be cautious about. There is always a positive side to the planet and transits even in the bad placements. So do read the Kuja Gochara report for a comprehensive understanding.

Wishing you the year 2018 filled with peace and satisfaction. Thanks for your interest and visit.
Read on the forecast for your moon sign.

Best wishes.

Kuja Gochara - Mars trasnit 2018

Kuja Gochara - Mars trasnit 2018

Will be available soon ..

Monday, August 7, 2017

Guru Gochara 2017 - 2018 ( Jupiter Transit 2017 - 2018 )

Guru Gochara 2017 - 2018 ( Jupiter transit 2017 - 2018 )

The Transit

On 12th September 2017 Jupiter leaves Kanya and transits Thula until 11th October 2018. Jupiter is combust from 15th October 2017 to 5th November 2017. Jupiter turns vakri in thula on 9th March 2018 and becomes direct in motion 11th July 2018.

General trends

Guru / Jupiter being the biggest planet of the solar system and the mightiest benefic, the effects of his transit can be felt as early as before 2 months. So we might have already started to experience the effects by now.

Positive  effects of Guru in Thula

On 12th September 2017  Jupiter planet transit the sign Libra.  This is the house of planet Venus. Jupiter  will stay in this house for a whole year.  Jupiter is a benefic  Venus is also benefic planet. The conjunction works very well.  Libra is sign of weighing  all possibilities and taking balanced decisions Libra is also a sign which favors business. The Guru is not so happy to be in this house nevertheless we will have a lot of advantages from this transit.

If the baby is born this year it will have good looks, good wealth and good fortune.

Libra is also a sign of friendship so all sorts of friendships are very well supported this year. There will be a lot of social activity there will be a lot of harmony generally in the social environment. Friendships, partnerships, all relationships will  witness a lot of harmony.  Both men and women shall be very compassionate and forgiving in times of conflict.

From Libra Guru cast aspects on Kumbha, Mesha and Mithuna.  the people  born  in these Moon signs  can have very harmonious   times in relationships. Those born in these signs and  looking for tying the knot this year  can be successful  in finding suitable partner.
Mithuna born people have an additional advantage that they can also plan for a baby this year

Thula is a sign that rules business partnerships. Negotiations, contracts, deals, sales interactions, friendship, luxury, beauty, gatherings all these things are specially favored in this transit.

On the other hand this transit also favors lot of spiritual growth. So people will be interested in reading scriptures, performing austerities and more in gaining more knowledge about spirituality in general. Overall this transit is going to really help everyone evolve spiritually and materially.

Negative effects of Guru in Thula

Thula being the 8th sign of the zodiac, signify the generative organs of the kala purusha. So there can be diseases to the private parts during this transit. Infections, surgeries, hormonal imbalances etc can become serious problems now. Caution advised to all to stay alert. STDs can be a big possibility now. So surgeries, transfusion, blood donation to be carried out or undergone with at most care.

Shukra is the ruler of Thula. Shukra favors luxury, comforts, friendships, romance and relationships for pleasure. But Guru is the opposite in nature. He preaches wisdom. He is always preaching to stay under control and do the spiritually right thing always. So there is an inherent conflict that can be experienced by everyone throughout this transit. The conflict will be between doing the right thing vs enjoying what is offered, values of virtue vs long awaited pleasure, sacrifice vs enjoying the moment. So this will be a transit that shall tempt even the most controlled individuals and is good enough to bring a lot of stressful times throughout.

Guru dagdha ( Combust Jupiter )

When Guru transits very close to Ravi, he becomes Dagdha. Sun overpowers him so much that the effect of Jupiter cannot be experienced. This period will last for a very short period from lasting 15th October 2017 until 5th November 2017. During this period, the effects of Guru cannot be felt and hence a stagnation or a sudden change can be experienced by all.

Guru Vakri ( Retrograde Jupiter )

Guru goes vakri in his own sign  ie from 9th March 2018 and becomes direct in motion 11th July 2018. During this period, there can be a slow down of the ongoing projects and happenings in general. For the signs for whom Guru is favorable, the result of guru going vakri will be beneficial. For those signs guru is a non benefic, the results can be adverse.
And a few incidents or people from the past year might return. If there was any unsettled matter, that can be resolved permanently during this period.

Effect of Guru Gochara 2017 - 2018 on moon signs - ( Effects of Jupiter Transit 2017 - 2018 )


Guru transits your 7th house. This is an excellent transit.

Guru brings you the best times with your spouse or beloved this year. You will spend some memorable times with your beloved. Relationship with the spouse shall be very cordial and filled with happiness and trust, for those married. Those wishing to get married can tie the knot this year. Those in committed relationships shall have excellent understanding with the partner.

Singles shall find a very suitable person for marriage or a committed relationship. Friendships and all sorts of one to one partnerships shall improve considerably. Due to happiness all around, you may gain some body weight.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly forecasts for 2017

Weekly forecasts for 2017

Forecast for the week of 10th December


10th December , budha transits vrishchika,
15th December ravi transits dhanu.

General Trends

2 weeks ago, Ravi was in Vrishchika and Budha in Dhanu.. Now the planets reverse the course. Budha is in Vrishchika and Ravi shall be in dhanu for the next 3 weeks.

Budha is vakri till 22nd of this month. So we need to expect a lot of communication problems. Break down of gadgets, delays in approvals or informations, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, lack of mental connect, anything you can imagine to go wrong with information at a crucial time of need can happen now.

But there is a rare combination with budha this time. Shukra is in scorpio. So this is a very special time. Scorpio or Vrshchika is a sign of secrets and very deep feelings. So this is a time when relationships take a very intense turn. For those for whom transits are favorable, will have a very very favorable time. And for those for whom the times are slightly unfavorable, shall see some intense emotions cross thier life.

People in romantic relationships, and the ones who are looking for involvement, beware. Emotions can be extremely deep now. But when shukra pulls things up into fantasy,  budha brings it down by his assertive thinking. So there is a yoyo game happening in relationships, friendships and partnerships. Not all feelings can be expressed now as Vrshchika is a secretive sign. We need to be on the positive side of thinking now, as later sometime when these two planets join an outspoken sign, all these feelings might as well be expressed out by words. So let us hang in there.


On 10th, budha transits your 8th house. This is a very good transit. Budha in your 8th will bring some very happy moments and some healing to the past wounds. Health also improves generally. But some of you may face some ENT problems. But happiness prevails overall.
Ravi transits your 9th house on 15th. This will be a good phase of transition from endings and conflicts from the last 2 months. After ravi spends a month in this house, you will be fully equipped to go out and make new friends again. So treat this as a complete recovery period.
Avoid important tasks from evening of 15th and till end of 16th. You might be in a very emotional state of mind those two days and may not be able to think rationally.


10th budha transits your 7th house. This can bring back some misunderstandings of the recent past with partners or spouse. This may also bring a past flame back to your life. You have the opportunity to clarify things once and for all now.
On 15th ravi transits your 8th house. This is not a good transit. You need to take care of your health. You also need to guard against distressing thoughts. Some of you might be stressed in your romantic relationships and some friendships of yours might face a threat to termination. And those which have been on rough waters for a long time, might now be terminated.
10th is a day to be reserved for your mother. Take care of her health and give her the time and affection she needs now.


On 10th, budha transits your 6th house. This is a neutral transit. Nothing substantial happens really. But thoughts of enemies might cross your mind. Some frenemies might cross your way too. But they won’t be strong enough to affect your positive spirit.
On 15th, ravi transits your 7th house. This is a tough transit. Partnerships and relationships might run into trouble. For some of you, who had some relationships under excess pressure, might now decide to completely break it off. Marriages under stress might get worse now. It is better to wait till this transit has passed as any major decision taken now will prove almost irrevocable.
11th and 12th are the days reserved for your mother. Take care of her health and give her the time and affection she needs now.


10th Budha transits your 5th house. This is a tough transit. There can be problems with finances. If you book profit on investments it might go in losses now. Children might be a source of stress now. It is also a challenging time for people in the fields of art and creativity.
15th, Ravi transits your 6th house. This is a very good transit. Your opposition shall be crushed. Enemies shall be conquered. Health will generally improve for many of you. For those of you who had some chronic ailments, there can be some complications. So take care.
13th to the evening of 15th,  are the days reserved for your mother. Take care of her health and give her the time and affection she needs now.


On 10th Budha transits back to your 4th house. This will be a time when you may think about house and some assets. It is a good time for changing of vehicles to better ones, renovating the house or relocating to a new house. Also this is a time when you might spend a lot of time with your mother. Happy times are in store at the place you live in.
On 15th, Ravi transits your 5th house. This is a tough transit. Some relationships which are in stress might now see a threat to termination. If the pressure mounts, those relationships might tear apart fully. There might be worries caused from matters related to children. Finances also see problems. This is not a good time for booking profits of investments, losses might result now.
15th night to the whole day of 16th, are the days reserved for your mother. Take care of her health and give her the time and affection she needs now.


On 10th, budha transits your 3rd house. This is a time when your confidence is low. You might avoid social occasions and confine yourself to home more. This is also a time when there can be stress due to friends and extended family. Some of you may face misunderstandings with your siblings. There can be a lot of mental agitation. Finances might not be great either.
On 15th, budha transits your 4th  house. This is a time full of stress for you. Property related matters might cause stress. Some of you may lose wealth due to pledging. Property related matters might run into trouble with the government or other authorities. Some of you may lose vehicles. There could be traffic violations by you and authorities might penalize you. Be careful on road.
10th is a day filled with stress. You might feel the need to remain secluded. Some of you might face a threat to termination of relationships.


On 10th, budha transits your 2nd house. This is a good transit. This gives some good times back at home with your family. You will spend some memorable times with your near and dear ones. Finances shall do well too. The financial problems seem to get resolved by themselves.
On 15th, ravi transits your 3rd house. This is a very good transit. You will have a lot of merry making with your friends and extended family. Siblings too shall be a source of joy. There can be a lot of happy interactions and outings. This is also an excellent time for people in literary fields. Journalists shall shine.
11th and 12th are the days when there can be low vitality. You may just want to shut the door and stay inside your den. Some friendships or relationships may face a threat to termination. Some which have been stretched for too long might as well end now.


On 10th, budha transits your own house. This is a time of unsettled thoughts and events. There can be some distress due to your over analyzing of things around you. There is a possibility that you might be faced with some secrets of information that was not known to you earlier and that can bring emotional turmoil. It will be gone after a few days.
Ravi transits your 2nd house. This can be a time of stress at home. Family life will see some stressful moments. There can be ego clashes within the family. Elders might be a source of displeasure. Finances shall also cause worry.
13th to the evening of 15th is a time which is not very favorable for any important decisions. For those in romantic relationships, this is a time of separation. It is better to keep a low profile and let these days pass. After 16th, there will be brighter days and things can be set right then.


On 10th, Budha transits your 12th house. This is a transit that will bring some past flame or friend back into your life. This can be a time when a lot of things can go on behind the scenes. So stay alert and pick those signals carefully. There is no need to get depressive as these things are supposed to happen so we can let go and and make a fresh beginning elsewhere.
On 15th, ravi transits your own sign. This is a time when you are the center of attention. You will be noticed for all the good and you will be pointed out of your shortcomings too. So be prepared to shine and grow at the same time.
15th night to the end of 16th, are the days which are not very favorable for any important decisions. For those in romantic relationships, this is a time of separation. It is better to keep a low profile and let these days pass. After 16th, there will be brighter days and things can be set right then.


On 10th budha heads back to your 11th house of groups and friends. This is a time of wish fulfilment for you. So group interactions and friends will bring a lot of joy and hectic activity to your life. Financially too this is a gainful period. Enjoy those outings and warmth of friendships.
On 15th, ravi transits your 12th house. This will be a time of stress. There can be some health issues for some of you. Excess body heat and eye troubles might bother some of you. For some, there is a separation from father indicated. Bosses will not be available for your support at workplace. So in all , a time to rest and recuperate before the next month when ravi will be in your own sign and you will shine.
10th is a day of disconnect with your people and surroundings. Depressive thoughts might bother you. Defer important decisions for another day.


Budha transits your 10th house again. This is a wonderful time for those in search of jobs and needing a change of job. There will be an old opportunity presented again. Grab it as this will be a great chance to get back to your roots and prove what you really are.travel indicated for many of you. Some of you might be traveling out of country.
On 15th, ravi transits your 11th house. This will be a very enjoyable time with friends and groups. For those newly recruited, this will be a time of induction and hence a whole lot of fun is indicated. Bosses are in your favor and everything just seems to go your way. Enjoy this period.
11th and 12th are the days when there can be a wish to shut yourself behind the doors of your den. There can be depressive thoughts crossing your mind. Avoid important decisions. For those in romantic relationships, this is a testing time. So keep your thoughts composed and just wait till these two days have passed.


On 10th Budha transits your 9th house. This is not a very good transit. This will just bring some karmic results and karmic people into your life. Some lost opportunities might return now. Long last friends or people might return too. This is a time when destiny takes its course and you just have to stay there watching like an observer.
On 15th, ravi transits your 10th house. This is an excellent time. Bosses are back looking for you. You will be a sought after person in your field of work. Some of you might receive a leadership role or a promotion. Enjoy all the accolades and visibility. And do not forget to do well too.

13th to evening of 15th are days when there is a wish to shut the door and be drawn to seclusion. There can be depressive thoughts filling your mind. The clouds shall be cleared after 15th so don’t yield too much. Take care of your health.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monthly horoscopes for 2017

Monthly forecast for December


3-12-2017 - budha goes vakri,  
10-12-2017 budha transits vrishchika,
23-12-2017 budha does vakra tyaga
15-12-2017 Ravi transits dhanu
20-12-2017 Shukra transits Dhanu

Transit of Budha

The month is mainly changes due to budha. So communication can be confusing but there is a pattern to it when we observe closely.
Budha is strong in Dhanu when the month begins. He goes vakri on 3rd and gains a little more strength. Due to this , till about 8th things seem to be quite good. But on 10th, budha transits back to Vrishchika. So till 23rd, things will be changing. Between 10th and 23rd, an incident or a person from the very recent past returns to your life. But there will be a lot of confusion of course. Budha turns direct on 23rd and this makes it easy for all those unexpressed thoughts and opinions to be now expressed and a lot of clarity will emerge. When Budha finally transits back to Dhanu in January, we will be able to leave the past and take a new path altogether.

Kumbha will be a sign that will benefit from the transit of Budha completely. He is good throughout for this rasi. Infact all the transits are good for this sign this whole month.

Budha is good for Vrushabha,Karka, Kanya, Vrshchika and Meena till 10th of December. After that there will be tension and slow down on various fronts.
Budha is good for Mesha, Mithuna, Simha and Makara after 10th of December till the end of the month.

Transit of Ravi

Meena, Kumbha, Karka and Thula benefit from the transit of Ravi after the 15th of december.
Ravi happens to dampen the joy a little, for the other signs,  after the 15th when he transits Dhanu.

Transit of Shukra

Shukra transits Dhanu on the 20th december. This is a transit that is good for all signs other than Meena, Mithuna and Karka.

Read the weekly forecast for a detailed understanding of each of these transits and their effects for the weeks.  

Happiness is our prerogative. We lose it when we entrust others with it.

Best wishes.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2017 yearly forecast based on Moon sign

2017 yearly forecast based on Moon sign


Shukra Transits Meena on 27th January and remains there till 31st May 2017.

Shani transits Dhanu on 26th January 2017 and stays there till Jan 23rd 2020.


Rahu transits karka on 21st August 2017, stays there till 6th March 2019
Ketu transits Makara on 21st August 2017, stays there till 6th March 2019

Guru transits Thula on 11th September 2017 and stays there till October 11th 2018

General trends

The year is lined up with transits and hence is going to be quite a dramatic one.  The exact dates of transits are different with different systems of astrology and hence, I have tried to stick to the month name rather than the exact date. All transits are likely at the end of the month. So the effects can be felt as earlier as 2 months before the exact month of transit. Hence, look out for the changes before 2 months from the said transit date.

I have kept the overview brief else, the forecast for each sign could easily run into pages. Hence I will try to provide all the subtle details in the individual transit report of the planets. This is coming soon and not yet ready.

Shani, Guru, Rahu and Ketu all change signs this year making the middle of this year almost filled with turbulence and not really suitable for anything. We need wait till the planets take up their respective places and settle down before they can start giving us a feel of their real effect.  Do read the detailed transit reports for each of these giants to know the complete effects. The results will also slightly vary as per the dasa bhukti in the individual's chart.

There is a wonderful thing happening in the beginning of this year. Shukra transits Meena. This is a special transit as Shukra is exalted in this house. He is very happy to stay here and bless everyone with extra effective. And added to this, he stays here for an unusually long period of 4 months. This can be the best time of life for some of you. Do read the complete forecast of your sign to know how it can change your life. This transit lasts only till May. Hence, what begins now will end in May. So we need to be aware that this won’t last forever. Its called a “transit”, true to its sense.

Shukra is a planet signifying women, beauty, art, culture and all finer things in life. Hence, an exalted shukra for 4 months in the beginning of the year can be good enough to give us too much to spoil us. :). Women will be the focus in everyone’s life these four months. Women will be quite happy, well most women will be. There will be beauty, harmony, friendliness and happiness floating around in the air as if a magic spell were cast on us. Yes. This spell will last till end of May.

After May, June and July will be laid back months as shukra will leave meena and we will get enough time to return to reality. But after July, there starts another round of turbulence as the other giant planets of the solar system start to shift their position. The planets will take time to November to completely settle down. So August to November are the months when all of us need to be pretty alert of what is happening in our lives. Some may get wonderful opportunities and some may be cheated of the same. So just be alert and never fall short of wisdom during these times. Transits come and leave but the consequences will remain with us. Hence, let us take care and use our intellect in major decisions.

Do read the detailed 2017 transit reports for each of the planets to get a comprehensive understanding.

Thanks for the visit.
Wish you all a wonderful year 2017.


The year begins with Shukra in your 12th house. This is an exalted Shukra in this house. So this brings some unexpected cash flow. There can also be huge expenses.
Along with this, this can also be a period when your romantic or sensual self can receive a trigger by this planet. The eligible people may enjoy a wonderful relationship.
There can be some women specific diseases for some of you. Ill health will be a big concern for all those who are already ill.
Away from all these, many of you might want to just withdraw and relax with your near and dear ones. Some of you might choose to attend a meditation course or read some books on deep spirituality.
All this can happen till May and it will seem like your life might change completely. But after May, you will feel the change and you will hurled back to the same old life. And by July, there might be more turbulence as the other transits start to give the results of their duty.

Friday, July 29, 2016

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2018 Yearly Horoscopes

Yearly horoscopes for 2018 based on moon signs Tansits in 2018 1. Guru transits Vrishchika on 11th october, 2. Budha tr...